Iron Blade: First steps in game – guide

The Game: Basic Concepts

In order to progress in the game, there are some concepts that you need to understand: the gameplay, but also forging and tempering.

With these basic concepts, you’ll be able to control your character, evolve them and fight with them. It will be easy once you’re aware of these concepts.

Fighting is the foundation of Iron Blade, and killing is key.

Fighting is the heart of the experience, so it’s better to understand all there is to know about it before jumping onto the battlefield.


Before jumping into battle, it’s essential to set up a good defense. Otherwise, you’ll easily be defeated in Iron Blade. To avoid this, you’ll need to block incoming attacks or your chances of survival will be very slim.

Reducing Incoming Damage

Remember that even blocked attacks will deal you some damage. Nevertheless, this damage is reduced if you manage to block some of the attacks. That’s why you should try to synchronize your moves at all times.

Special Moves

Don’t forget to use special moves. They take some time to recharge, so be sure to use them effectively and don’t waste them. You can choose between two special moves that will recharge at the same time. Knowing which one to use for each occasion will be vital. There’s also a skill that allows you to recharge these special moves faster when using the Off-Hand Weapon.

It’s not a good idea to wait long before using them, as the next ones won’t recharge until you use the previous ones. It’s a double-edged sword…

Active and Passive Skills

Active Skills:

The effects of Active Skills will only trigger when those skills are used. They are specific to the Offensive Items found in your Inventory, such as your Swords, Off-Hand Weapons, Bows and Shields, and may increase the damage inflicted by your weapons.

Passive Skills:

Passives Skills are split into two categories. Some are always active – like Deadeye, a Helmet skill that increases your Critical Hit chance with bows. Others are triggered by certain actions, like the Savagery skill, which decreases your active skills’ cooldown every time you make an off-hand weapon attack.

Passive skills can only be found on the Defensive Items in your Inventory, such as your Helmets, Breastplates, Gloves, and Greaves. Passive Skills are not triggered manually and they usually serve as a supplement to your weapons.

Tasks Overview

This game appeals to a wide audience, and that can make it somewhat daunting at times: attacking and defending; gaining Experience; leveling up; upgrading Gear and Troops; collecting Keys to open Chests; obtaining Materials to improve your Gear and/or Troops, or to create new ones; competing in Events to obtain better pieces; fighting in Leaderboard Events or Alliance Leaderboard Events; etc.


Iron Blade is an action RPG: It combines a story (the Campaign) with fighting and action.

The Campaign mode has 11 chapters, each with its own Boss and increasing difficulty level. In each chapter, there are 5 missions with 4 different levels of difficulty and rewards.

In each mission, you will have to get 3 skulls to be able to progress to the next one. Achieving these three skulls is just an indication of how quickly you can win the battle.

In the battle screen, you’ll see a timer above the three skulls. It begins with a set amount of time (depending on the battle and mode) and counts down to zero.

In the Campaign, the greater the difficulty, the greater the amount of time you will need to kill all the enemies and obtain the three skulls.

Keep in mind that the timer restarts, but with much less time to reach the two skulls. If the time runs out again, you can only get one skull. However, there is no time limit for the mission: Only your demise or that of all your enemies will end the battle.


Apart from attacking, in the game, you must also defend Damien’s castle, and that means acquiring Defenders until you reach the Fortress’s max level (level 15): a total of 21 Defenders (3 Commanders and 18 Troops).

When attacking another player’s Fortress, these Defenders can be assigned in 3 Defensive Waves with 1 Commander and 6 Troops each.

But reaching the Fortress’s max level is not all you need to do! You must keep on upgrading your Commanders and Troops to higher levels.

Once you have upgraded your weapons and armor, it’s a good idea to start upgrading your Troops, but be sure to focus first on the former and not waste Gold on the latter.

You shouldn’t forget to collect your Gold and Rubies, which are generated in the Fortress every few hours, and upgrade your Troops or level up the Fortress when you have enough Gold so that you can improve its Gold output.

What happens if you don’t collect the resources generated by the Fortress over time? You will reach the max number that can be stored and any number over the limit will be lost. In addition, your Fortress might be attacked by another player. If the attacker is successful, they will loot your uncollected Gold and Rubies!

