West Game: State Government

The State Government is the central point of every State and is always located at the coordinates (X:250,Y:600). The State Government can be attacked or rally attacked just like other targets.

Attack the State Government

If the State Government is unoccupied during the State Government Battle, you can send troops to attack and occupy it. If the State Government is occupied by other players, you can defeat and evict the current troops stationed within to occupy it.

Successive Occupation to completely rule the State Government

The Alliance, who successively occupies the State Government until the occupation countdown ends, will completely rule the State Government and get the ownership of State Government officially.
For example: Alliance A has occupied the State Government for 2 hours but is then defeated by Alliance B. And the occupation countdown doesn’t finish. This 2-hour occupation time will NOT count towards their total occupation time. If Alliance A defeats Alliance B and wins back the State Government, then Alliance A should restart a new round of occupation countdown.

5-Day Peacetime

The State Government will enter 5-day peacetime when an Alliance gains complete rule of the State Government. When this peacetime ends, a new State Government Battle begins.

The Governor

The Chancellor of the Alliance occupying the State Government will be named Governor and will be granted the right to levy taxes from all Alliances in the State and to assign titles to other Players, affecting their stats.

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State Titles

Once you become Governor, you can entitle allies and enemies. These titles are related to boost effects or de-boosts. Positive titles assigned will bring boost effects while negative titles will bring de-boost. These titles will last until the State Government is abandoned or conquered by other players. To give a player certain title, you need to know his coordinates on the map first. Tap his Town and hit the icon on the right side of the Town interface, then you will be able to entitle him.

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