Lords & Knights: Resources, Gold & Payments

I bought gold but did not receive it. What do I do now?

If you should not be receiving your gold it can help to restart your device and wait a little while, unfortunately these transactions can sometimes take a moment or two.

Should you even after these troubleshoots not have received your gold, please get in touch with our support team providing them with the following information:

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– The world you purchased the gold on

– A screenshot of the bill from iTunes

Our team will then resolve the issue asap

Can I transfer my gold to other worlds?

No, transferring gold from one world to another is not possible as it is bound to the world it was bought on.

When will the next special offer be activated?

Special offers are activated on a regular basis. We will always keep you guys up to date via in game messages!

Where is my free gold? I earned it but never received it.

These promoted offers are being supplied by Fyber and Supersonic. Due to this we suggest getting in touch with them.

Can i transfer my gold to another game like Crazy or Celtic Tribes?

As these are different games, it is unfortunately not possible to turn gold into water canisters and gold into magic potions.

What is gold? And where do I get it?

Gold is used to speed up your buildings / researches / missions, extend the building lists, restock your ressources, annex castles, temporarily boost your ressource production and recall your troops. You can buy gold in the shop, use the “Earn gold” function or watch videos.

What is silver? And where do I get it?

Silver is used for conquests.
For every castle you own you need 1000 silver (for each fortress 5000) to conquer another castle.
At the keep silver can be exchanged for wood, stone and ore. If the keeps level is higher the exchange rate is better.

What is copper? And where do I get it?

Copper is used for spying on other players castles. It is important to send more copper than the castle owner has stocked in the castle you sent your spy to.
If for example the enemy castle has 8000 copper in stock, you have to send at least 8001 copper for a successful spy attempt. In this case your spy will return with a spy report and the enemy won’t get a notification.
But if you send only 7999 copper your spy will be captured and the other player looses the 7999 copper. Furthermore he’ll get a notification about a captured spy.
At the keep copper can be exchanged for wood, stone and ore. If the keeps level is higher the exchange rate is better.

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What are banners?

The banners grant the according castle a buff, lasting 24 hours and increasing the castles or fortress resource production by 25 percent.

Attention: All active banners will be taken down when the castles are merged into a fortress.

I started the vacation mode, what will happen to the silver merchant?

The silver merchant should exchange your resources during your vacation mode in your selected castles.

Can I conquer fortresses or cities while mixing silver and rubies?

You cannot successfully conquer fortresses or cities with a mixture of rubies and silver. Let’s look at an example:

You try to conquer a fortress with 2 rubies and 60% silver. This conquest attempt will fail and you will lose the involved silver AND rubies, since the needed amount of silver (100%) was not sent, nor was the needed amount of rubies (5) sent.

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