Of course, this also works the other way around: When successfully attacking another player, you can loot their uncollected Gold and Rubies from their Fortress.

You will win or lose Trophies in the Fortress battles. But why are they important? They are more crucial than Gold or Rubies. Trophies can be earned in order to get promoted in the weekly League (see section 14) and receive better rewards at the end of each week. If you’re in an Alliance, in addition to the Perks you get from being in one, you’ll also have access to the Alliance Chest (levels 1 to 10), which contains rewards based on the number of Trophies each Alliance can obtain in successful attacks against Fortresses (exclusive Event for players who are part of an Alliance).


The Legacy Tower is a dungeon that consists of 50 Arena levels that increase in difficulty.

You can only beat one level of the Tower at a time after unlocking it. The levels unlock in a linear way after the previous level is completed. You cannot replay previous levels.

Enemies in the Tower levels do not have Elements (Divine, Demonic or Heroic).

Each level has a fixed difficulty (you won’t be able to choose between Regular, Hard, Extreme or Brutal).

When you beat a Tower level, you’ll receive a single currency unit (a Smithing Hammer) that can be used to craft a new item in the Forge.

Fighting in the Tower does not cost Energy and you can try to beat a level as many times as you want, or until you get tired of it.

The Legacy Tower unlocks when beating Chapter 1, Mission 5 on Regular difficulty.


Once a Tower level is completed and its reward is obtained, that particular level is blocked. You cannot replay previous levels.


A player’s ascension through the Tower automatically restarts each day, but their personal progress is saved so they can instantly jump to the last level they reached by tapping the icon (they have to enter daily), going back through every beaten level and re-collecting each reward.

You can buy more resets with Rubies (150 for the first reset), and the price for each subsequent reset increases.


When beating each Tower level, you will receive a single currency, called a Smithing Hammer. In level 1, you’ll get 50 Smithing Hammers, and 1 Smithing Hammer is added per level after that. During the daily reset, all Smithing Hammers of each level are added (at level 10, this would total 545 Smithing Hammers each reset, etc.).

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These Smithing Hammers can be used to craft Gear and Troop Cards in a section of the game called the Forge.


The Legacy Forge will allow you to create any Gear or Troop Card in the game (except exclusive rewards and sets) using Smithing Hammers to obtain the stats of a randomly generated card.

The Forge is found in the Tower’s menu, shown as an underground level from which the player always begins their ascent through the multi-layered dungeon.

The Process:

Choose the type of Card (mandatory).

Once you have chosen a Card from the 4 subcategories (Weapons, Armor, Mercenaries or Commanders), you can start the crafting process.

Re-forging the Crafted Card (optional)

  • After creating an item, you will have the option of keeping it or modifying any of the previous values to achieve a better or more desirable result.
  • When re-forging, you must select a value from the previous list and spend a number of Smithing Hammers.
  • If a value is re-forged again, all the values that are below it will be randomized according to their priority if they are not compatible with the new result.
  • If the sub-values of the previous item are compatible with the new, re-forged item, they will remain; only incompatible sub-values will be randomized to comply with the new restrictions.
  • For example, an Epic item cannot have a lower level than 3. If you re-forge the Rarity of a level-2 Rare item and the result is an item with Epic Rarity, the level and everything below it will be randomly assigned within the limits of the Epic Rarity.
  • Each re-forge will progressively cost more Smithing Hammers than the previous one from the same category, and all other costs will also increase.
  • The categories are Rarity, Tier, Level, Element and Type/Skill.

We’ve all made many mistakes when re-forging and modifying parts. I hope this helps reduce errors.

Many players find they rarely obtain Legendary objects in the Forge, but that’s the way the Tower was designed. The Tower is not a quick fix or everyone would have the best of everything. The Tower can help improve your current armor and weapons, but it’s more like building an armory rather than finding a powerful Excalibur-type item every time you open a chest.

And to build a quality armory, you first have to invest Rubies in your Inventory and expand it to its max capacity of 300 items, which includes the Troops in your Fortress.

This way, you’ll get 279 slots to craft weapons and armors. Having a wide selection of Gear is vital for those who fight in the Boss Hunt. Each piece of Boss Hunt Gear has different Rarities: Rare (10%), Epic (20%), and Legendary (30%) to help increase your Token percentage. The smaller your armory, the smaller the chance of having the right Gear on hand.

