Order and Chaos: The Beginner’s Guide – How to play?

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My crafting level is stuck. How do I raise my business points?

In order to increase your business points, you need to learn new recipes that correspond to your current business level (i.e. Legendary recipes if your business level is Legendary). There are also recipes that require a specific number of business points; e.g. at least 520/600 BPs, at least 540/600 BPs, etc. Recipes that require 520/600 BPs will not raise your business level when you reach 540/600 BPs; you will have to buy new recipes for level 540/600. You can find them at the crafting trainer. Please note that there are 2 types of crafting trainers now: those who sell handbooks for Primary to Master levels, and those who sell handbooks for the Legendary level. You can find all of them in Greenmont.

I’ve noticed that every time you reset a dungeon, it will use an Energy Tablet if you have one.

Please note that the “Reset” icon under your exhaustion bar (Char. menu > Team > Dungeon) resets your energy, not your dungeon, and you use an Energy Tablet when tapping this icon. It’s a new game feature — another option for you to reset your energy.

How do I track a quest?

Open the quest menu, touch a quest, and then the quest will be tracked.

How do I select a target?

You can touch the target’s portrait to select it.

How can I loot items?

You can touch the body or portrait of certain targets to loot items.

How do I learn a new skill?

You can purchase skill handbooks from trainers.

How do I use the shortcut bar?

You can open your spell page, select a skill and then drag it to the shortcut bar. Also, you can open your bag page, then select a usable item and drag it to the shortcut bar. Tapping the icons on the shortcut bar will use the item/spell directly. You can set the shortcut bar to show/hide at any time.

How do I discard items?

You can drag an item out of your bag to discard it.

How do I check the name of each place?

You can touch the eye icon to check the place name in the map screen.

What will happen if my character dies in-game?

You can pay to revive where you fell, or revive at the nearest cemetery for free (there’s a fee after level 10).

What is a Route Sign?

You can check Route Signs on the road to find places more easily.

What is a Storage Box?

Use the Storage Box to store your items. Storage Boxes can be found at the center of a camp or village.

What is a Mailbox?

You can use a Mailbox to send and receive messages and items to and from other players, or you can send and receive items bought in the Auction House. The Mailbox can be found at the center of a camp or village.

What is a Bag?

All of the items your character is carrying are in the Bag. You can enlarge your Bag space for a fee.

What is a Pet?

You can get a Pet you like and then summon it. Pets cannot assist you in battles.

What are Elite Monsters?

Elite Monsters are more powerful than normal monsters, and as a result, they drop more valuable items. Assemble a team to tackle this challenge and reap the rewards.

How do I change the chat channel?

You can select a different chat channel in the chat bar. You can set the chat bar to show/hide at any time.

My character is stuck. What can I do?

Use the “Auto-Break Away” option and your character will be teleported to the nearest cemetery. You can find the option in the Help section of the Options Menu.

I made a mistake with my talents. Can I reset them?

Yes. You can buy a Reset Scroll from the NPCs in major cities to reset your talents.

Why has my account been banned?

If you violated the Terms of Service, or if you used foul language or in any way hindered another player’s gaming experience, you may find your account has been banned. An e-mail is always sent to the e-mail address associated with your account explaining the reason and duration of the ban.

What are the main differences between the two dungeons?

The scenery, of course, and the gameplay will be different too. You won’t play those two dungeons the same way.

Will T3 drop in only one of the dungeons, or some parts in one of the dungeons and the rest in the other one?

The most important exchange items of T3 suits drop in both of the dungeons. The T3 weapons drop directly from the two dungeons.

Will the new dungeons have some kind of pre-quest or prerequisite to enter?

No, they don’t require anything in particular.

How does the Dungeon Finder work?

Team leader chooses the Dungeon type and taps Find Group > Tap Start to search > Each team member confirms their role (tank, healer or dps) > Wait > Everyone confirms they’re ready > Go!

Is there a cost to use the Dungeon Finder?

We do our best to make players’ lives easy. Dungeon Finder won’t cost anything.

Can I use Dungeon Finder on lower-level dungeons if those dungeons are in my level bracket?

Of course you can.

Will I be able to queue for the Dungeon Finder in lower-level dungeons if I’ve reached the maximum level?

