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Seasonal Albums

Masters League players will now get a totally new album to complete each and every season. They’ll have all season long to complete their new album. Seasonal stickers can be gained as prizes from the trophy progression. However, they will also be offered in sales and as prizes in different places throughout the season. We will also have trading days for seasonal stickers, including for past albums, so keep an eye out for that.

Good luck finding all the stickers by the end of the season!

Collecting Stickers

Collecting stickers is a great way to earn rewarding prizes, stylish outfits, and customized effects in the game. They can be earned through directly purchasing them in the store, through our main and side event prizes, special sales, and trophy progression rewards. Stickers can also be earned through our exciting daily gifts and competitions on our social media channels.

How do you unlock albums on match Masters?

New albums are unlocked as soon as you earn a sticker from that album. You can get stickers through event prizes, our Social Media channels, or through purchasing them directly with coins from our in-game store.

Album Prizes

Stickers are a way for you to make your game more unique and show off your style to your opponents.

There are several prizes to be won through completing albums and pages. Some albums reward outfits which can be used in the game. These outfits are a way to customize your avatar and dress to impress, and you can switch between outfits whenever you want through the ‘Wardrobe’ section in the game.

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There are other albums that unlock creative style packs, which can be enabled/disabled through the Your Look’ section in the game.

These outfits are a way to customize your avatar and dress to impress, and you can switch between outfits whenever you want through the ‘Wardrobe’ section in the game. There are other albums that unlock creative style packs, which can be enabled/disabled through the ‘Your Look’ section in the game.

There are also many prizes to be earned such as coins, boosters, special boxes, and On Fire games when completing some of the albums or individual pages.

Using Style Packs

There are certain albums that unlock creative style packs which can be used in the game in order to make your matches more unique and customized! This is done through special animations when making a match, winning/losing or when you’re on a good round and score a lot of points! Style packs can be enabled/disabled through the ‘Wardrobe’ section in the game.

Duplicate Stickers

Stickers are a fun feature in the game, and completing them is a process which may take some time. Sticker packs, just like our booster boxes, can include stickers from several tiers or from one tier only, so you might not always get the outcome you are after. Lower tiered stickers (white) are easier to collect than higher-tiered stickers (gold/diamond), and once you’ve collected most of the stickers, it might seem harder to receive new ones.

However, your duplicate stickers don’t have to go to waste! You can enjoy our Duplicates Bar that converts any duplicate stickers you get into points.

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Each sticker tier has a different amount of points; gold or diamond stickers are worth more points than white or silver stickers. Once you earn enough points to fill the bar, you’ll be awarded a grand prize! It is likely to get duplicates every now and then, but these can be traded in our Official Group Z on Facebook. There are many players offering stickers which may be the stickers you’re looking for! You can also collect more stickers through prizes in our main and side events, trophy progressions, and in our store.

Missing Stickers

A good way to quickly earn the stickers that you’re missing is to try to get the stickers that have the “Missing Sticker” tag on them. These stickers are always guaranteed to give you a missing sticker (unless you have already collected all the stickers from that tier). There are multiple ways of earning missing stickers. You can earn them through events, giveaways on our social media pages, and through adventures – if you make it all the way to the end!

Trading Stickers

When you have duplicates of the same stickers, you are able to trade these stickers with friends, teammates or just about anyone for stickers you are missing! This will help you advance more quickly to complete your albums and win all the great prizes they have to offer! Each day, you will be able to send one Silver sticker and two White stickers. There are also certain days which you can trade Gold and Diamond stickers too!

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You can trade stickers with people on your friends list, which can be found in the game menu on your home screen or with either friends or teammates by going to Stickers>Send Stickers!

If you want to add new friends to your list, please use this article to help you. We’ve also added a link directly to your sticker trading screen that you can send to any player that has Match Masters.

Simply go to Stickers>Request Stickers’ and you’ll then be able to either tap the copy button to the right of the link and paste it to someone else, or tap ‘Share My Link’ and be presented with a list of platforms for sharing the link. Select the person you’d like to trade with and they’ll be sent the link. Once the other player has the link, they can use it to send you stickers!

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  1. I have completed various albums and got no style packs, I have paid for various packages and lost them straight away, one of which had a ? In a coloured circle which is you see on the super spin but I don’t have it anywhere

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