Then you’ll have to get Smithing Hammers in the Tower. Use the “Raid” feature daily after the Tower restarts and attempt to beat new levels when you have time in between events. Once you have a good supply of Smithing Hammers, it’s time to start forging.

From this moment on, follow these steps for reforging:

Determine the Card’s Rarity. Re-forge the Rarity on all Common Cards; in the future, you may find that you don’t need a particular type of weapon or armor. When that time comes, you can simply “save” those Common items. While you can re-forge the Element, Skill, Tier, and Level of any Card, usually it’s only convenient to do so for Legendary items.

Once you have a Rare, Epic or Legendary Card, compare it with the weapons and armor in your Inventory. Rare or Epic items are added to the Inventory if they don’t exist and are updated if you have a duplicate or multiples of that Card that can benefit from being fused. If the Rare or Epic item is not required, then you can re-forge its Rarity in the hopes of crafting a Legendary item. You can re-forge an item as many times as you want. Just remember that the Smithing Hammer cost increases every time.

Once you get a Legendary item, you can see the Element, Skill, Tier, and Level stats. Then, you should have a look at the Inventory to check whether you would like to make some adjustments. With these items, the trick is to understand what the current value is in relation to what can be gained or lost. For example, The level-1 Skill of a Legendary weapon can potentially be leveled up to 10. Therefore, trying to re-forge the Skill is a good option. An attempt to raise a level

6 to a level 10 is less likely to succeed and is not really worth the time and the Smithing Hammers.

When considering whether to re-forge a card, you must be patient. Determine what you have, what you want and how you can get it. Afterward, it’s all about the odds, how many Smithing Hammers you’re willing to spend, how patient you are, and a bit of luck.

Boss Hunt

Jump into the Arena and face a bigger challenge! Take on the iconic elemental Bosses from the Campaign and their Guards to earn rewards and be victorious. Each completed Boss Hunt will award you Hunter Tokens (which you can use to buy special Gear), an exclusive armor, and also Fusion Boosters, Rubies, Gold and Evolution Materials that will make you more powerful against the elements.

As you collect more Tokens, you will get Keys to open the Premium Heroic Hunter Chest. Once you collect more than 156,000 Tokens, the Keys can be used to open the Legendary Heroic Hunter Chest.

The Boss Hunt is available in 4 difficulties (Regular, Hard, Extreme and Brutal). The number of Tokens you receive as a reward improves according to the number of skulls you can get (1, 2 or 3).

Do you think you’re the best Hunter? Each Event only lasts for a few days! Get down to work and check the Boss Hunt leaderboards to see how you compare to other players in the current Event (the top 2 receive 1 Legendary item).

Tower of Trials

The Tower of Trials is a limited-time Event similar to the Boss Hunt. This Event will be available in between Boss Hunts and grants Gear, Keys and Trials Chests that work in the same way as Hunter Chests and the Set Bonus from Boss Hunts.

From now on, you can find the Gear Sets that award bonuses in two game modes: Four of the Gear’s eight pieces will be available in Boss Hunts while the other four will be available in the Tower of Trials.

The Tower of Trials will only award milestone rewards, so leaderboards are not required.

To increase your score, you will have to use special Trials Gear found in Trials Chests, only available in the Chests section during these events.

You don’t need Energy to join the Event! Everyone gets three free Tickets at the beginning of an

Event in the Tower of Trials.

After using the three free Tickets, you will have to spend 130 Rubies to enter again. You must finish Chapter 2 on Regular difficulty to access the Tower of Trials.

Trials System Details:

The Tower of Trials has 32 levels that work in a similar way to those of the Legacy Tower.

Every fifth level, there is a Boss Trial and the difficulty increases after each one.

You cannot replay the levels you’ve already beaten in the same run. Each Trial will be harder and will grant more rewards than the previous one.

You will earn Tower of Trials Tokens each time you beat a level. These Tokens are added to the milestones that you can see on the main screen of the Tower of Trials.

After a Boss Trial, you can store your total Tower of Trials Tokens so you don’t lose them if you die.

