West Game: Outlaws

Numerous fierce Outlaws are out there on the Map. Choose the right level, assign your Sheriff to hunt Outlaws for great rewards. Before you hunt Outlaws, please make sure you have met the following requirements:

  1. The relevant Researches have been completed
  2. The Sheriff is available
  3. Enough Energy

Table of Contents

Attacking an Outlaw

Combo Attack: If you launch TWO or more attacks on the same Outlaw within a certain time, you’ll get an attack bonus, which will increase your Sheriff Attack. The maximum of Combo strikes can be enhanced through research.

Alliance Combo Bonus: After a member of an alliance first attacks an Outlaw, any member of the same alliance who launches the following attack will receive an increasing Alliance Combo Bonus.

Rewards for Attacking Outlaws

You will gain Sheriff Exp and some rewards each time you launch an attack on an Outlaw. All members in your Alliance will have chances to receive an Alliance Gift when you or your allies kill Outlaws. The higher-level Outlaws you attack, the greater rewards you’ll get.

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