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How do I gain XP (Experience Points)?

XP is added to your Player Profile and to your items when you complete any campaign mission, event or multiplayer match.

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How can I see all my character stats?

If you tap on the Hero icon from the home screen, you will be redirected to the Loadout where you can see the Attack and Defense ratings.

What’s a skill?

A skill can be active or passive. Active skills can be deployed during combat to deal an increased amount of damage, while passive skills provide your character with special advantages.

How do I get a skill?

Every piece of equipment has a skill tied to it. Weapons and shields have active skills, while armors have passive skills.

How can I upgrade a skill?

Skills can be upgraded by fusing an item with a duplicate item or a Skill Booster.

Where can I find my character’s skills?

Tap on the Hero icon from the home screen. The skills are displayed at the bottom right of the Loadout screen. Moreover, you can tap on the icons in order to see their descriptions.

How can I activate a skill?

Active skills can be used during combat by tapping their special icons on the HUD, but you must have enough energy to use them.

What is the difference between active and passive skills?

You can trigger active skills during combat. Passive skills are automatically triggered during different situations.

What is the Campaign screen?

The Campaign screen can be accessed by tapping the Campaign icon. All the single-player missions can be accessed from here by tapping the unlocked villain. Defeating each villain unlocks story progress and adds them to your Fortress’s defense.

How do I obtain Legendary Keys?

Legendary Keys can be received from the Daily Rewards, by reaching a certain point in the campaign, and by purchasing a Legendary Pack.

What if I do not have enough Keys?

You can use the total amount of Keys that you currently have and pay the difference — in Gold, if it’s a Regular Chest, or in Rubies, if it’s a Premium Chest. If you do not have enough Legendary Keys, you cannot buy the missing ones; instead, you’re advised to keep playing and gather the necessary amount.

Can I get Legendary Gear or Legendary Troops from Premium Chests?

Yes, you have a small chance to get the most powerful gear and troops from Premium Chests.

How do I gain items and gear in the game?

By completing campaign missions at different difficulties and by opening Chests.

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How do I equip items?

Items can be equipped from the Loadout screen, which can be reached by tapping the Hero icon.

How do I create a Gear Set?

You can create 3 different Gear Sets in the Loadout screen.

What are the Attack and Defense Ratings?

The Attack Rating represents the potential damage that you can deal, while the Defense Rating represents the sum of the defense points from all of the armor pieces you have equipped.

What is the maximum level I can reach with my gear?

Every tier has a different max level. The item’s max level can be seen on the Evolutions section.

What is the difference between elements?

When an attacker’s element hits a defender’s element that is weak against it, the attacker’s damage receives a bonus. Likewise, when an attacker’s element hits a defender’s element that is strong against it, the attacker’s damage receives a penalty. Demonic beats Heroic; Heroic beats Divine; Divine beats Demonic.

How do I fuse an item?

You can add the desired item to the Fusion section and sacrifice up to 4 other items in order to increase the original item’s stats and level. Instead of sacrificing other items, you can also use Fusion Boosters, which give your item a large amount of experience.

Where do I fuse an item?

From the Inventory section, tap on the item that you want to fuse. Tap on the Upgrade icon from the drop-down menu and the Fusion section will appear.

Why are some of my items not displayed in the Fusion section?

Items that are equipped will not be available to use as fusion materials.

Are there any items that cannot be fused?

No, all weapons and armors can be fused or sacrificed.

What happens if I don’t have enough Gold to upgrade an item?

You can buy the missing resources with Rubies, or you can keep playing to get more Gold.

Why can’t I upgrade my weapon anymore?

Your weapon might be at its maximum level, you might not have enough Gold to upgrade, or you might not have any items to sacrifice.

How do I evolve an item?

In order to evolve an item, you must make sure that it is at its maximum level and that it is not at Tier 5.

Why can’t I evolve every item?

Tier-5 items cannot be evolved again. Tier-5 items are those that have 5 filled stars on their cards.

What do I need in order to evolve items?

You will need to possess the necessary materials and the cost in Gold.

Where do I get ingredients to evolve my gear?

Ingredients can be obtained by doing daily dungeons, but also from Campaign missions.

Why do I fuse and evolve items?

When you fuse your items, you improve their base stats and these items also get some magical properties. However, each item has a maximum level it can reach and cannot become more powerful once that level is reached. Evolved items do not become more powerful after the evolution, but they have the potential to be leveled up further.

What are Rubies?

Rubies are a premium currency in Iron Blade. You can buy Gold, items from the Consumables section, and energy. You can also use them to open Premium Chests.

How can I earn free Rubies?

You can get a small amount of Rubies from Campaign missions and also as rewards for logging in daily.