If you die during a Trial, you will lose the Tokens that you haven’t already stored. You will have to restart the Event from the first level, but you will keep the Tokens you had stored in the previous

Boss Trial

Making Choices in Boss Trials:

After each Boss Trial, you will have to choose between three actions: Store Tokens: You can store all your Tokens so you don’t lose them if you die.

Get a Boss Bonus:

A multiplier will be applied to the Tokens you get, but your Tokens will not be stored. The multiplier is cumulative, meaning that choosing this option after the first Boss (who gives +5%) and after the second (who gives +8%) will increase your score by a total of +13% during the rest of the run. You will only have the opportunity to store your Tokens after the next Boss Trial.

Store Tokens and Get Boss Bonus:

This option combines both effects, but it’s only available if you spend Rubies.


If you die during a Trial, you can leave the Event or revive in exchange for Rubies.

If you leave the Event for the second time in the same Trial, you will be expelled from the Tower of Trials, thus losing all unstored Tokens.

When you start again from the first level after dying, your Token total will reset and the stored Tokens will be equal to the sum of the saved score value.

Trials Gear

The Trials Gear includes four complete Sets of items (32 in total per Event), one per Rarity. The Sets modify the number of Tokens earned in the Tower of Trials by a certain percentage if you equip them during the game.

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Unlike the Hunter Gear, the Trials items do not offer Token percentage increases according to their Rarity.

To quickly reach the final Milestone, your hero should be equipped with the full Trials Gear Set.

When the Event ends, the Trials Gear items will remain in your Inventory. You can use them in any game mode, but they will stop providing special bonuses. The border of the card will change to reflect that the item doesn’t correspond to the current active Event (the Element will become inactive).

You will only find Trials Gear in Trials Chests, and each Set will only be available during the related Event.

Chests and Trials Keys

There are three Trials Chests available, but only during an active Tower of Trials Event.

  • Common Trials Chests: Common Trials Gear guaranteed (at least one piece) and a chance of getting Rare items.
  • Premium Trials Chests: Rare Trials Gear guaranteed (at least one piece) and a chance of getting Epic items.
  • Legendary Trials Chests: Epic Trials Gear guaranteed (at least one piece) and a chance of getting Legendary items.

You can get Keys by buying them in the Consumables section of the Shop in exchange for Rubies.

Daily Dungeons

You can use them to obtain what you need in the game from time to time without having to go through several different Campaign chapters: Gold, Experience, Evolution Materials, Boosters, and Elemental Materials.

There are 8 different Dungeons, with at least one on each day of the week (Saturday has two that run simultaneously):

  1. Monday: Evolution Materials.
  2. Tuesday: Demonic Materials.
  3. Wednesday: Divine Materials.
  4. Thursday: Heroic Materials.
  5. Friday: Fusion Boosters.
  6. Saturday: Gold Rush and Elemental Materials.
  7. Sunday: Experience Rush.

Rewards of Each One in Relation to Level of Difficulty:

