Wildscapes: Boosters and power-ups

Power-ups in Wildscapes appear on the game field once you match four or more pieces. The following power-ups are available in the game right now:

1. Cans of Soda clear all tiles in a row or column (depending on which direction they’re pointed in). You can get a Can of Soda by matching four pieces in a line.

2. Bags of Chips remove a significant number of pieces. You can get them by matching five or six pieces in an L- or T-formation.

3. Spinning Tops remove one random piece on the field: they tend to hit locked elements or level goals first. You can get them by matching four pieces of the same type in a square.

4. Buckets of Candy remove all the pieces of the same type from the field. You can get them by matching five pieces in a line.

What are boosters? What are they for?

Boosters are power-up elements that help you beat tough levels. You can:
– Buy boosters during levels or before they start.
– Get them as rewards for completing animal families.
– Find them in Star Chests and Zoo Chests.
– Buy them at the Store.

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What kinds of boosters are available in the game?

The following boosters are currently available in the game:

1. Bucket of Candy. You start the level with a Bucket of Candy placed randomly on the field.

2. Double Spinning Tops. It doubles all the Spinning Tops on the field (when you activate one, you will see two take off).

3. Chips and Soda. You start the level with a Bag of Chips and a Can of Soda placed randomly on the field.

4. Hammer. It clears a piece from a cell or damages stronger obstacles. You can only buy this booster while playing a level or at the Store.

5. Sledgehammer. It removes one entire row and column of elements, all at once. It can also be used to do considerable damage to obstacles. You can only buy this booster while playing a level.

6. Glove. It allows you to swap two adjacent elements without using a move. You can only buy this booster while playing a level or at the Store.

How do I get help from animals in match-3 levels?

Animal helpers appear in some levels. Here’s how to get their help:
1. Red Panda. This booster becomes available at Level 5. Collect 10 apples to get 3 red Spinning Tops from the panda.
2. Elephant. This becomes available at Level 16. Collect 10 juice packs to get a blue Bag of Chips from the elephant.
3. Tiger. This becomes available at Level 40. Collect 12 orange lollipops to get 2 orange Cans of Soda.
4. Peacock. This becomes available at Level 110. Collect 18 pears to get a Bucket of Candy from the peacock.
5. Bear. This becomes available at Level 221. The bear’s roar does damage to 6 obstacles or hard-to-reach elements on the field. Collect 18 ice cream pieces to activate the bear’s ability.

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Attention: Combining a Bucket of Candy with any colorful power-up (Spinning Top/Can of Soda/Bag of Chips) does not count regular pieces that become power-ups toward activating a helper. All boosters that you get from the helpers appear randomly on the field.

How do I use the Hammer booster?

The Hammer destroys one piece or one obstacle layer (e.g., one rope out of two) without using a move. When you want to use this booster, just tap the Hammer icon and then the cell you want to use it on. Please note: to remove one layer of leaves, use the Hammer on the leaves or the free piece next to them. This booster is very handy for getting access to hard-to-reach cells or for when you don’t have enough moves left to complete the level goals. You can buy the Hammer booster when you’re already playing a level.

What’s the difference between the Hammer and the Sledgehammer?

Similarly to the Hammer, the Sledgehammer is also available when you’re playing match-3 levels. It removes pieces and obstacles without losing a move, only it’s more powerful than the Hammer. If you hit a piece or an obstacle with the Sledgehammer, you’ll remove one row and one column of elements, just like the Rocket+Rocket combination. This booster removes pieces and does considerable damage to obstacles.

You can buy the Sledgehammer booster while you’re playing levels, earn it as a reward for completing in-game days, or get it as your Daily Bonus.

How do I use the Double Spinning Tops booster?

You can purchase the Double Spinning Tops booster before levels start or get it as a reward. It especially comes in handy on difficult fields with targets that are hard to reach. Tap the icon in the pre-level window to activate the booster. It won’t show up on the field, but you’ll get twice as many Spinning Tops in the level when you activate them. If you can match two Spinning Tops, you’ll launch five, each with its own target.

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What power-up combos are available in the game?

Combining power-ups helps you clear more cells and produce bigger explosions. Here are the combinations currently in the game:

  • Chips+Chips doubles the radius of the Bag of Chips effect.
  • Chips+Soda removes three rows and columns of pieces.
  • Soda+Soda removes one row and one column of cells regardless of which way the cans are pointed.
  • Chips or Soda + Spinning Top works as a regular Spinning Top and makes the Spinning Top take the second power-up along with it to a random tile.
  • Spinning Top+Spinning Top produces three Spinning Tops that target different tiles.
  • Bucket of Candy + Soda/Chips/Spinning Top makes the Bucket of Candy turn all the pieces of the same color as the matched power-up into the respective power-up. For example, if matched with a blue Can of Soda, the Bucket of Candy will turn all the blue pieces into Cans of Soda.
  • Bucket of Candy+Bucket of Candy removes all pieces from the field, clearing one obstacle layer in the process.
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