Match Masters – Boosters list (Free and Paid)

Bronze Booster


The Firecracker is a free booster that will randomly fali on the board and make a smali explosion, eliminating up to 5 pieces at a time. It charges 6 blue stars to active.

Crazy Rocket

The Crazy Rocket booster creates a BIG explosion on the board and eliminates all the pieces in the explosion. It costs 7 blue stars to activate and can earn you those extra points you need!

Rubber Ducky

The Rubber Ducky is a free booster which when activated, swims along the bottom row of the board and eliminates the pieces on that row. Don’t underestimate its powers! If there are any special pieces on the bottom row, the Duck can do great damage! Its activation cost is 7 blue stars.

The Slime

The Slime oozes goo on the board which infects all the pieces it touches. You are initially able to choose what piece you would like the infection to spread from, and the Slime does the rest of the work for you! Any pieces infected will be removed from the board.

This is especially useful when there is a noticeable cluster of pieces you would like to remove, such as special pieces or pieces with a high score legend.
The Slime costs 7 blue stars to activate.

Paint Bucket

The Paint Bucket is a free booster which paints 6 random pieces on the board to a random color. This can cause some automatic matches or create great combinations for future matches, and even create special pieces on the board! It takes 7 blue stars to activate.

Mystery Hat

The Mystery Hat adds some magic to your game and pops out 3 special pieces on the board. But here’s the trick – the 3 special pieces will only remain on the board until the end of your turn – so if you don’t match them up quickly, they’ll forever disappear.
It costs 7 blue stars to activate this booster.

Gold Booster

Laser Beam

Eliminates an adjacent row AND a column of your choice from the board!nThis booster can be very useful if used correctly, so be sure to strategize your move before you make it! It costs 7 blue stars to activate.

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Balloon Blast

This booster picks 3 random columns on the board and wipes a random portion of them out! Its activation cost is 7 blue stars and it can really knock out your opponent.

Sweep it!

Upon activation, this booster sweeps one of the colors on the board to the side, leaving you with the potential to create more matches (and even special matches too)! This booster only costs 6 blue stars to activate!

Magic Wand

Pick any color on the board and use your Magic Wand to completely remove it! This booster is especially useful in game modes which have different score legends for certain pieces. it costs 7 stars to activate.


A wise, tranquil owl will always make the right choices. Activate this booster to see how many matches your owl can find! The Mastermind booster will make 3,4 and even 5-piece matches so you don’t have to! It costs 7 blue stars to activate.

Lil’ Dragon

This fiery little guy will stop at nothing! Once activated, create a match and watch this booster burn the pieces above and below (or to its sides) out of your way! Horizontal matches will burn pieces from left to right, and vertical matches will burn pieces from up to down. This booster costs 7 blue stars to activate.

Diamond Booster

High Voltage

This booster is full of strategy, so take your time to figure out what the best move is for you! Once activated, choose a piece! Ali the pieces of the same color that are in the same rows and columns of the chosen piece will be connected by a High Voltage and zapped away! This booster requires 7 blue stars to activate.

Crazy Clovers

This leprechaun is up to no good! Watch him make his mischievous ways and spread his lucky clovers on the board! They’ll turn into green pieces and give you GREAT matches!
This booster costs 7 blue pieces to activate.

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This extraterrestrial booster hoovers up two random colors on the board, scoring you more points and leaving you with more options to make potential matches! It costs 7 blue stars to activate.

Mr. Appleberry

Mr. Appleberry LOVES fruits! Every time he is activated, he’ll spread his fruits across the board and eat them all up – along with anything else that gets in his way! The fruits correspond to the pieces on the board, so if he fancies some lemons, the pieces he’ll eat are the yellow pieces, and so on. Mr. Appleberry requires 7 blue stars to activate.

Ali Aboard

This booster picks out all the yellow pieces on the board and runs its tracks either to the left or right of the pieces. This can be especially significant if there are urany yellow pieces on the board, and in game modes such as Rainbow! It takes 7 blue stars to activate this booster.

Butler Bot

Watch our smartest robot twist and turn the board and mechanically ‘fix’ amazing matches for you, including special pieces! Butler Bot’s services cost 7 blue stars.

Queen Cobra

Her eyes may lure you finto hypnosis but don’t miss the magic that happens on the board! Queen Cobra copies 3 columns from the board and creates replicas for them right next to the originals – so whatever goodies you have going on, you’ll now see them DOUBLE! Queen Cobra costs 7 blue stars to activate.

El Magneto

El Magneto likes to show his muscles (and his magnets) by taking 3 colors to the sides of the board, making a fantastic opportunity for special pieces and more potential matches on the board.
It costs 7 blue stars to activate this booster.

Doctor Color

With the help of his test tubes, he’ll change a color on the board to another color TWICE, leaving you with a lot of pieces with the same color on the board, meaning… MATCHES! Especially special ones! This booster costs 7 blue stars to activate.

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Foxy Roxy

Go back to the 90s with our sassiest fox – Foxy Roxy!This booster will spray paint some awesome matches on the board which will create special pieces. From the specials created, Foxy randomly chooses one to blow up for you! Foxy costs 7 blue stars to activate.

Woolly Workout

Workout with Woolly while your pieces move on the board according to his steps! Watch all the pieces transform to the color of your choice – this is extremely useful when you have a certain score legend according to colors! Woolly Workout costs 7 blue stars to activate.

Colonel Mcquack

Meet our Rubber Ducky’s older cousin – Colonel McQuack. Our bath-time sergeant deploys his troops to drop special pieces on the board, and then orders 3 rows to be eaten up!

Vinnie Valentine

This cupid-hamster is ready to make you fall in love! It marks its targets and shoots his hearts onto the board! Match these colorful hearts to remove all the other pieces of the same color from the board. Vinnie costs 7 blue stars to activate.

Legendary Booster

Monkey Joo Joo

Joo Joo unleashes his powerful mojo by initially placing 5 skulls on the board! They crossover the board, removing all the pieces they touch along the way. Each time you explode a skull, you get another one in its place. Monkey Joo Joo costs 7 blue stars to activate.

Billie Boom

Our most futuristic booster – Billie and her sidekick are a powerful combo of removing pieces from the board and making way for an explosive PARTAY! While Billie’s little robot assistant removes a random color on the board, Billie prepares to (literally) drop some bombs. But that’s not all – Billie keeps on dropping bombs after every move you make while it’s your turn! Billie Boom costs 7 blue stars to activate.

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