  • Evolution Materials:
    • Regular: 1,250 XP + 12 Bronze Ingots (5 Energy).
    • Hard: 2,500 XP + 12 Iron Ingots (15 Energy).
    • Extreme: 3,750 XP + 12 White Steel Ingots (25 Energy).
    • Brutal: 6,000 XP + 12 Meteorite Ore (35 Energy).
  • Demonic Materials:
    • Regular: 1,250 XP + 12 Demonic Bones (10 Energy).
    • Hard: 2,500 XP + 12 Demonic Blood (20 Energy).
    • Extreme: 3,750 XP + 12 Demonic Hearts (30 Energy).
    • Brutal: 6,000 XP + 12 Demonic Souls (40 Energy).
  • Divine Materials:
    • Regular: 1,250 XP + 12 Divine Bones (10 Energy).
    • Hard: 2,500 XP + 12 Divine Blood (20 Energy).
    • Extreme: 3,750 XP + 12 Divine Hearts (30 Energy).
    • Brutal: 6,000 XP + 12 Divine Souls (40 Energy).
  • Heroic Materials:
    • Regular: 1,250 XP + 12 Heroic Bones (10 Energy).
    • Hard: 2,500 XP + 12 Heroic Blood (20 Energy).
    • Extreme: 3,750 XP + 12 Heroic Hearts (30 Energy).
    • Brutal: 6,000 XP + 12 Heroic Souls (40 Energy).
  • Fusion Boosters:
    • Regular: 1,250 XP + a 3,000-XP Booster (10 Energy).
    • Hard: 2,500 XP + a 10,000-XP Booster (20 Energy).
    • Extreme: 3,750 XP + a 20,000-XP Booster (30 Energy).
    • Brutal: 6,000 XP + a 40,000-XP Booster (40 Energy).
  • Gold Rush:
    • Regular: 1,250 XP + 3,000 Gold (5 Energy).
    • Hard: 2,500 XP + 7,500 Gold (15 Energy).
    • Extreme: 3,750 XP + 22,500 Gold (25 Energy).
    • Brutal: 6,000 XP + 45,000 Gold (35 Energy).
  • The quantity and type of Elemental Materials change every time you enter!
    • Regular: 1,250 XP + x Bones (5 Energy).
    • Hard: 2,500 XP + x Blood (15 Energy).
    • Extreme: 3,750 XP + x Hearts (25 Energy).
    • Brutal: 6,000 XP + x Souls (35 Energy).
  • Experience Rush:
    • Regular: 3,000 XP.
    • Hard: 4,200 XP.
    • Extreme: 6,600 XP.
    • Brutal: 8,100 XP.

The Sisters’ Arena

The Arena is a limited-time Event for one player (PvE).

Before entering, you have to complete Chapter 1, Mission 2.

The Arena has two parts: Challenger fights and Arena Rewards.

When the Event ends, all unused Keys will become Premium Chest Keys, but remember that the ratio is not 1:1—you won’t receive a Premium Chest Key for each unused Arena Key.

The Arena Keys that you cannot convert to Premium Chest Keys will be forfeited.

Challenger Fights:

You will earn Arena Keys as a reward and you can use them in the Arena shop. You will also receive Gold and Experience.

You will have to spend 1 Energy for each battle.

Battles you lose will not negatively affect your Rank or level of Trophies, nor those of your rivals.

Arena Shop:

When you enter the Arena shop, you will see 16 locked slots. You can find several incredible rewards in them, ranging from Common prizes (Rank C) to a Legendary prize (Rank S). One Legendary prize can be found in each set of 16 slots.

You must use Arena Keys to open the Slots, but the price will increase by 7 Keys with each opened Slot. The first two Slots can be opened without fighting as you’ll receive free Keys when starting each set of 16 Slots.

You can see your progress in the table that shows the Rank rewards and possible rewards for each Rank (S, A, B, and C).

When you have opened all the Slots, you will receive a new set of 16 Slots. Also, if you think you already have everything that interests you in a set of slots, you can refresh the board using Rubies even if there are still locked slots. When you do this, all of the prizes will change, all the slots will be closed again and the price for opening them will be reset. The cost to refresh increases with each slot you open.

The slots can only be opened with Arena Keys, special limited-time rewards that are obtained in Arena Battles and from the sets in the Shop.

Remember to use them before the end of the Event to get all possible Arena Rewards. If you don’t spend all of them, they will be converted to Premium Chest Keys.

If you open enough slots, you will get Key rewards for each milestone achieved, which you can use to open Legendary Gear Chests.

You can also find EXCLUSIVE Legendary Gear Sets in some slots of the Arena.



An Alliance is formed by players that unite under the same name to obtain greater benefits in the game and access to Exclusive Events.

An Alliance has a limit of 100 members and is founded by its leader.

This leader is in charge of accepting new members and kicking out inactive players, as well as managing Perks and the Contributions made to the Alliance.

Alliance Chest (exclusive event)

You can increase the Alliance Chest’s level during a period of three days (from levels 1 to 10). To do so, you must perform as many successful Attacks and Defenses in the Fortress as you can while the Event lasts.

Each successful Attack adds a Trophy to the Alliance’s total, which determines the Chest its members will receive at the end of the Event.

