Match Masters – How do you play Masters with friends?

Inviting Friends

If you want to add new friends to your list, you can do so by clicking the ‘friends’ list which can be found in the main menu. Once entering the list, there should be a green button saying “Invite Friends”.

When you click this button, a unique link should appear and you’ll be able to copy and send it out to your friends or share it in any of the communication channels you use.
If it is your friend’s first time playing the game, you will receive a gift of 150 coins for inviting them, and earn even more prizes as they continue to progress through the game!

Challenging Friends

If you want to challenge your friend in the game, you can simply go to your friends’ list in the game menu, search for your friend and click the “Challenge” button! This should send them a notification that you have challenged them for a match, and they can either accept or reject your challenge. If you beat your friend and win the match, you get to keep their booster! But if you lose, you lose your booster.

Remove a friend

Friends that are connected through Facebook are automatically synced to the game, so if you remove them from your Facebook friends, they will be automatically removed as your friend in the game as well. If you aren’t connected through Facebook, you can still remove them from your game by clicking the ‘Remove Friend” on the friend in question.

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If you are still experiencing issues with removing a friend, please contact our Suppor Team for further assistance.

Unable to add friends

If you are unable to add new friends to the game, you may have exceeded the maximum number of friends you can have in the game. You can have up to 100 friends, so if you wish to add more friends, you can remove other friends.

Friends prize not received

In order to be eligible to receive rewards for new friends joining the game, please make sure you have not passed the maximum amount of friend invite rewards (100 friends).

If you have not yet reached this limit, please make sure the following applies:

  • Your friend has created a new account

from your invite link.

Your friend has created a new account from your invite link.

  • The account must be on a device that has never had the game installed on it before.

Your friend needs to meet both these conditions in order for you to receive your rewards – if they do, please ask them to click on your invite link again, and then restart your game.
If you still did not receive your prize, please let us know what the friends’ name is so we can look into what went wrong.

Please note, Facebook friends who appear on your friend’s list but haven’t been invited by you will not make you eligible for a prize, but will grant you 150 coins for joining the game.

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  1. I did not get reward for my 11 and 12 friend invite
    user id – Guest52842
    can you please check and let me know how to get friend rewards after 10 friend invite

  2. pozval jsem kamarády do hry a nepřipadala se mi odměna ani peníze ani karty

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