How to join an Alliance? Join an Alliance in the Recommended List. Tap on the ‘Alliance’ button on the bottom of the main screen, choose an Alliance you’re interested and tap ‘Request to Join’. If you don’t want to join any of the existing Alliances, you can create your ownContinue Reading

Conducting researches in Academy is of great importance for the further development of your Town. The various researches are divided into 4 types, according to their area of focus.Continue Reading

The Map can be found on the bottom left part of the main screen. How to instantly find your Town? No matter where you are on the Map, a Town Center sign on the bottom left corner will always point towards your Town and display the distance to it. TapContinue Reading

Numerous fierce Outlaws are out there on the Map. Choose the right level, assign your Sheriff to hunt Outlaws for great rewards. Before you hunt Outlaws, please make sure you have met the following requirements:Continue Reading

The State Government is the central point of every State and is always located at the coordinates (X:250,Y:600). The State Government can be attacked or rally attacked just like other targets.Continue Reading