The Trophies required for each Chest level are:

  • Level 1: 135 Trophies
  • Level 2: 410 Trophies
  • Level 3: 820 Trophies
  • Level 4: 1,365 Trophies
  • Level 5: 2,045 Trophies
  • Level 6: 2,865 Trophies
  • Level 7: 3,820 Trophies
  • Level 8: 4,910 Trophies
  • Level 9: 6,135 Trophies
  • Level 10: 7,500 Trophies

At the end of the Event, every ally must enter to claim the rewards from the Chest within the next 24 hours or they will lose them.

The leader can see each teammate’s contributions and manage the Alliance accordingly (if someone doesn’t contribute or they do so in limited amounts, they can be kicked out before collecting the reward).

Keep in mind that auto-attacking and friendly attacks don’t count towards unlocking the Chest. The Chest will not be available to players who leave or are kicked out of the Alliance during the Event.

Alliance Vault (Contributions)

The Alliance Vault is the bank in which all members can deposit specific Materials to obtain Contribution Points.

You get Contribution Points when you donate Gold, War Tokens or Elemental Offerings to the Alliance Vault. Keep in mind that each resource will be transformed into Contribution Points in a different way. In other words, Gold will give you a different amount of Contribution Points than War Tokens.

The resource limit increases based on the number of players in an Alliance. An Alliance with 10 members will have a lower resource limit than an Alliance with 20 members, and an Alliance with 20 members will have a lower resource limit than an Alliance with 30 members, etc.

Contribute specific resources to the Alliance Vault and get incredible bonuses with Boons! Use your War Tokens or Gold if you want to gain additional bonuses!


The largest and most active Alliances can gain extraordinary benefits! Contribute certain resources to the Alliance Vault to unlock Perks. Once unlocked, all members can benefit from the bonuses if they meet the requirements.

Alliance Perks can offer the following bonuses:

  • ENLIGHTENMENT: +10% XP gained in the Fortress and Campaign.
  • ANCIENT LEGACY: +10% Smithing Hammers in the Legacy Tower.
  • FAVOR OF THE SISTERS: +2 Arena Keys per victory.
  • MARK OF THE TRIAL: +30% Tower of Trials Tokens.
  • HUNTER’S EXPERTISE: +25% Boss Hunt Tokens.

Alliance leaders can improve Perks by boosting them! This can be achieved using certain resources from the Alliance Vault and only for a limited time. When the time expires, the Perk will return to its normal value. Keep in mind that you cannot boost a Perk if it has already been boosted!

Having fewer members than those required for a Perk will deactivate it! However, the boost will continue to decrease until it is depleted. Get the necessary number of members to re-activate the Perk and unlock more Perks by increasing the size of your Alliance!


Contribution Points (for donating Materials to the Alliance Vault) will be accumulated in a Boon progress bar that grants milestone and bonus rewards. A Boon is a temporary bonus.

Earn Contribution Points to activate a temporary Boon of a specific Rank! The least powerful Boons you can get are Rank C (Common), and the most powerful are Rank S (Legendary).

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Reach a Boon Rank milestone to get Boons of that Rank! Once a milestone is achieved, the progress bar will reset. Any additional points will count towards the progress of the next Boon!

Important: Contribution Points will reset if you leave your current Alliance and join another!

Boons improve your character’s stats. They can increase their Sword Damage, Health, Critical Rate, Critical Damage or Skill Levels. You can increase one of these stats up to 35% or increase the Skill Level up to 5 points (without exceeding its max level). This is only possible with the highest-ranked Boon! If you’re not happy with the Boon you got, you can change it using Rubies.


This type of resource might have one of these 3 Elements: Heroic, Divine, and Demonic. You can get them in some Campaign Missions, in Events, and in certain Chests. These resources can only be used in the Alliance Vault in exchange for Contribution Points.

Heroic Offerings– Where to Get Them:

  • Chapter 2, Mission 5 (Regular): Amount – 50, Chance – 70%;
  • Chapter 4, Mission 5 (Regular): Amount – 60, Chance – 70%;
  • Chapter 6, Mission 5 (Regular): Amount – 70, Chance – 70%;
  • Chapter 2, Mission 5 (Hard): Amount – 90, Chance – 70%;
  • Chapter 4, Mission 5 (Hard): Amount – 100, Chance – 70%;
  • Chapter 6, Mission 5 (Hard): Amount – 100, Chance – 70%;
  • Chapter 2, Mission 5 (Extreme): Amount – 140, Chance – 70%;
  • Chapter 4, Mission 5 (Extreme): Amount – 150, Chance – 70%;
  • Chapter 6, Mission 5 (Extreme): Amount – 160, Chance – 70%;
  • Chapter 2, Mission 5 (Brutal): Amount – 180, Chance – 70%;
  • Chapter 4, Mission 5 (Brutal): Amount – 190, Chance – 70%;
  • Chapter 6, Mission 5 (Brutal): Amount – 200, Chance – 70%

