West Game: Research

Conducting researches in Academy is of great importance for the further development of your Town. The various researches are divided into 4 types, according to their area of focus.

Table of Contents

Economics Research

Economics Research plays the most important role in your city development. It increases the output of your Logging Camps, Farms, Quarries, Mines and Cabins, making them produce more resources for your town. This category also helps to speed up constructions, increase troop gathering speed and troop load.

Combat Research

Combat Research is where you can find all the researches for standard troops. This enhances troops attack, defense and life, and allows you to unlock new troops and make them stronger. It also offers additional boosts and benefits for scouting, training and marching speed.

Trap Research

Trap Research is where you can find all the researches for defensive units – Traps. Conducting researches in this category will help you to enhance Trap attack, defense and life, and also to unlock new Traps.

Sheriff Research

In these tab you will find all Sheriff related researches you can undergo. All these new features will enhance the power and the performance of your Sheriff in combat.

Enhancing the research speed

You can enhance the research speed by upgrading your Academy, assigning Sheriff Skill points on Research, forging and wearing your Sheriff equipment with research speed buff, etc.

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  1. What will be the research power when t4s are unlocked?

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