How do I gain XP (Experience Points)? How can I see all my character stats? What’s a skill? How do I get a skill? How can I upgrade a skill? Where can I find my character’s skills? How can I activate a skill? What is the difference between active andContinue Reading

Commanders at level 5 or higher will produce Rubies every hour. The higher their level, the faster they will produce them. If you log into the game daily and collect the Daily Reward, you will obtain 155 Rubies over 24 days. Completing the Daily Quests to open the Chest willContinue Reading

ACTIVE SKILLS Main Sword Shield Greatsword Axe Mace Halberd Bow PASSIVE SKILLS Helmet Chest Armor Greaves Gauntlets ACTIVE SKILLS Main Sword a) Puncture The Puncture skill is always useful when facing a powerful enemy! It hurts everyone who gets in your way and causes damage over time. Hit damage: 400Continue Reading

The Game: Basic Concepts Blocking Reducing Incoming Damage Special Moves Active and Passive Skills Active Skills Passive Skills Tasks Overview Campaign Fortress LEGACY TOWER Rules Resets Rewards LEGACY FORGE The Process Boss Hunt Tower of Trials Event in the Tower of Trials. Trials System Details: Boss Trial Making Choices inContinue Reading