Divine Offerings – Where to Get Them:

Boss Hunt Rank Rewards, Tower of Trials Rewards, The Sisters’ Arena Rewards.

Demonic Offerings – Where to Get Them

  • Free Chests:
    • Amount – 10, Chance – 25%;
    • Amount – 20, Chance – 25%;
    • Amount – 30, Chance – 20%;
    • Amount – 40, Chance – 15%;
    • Amount – 50, Chance – 10%;
    • Amount – 60, Chance – 5%.
  • Regular Chests:
    • Amount – 40, Chance – 40%;
    • Amount – 70, Chance – 25%;
    • Amount – 100, Chance – 20%;
    • Amount – 130, Chance – 10%;
    • Amount – 160, Chance – 5%.
  • Premium Gear and Troop Chests:
    • Amount – 200, Chance – 25%;
    • Amount – 250, Chance – 25%;
    • Amount – 300, Chance – 20%;
    • Amount – 350, Chance – 15%;
    • Amount – 400, Chance – 10%;
    • Amount – 450, Chance – 5%.
  • Legendary Gear and Troop Chests:
    • Amount – 1,250, Chance – 25%;
    • Amount – 1,500, Chance – 25%;
    • Amount – 2,000, Chance – 20%;
    • Amount – 2,250, Chance – 15%;
    • Amount – 2,500, Chance – 10%;
    • Amount – 2,750, Chance – 5%.

Alliance Gifts

Request an item (it will be available for 6 hours). Wait for an Alliance member to make a donation. Collect the requested item and use it. A true friend is always there when you most need them.

Being part of a team means taking care of everyone. That’s why you can count on your Alliance when you need items.

When in need of Evolution Materials to upgrade an item, you may request them from your Alliance so that the members can send them to you. Being altruistic won’t go unnoticed! Once you’ve donated enough Materials to other Alliance Members, your generosity will be rewarded with Rubies.

Alliance Membership: Public or Private

The difference between public and private Alliances is the way they can be joined. You don’t need permission to enter a public Alliance, although the leader can send invitations. You need the leader’s permission to enter a private Alliance. The leader can send invitations. Also, applicants can request to join and will have to wait to be accepted by the leader.

Changing the Leader

The leader can only be changed if the current one leaves the Alliance, but they can also be re-invited to return as a normal member.

The new leader will be randomly assigned. You can contact Customer Care from the in-game Gameloft button to ask the dev team to change the leader. The request can only be made by the current Alliance leader.

Leaving an Alliance

From the home screen, select the Alliance icon (a white shield) in the top-left corner of the screen. In the Alliance menu, select the “info” icon under the Alliance emblem (a circle with an “i” inside). In this screen, select Leave Alliance.


In the beginning, your Inventory will have 80 slots. The minimum number of Gear pieces is 8, and the maximum number of Troops is 21. You can get 5 more slots by paying 45 Rubies. In total, the max Inventory will include 300 slots. In the Inventory, you can see and manage all your Gear pieces and Troops, and evolve them as you progress through the game.

You can perform 4 actions with them: Upgrade, Equip, Sell, and check Info.

  • Info: stats, Set Bonus, Skill, where to get them, Evolution potential.
  • Upgrade: Fusing, boosting and leveling up the pieces.
  • Equip: Changing Sets depending on the current Event (Boss Hunt, Tower of Trials or the Sisters’ Arena).
  • Sell: You can convert un-fused, low-level pieces into Gold.


There are 3 different sections with their own features:

  • Daily
  • Achievements
  • Daily Rewards


They change every 24 hours and you’ll have to complete 3 different quests (each one with a reward) to obtain Energy, Gold, PVP Energy, etc. If you complete the 3 Daily Quests (highly recommended), you’ll receive the Daily Quest Chest. This Chest always contains 30 Rubies, 2 Legendary Keys and 3 Raid Tickets. In addition, you also have a chance to receive weapons, armor, and Troops (Legendary: 1%).