What is a Daily Dungeon?

A Daily Dungeon is a special mission available only once a week.

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How can I win prizes from the Daily Dungeons?

The only prizes that you can get from Daily Dungeons will be the rewards that you get at the end of the mission.

What rewards can I win in Daily Dungeons?

You can get Evolution Materials from the Daily Dungeons.

What are the types of Daily Dungeons?

There is a Daily Dungeon for each element and a Daily Dungeon for the common materials.

How can I get all the rewards on the calendar?

You need to log into the game at least 24 days during a given month.

The Daily Rewards list restarted from day one. Why?

The list refreshes every month and your progress will be reset to day one.

I logged in 24 days in a row. Can I refresh the list now?

No, the list will only be refreshed automatically at the start of every month.

What are the differences between the four difficulties?

For each difficulty mode, the missions get more challenging. Harder missions may contain more powerful enemies and grant greater rewards.

What is the Chests section?

In the Chests section, you can acquire new items and troops by opening Chests. The number and names of the available Chests can vary.

How do I open a Chest?

You can open Chests for Rubies or for a certain number of the relevant Keys.

What kinds of Chests are available?

The number and names of the current Chests can vary. You can always get information about a certain Chest, the items it contains, and the probability of getting those items by tapping on it.

What are Boss Hunts?

Boss Hunts are limited-time events in which players have to repeatedly beat an elemental-themed arena containing one of the bosses from the Campaign. If you’re victorious, you’ll get Hunter Tokens that let you progress through milestones and on the Hunter Token Leaderboards, thus granting you various rewards. Special Hunter Gear can help you get an additional number of Hunter Tokens.

What are the Hunter Chests and Keys?

The Hunter Chests are special Chests that contain high-end items. Hunter Chests can be opened using Hunter Keys, which you can get in Boss Hunts or in the shop.

How can I upgrade my Fortress?

You can upgrade your Fortress by tapping the Upgrade icon in the top right of the Fortress screen and by paying an amount of Gold.

Why should I upgrade my Fortress?

By upgrading your Fortress, you get more slots available per Wave. You can even unlock new Waves and assign more Leaders to generate Gold and/or Rubies.

How can I generate Gold and Rubies with my Fortress?

When assigning a Leader to the Fortress’s Wave, he will generate an amount of Gold or Rubies over time. If the Leader is Tier 5, he will generate both Gold and Rubies. If he is less than or equal to Tier 4, only Gold will be generated.

How do I collect the Gold and Rubies from my Fortress?

Above each Leader, an icon for Gold and an icon for Rubies will be displayed. Tap on the icon and collect the generated currency.

How can I add troops to my Fortress’s defense?

You can add/modify the Fortress’s defense by tapping the Fortress icon in the home screen and by assigning Troops to the Waves.

How do I protect my Fortress?

Add Leaders and Troops to your Fortress’s defense and upgrade them to improve your defenses.

Where can I find Troops and Leaders to add to my Fortress?

You can get them from Chests or from Campaign missions. When finishing the last mission of each chapter, you can win a Leader card of the villain that you defeated.

What are the different types of Troops?

There are various types of Troops. Normal enemies, who use a simple sword, such as Guards, Mercenaries, Champions and others. Agile enemies, such as Cutthroats. Ranged enemies: Huntsmen, Marksmen and Sharpshooters. Heavy minions with a large pool of hit points: Guardians, Berserkers and Templars. Also, there are special enemies such as Gargoyles, Undead and Vampires.

What is a Troop’s maximum Tier?

The maximum Tier of a Troop is the same as the maximum Tier of a normal item: Tier 5.

How can I upgrade my Troops?

The system is identical to the one for upgrading items. You can fuse your Troops by sacrificing others or by using Fusion Boosters.

What are individual Leagues?

The individual Leagues are the main indicator of your progress in the Fortress. Leagues are structured in a ladder format, grouping players into brackets based on their lifetime Trophy scores. At the end of the season, players will get rewards based on the bracket in which they have finished.

How does Fortress matchmaking work?

The matchmaker will run when the player taps the “Attack” icon in their Fortress’s main screen. The player will be matched with an opponent who has an identical or similar Trophy score. If it is impossible to meet the criteria, a random opponent will be chosen.

How can I scout an opponent?

Before attacking, you can check out the Enemy Fortress, Potential Rewards and Potential Loot. You can then cycle through opponents by paying Gold until you find a suitable opponent. If you return to this screen after scouting an opponent, the “Attack” icon will always redirect you to the Fortress of the last opponent you stopped on.

What are the League Chests?

The League Chest is a special Chest that contains high-end items. League Chests cannot be bought using Rubies; users will have to earn League Chest keys by finishing high in the Leagues.

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