Since these don’t change, every time you complete an Achievement, it disappears. However, its replacement has a greater reward. As you progress in the game and complete some of the Progress, Multiplayer, Upgrading, Resource, Alliance or Crafting milestones, you will receive their corresponding rewards: Legendary Keys, Gold, PVP Energy or Rubies.

Daily Rewards

All you have to do is access the game each day and claim the corresponding reward. The rewards can include Gold, Energy, Rubies, War Tokens, Premium Keys and Legendary Keys.


The Shop has 4 sections:

  • Deals
  • Currencies
  • Consumables
  • Packs
  • Chests


You can obtain benefits in the game by buying them with real money. You can get some of them at a reduced price.


You can buy Rubies with real money. You can buy Gold with Rubies. It’d be very interesting to have the other option as well: Since you can get 1,000 Gold for 50 Rubies, it’d be nice if you could get 50 Rubies for 1,000 Gold.


In this menu, you can get Energy, PVP Energy, Raid Tickets, Keys, Materials and Boosters in exchange for Rubies or War Tokens.

The menu is refreshed every 24 hours to replace the missing items or to change some of them. When buying any pack, it becomes disabled and the purchase cannot be repeated until the section is updated.

If you don’t want to wait for the automatic refresh, you can refresh the Shop by spending 50 Rubies.

Hint: If the refresh is coming soon, don’t spend the 50 Rubies. Wait until it automatically refreshes, and then you can spend them so you will get to buy items twice in a short period of time. If you refresh it without waiting, the timer resets to 24 hours and you will have to wait or spend more Rubies.


You can obtain benefits in the game by buying them with real money.


You can check the chances of getting any item when opening a Chest in the game. You can find the percentages within the Chests menu by selecting the icon that looks like an “i” inside a circle.

Leagues (Leaderboards and Rewards)

The League is the main indicator of a player’s progress in Fortress mode. The Leagues are structured as a ladder, grouping players in brackets according to their Trophies.

What are the Trophies?

Trophies are League points used to climb the leaderboards.

How Do I Win Trophies?

You’ll earn Trophies from successful Attacks or for defending your Fortress. You will lose Trophies when failing an Attack or a Defense.

What Rewards Can I Get in the League?

At the end of each season (1 week), you may win rewards, including Gold, War Tokens, Boosters, Rubies, and League Chest Keys.

What Is the League Chest?

The League Chest is a special chest that contains exclusive items. This chest can only be opened with Keys that are awarded to all players at the end of the season according to each League’s final stretch—from 5 keys for Initiates to 200 for Grandmasters. You will need 50 Keys to open a League Chest. It cannot be bought with Rubies or any other currency.

They contain at least 1 Legendary piece as a reward!

How Do Seasons Work?

Seasons last for 1 week. The leaderboards and players’ scores won’t be reset at the end of a season (except for Masters and above). Instead, the purpose of the seasons is to create brackets over time for players to receive their corresponding rewards. When a season is over, players will receive a reward according to the League in which they finished the season.

I Lost Trophies at the End of the Season. Why?

At the end of each season, players’ final positions will be recorded and the Trophies of those placed in Master I League (or above) who exceed the end-of-season threshold will be reset to the Master I threshold. Master players’ “lost” Trophies will be kept after each reset and become Glory Trophies. Master I players whose Trophies fall below the access level and who are close to being demoted will NOT be reset. Glory Trophies will be accumulated season after season. They cannot be reset or reduced. Glory Trophies are visible to all players and are found in the player’s profile. The three players with the highest number of Glory Trophies will appear on a banner in the world leaderboard (Glory Hall of Fame).

Why Should I Play in a League?

Amazing exclusive rewards are waiting for you! If you get 50 keys, you will open the League Chest, with 1 Legendary piece guaranteed. Victory rewards for successful Attacks and Defenses increase proportionally to a player’s League: The higher the League, the better the rewards. When a player reaches a new League for the first time, they will get significant rewards. When a season is over, players will receive a reward according to the League in which they finished the season.

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