Every dungeon’s Normal mode has a level limit. You can’t use Dungeon Finder to get into a low-level dungeon.

How many bosses are in the new dungeon?

There are 2 bosses in Metal Ziggurat, but one of them is a random boss. And there are 2 bosses in Abyss of Limitless Gears.

What is the estimated time needed to complete the Metal Ziggurat and the Abyss of Limitless Gears dungeons?

You will need 5 minutes to complete Metal Ziggurat in Normal mode, or 14 minutes in Legend mode. You will need about 10 minutes to complete the Abyss of Limitless Gears in normal mode, or 16 minutes in Legend mode.

What are the minimum and recommended levels for the new dungeons?

You should be at least level 52 for Metal Ziggurat, but we recommend level 62 in Normal mode. You should be at least level 56 for the Abyss of Limitless Gears, though we recommend level 66 in Normal mode.

Any new pets?

Or vanity collectibles?

There’s a new pet: Petit. You can get it from Nick’s. It has an amazing ability, but you’ll see it in game. We don’t want to spoil EVERYTHING.

Are the new dungeons harder or easier than the previous ones?

The new dungeons are easier than the previous ones. These are the first dungeons in a new expansion, so we are resetting the difficulty curve.

I bought an Ancient Slabstone to increase my business points by 100, but it won’t work. What should I do?

An Ancient Slabstone will increase your business points by 100, but cannot exceed your current business level. Example: If your level is 450/500 (Master level), the Ancient Slabstone will only bring you to 500/500; it will not bring you to 550 points (Legendary level). If your level is 500/500 (maximum for Master level), you need to learn a Legendary Handbook first to improve your level to Legendary (your business points will be 500/600). Only then can you use the Slabstone to add 100 business points.

How do I use the talent system?

You can choose different talents for your character from the Spell/Talent page. Characters will gain their first talent point at Level 5. From Level 5 through Level 65, they will get 1 talent point every 2nd level. From Level 66 through Level 70, they will get 1 talent point per level.

How do I teleport to another place?

You can usually find Teleport Masters in towns. You can also buy “Teleport Wings” to teleport to specific places.

What is the maximum character level?

At the moment, the maximum level is level 70.

Does this game require a monthly subscription fee?

No, you don’t have to pay for the time spent playing the game.

Can I equip two unique rings at a time?

No, unfortunately you are only allowed to equip one unique ring at a time.

How many bosses will be in the new dungeon?

There will be 5. If you want to finish faster, you can just beat the final one.

What’s the estimated time needed to complete the new dungeon?

The battle is intense, but won’t take too much time if you are powerful enough.

What is the suggested minimum level for the dungeon?

Level 63 is the recommended minimum level.

Will the new dungeon be easier or harder than the previous ones?

It depends; it can be either easier or harder, based on your gear.

What kinds of items can players expect to find in the Black Market?

The most valuable of items! If you want them, you’ll have to work hard to get enough currency to outbid other players.

How many times per day can I enter the new dungeon?

There is no limit to the number of times you can enter dungeons, but if you reach 100 Exhaustion, you cannot enter a Legend mode dungeon.

At what time are the new Black Market auctions refreshed?

At GMT 0:00. This means Greenwich Mean Time 0:00, or 18:00 Central Time for US & Canada, or 8:00 AM for China.

How does the Event Book work?

Do I get new tasks every day?

Every week?

Each event has a different duration. Short events will be several hours long, while long events will last around 5-7 days.

Do I have to clear the Event Book tasks to get new ones, or do they reset automatically regardless of completion status?

Events will disappear from the Event Book when their time limit expires, whether you have completed them or not. If there is a new event, it will then become available.

Are there any special requirements needed to enter the new dungeon in Legend mode?

There is a special quest chain to complete before you can enter the new dungeon.

Where can I find the new Haste Gems?

You can find level-1 Haste Gems in the Gem Shop in Greenmont, and level-3 Gems in Nick’s Shop.

I won a Weekly Tournament some time ago and I want to purchase new vanity items that were added in the recent update.

Please be advised that these items can only be purchased for one week after the end of the Tournament and only on the same server. The only way to buy the new vanity items is to win the corresponding Weekly Tournament again.

I captured a mount but another player picked it up. Can I get my mount back?

Unfortunately, the Customer Care team can’t send mounts in such cases. Gameloft can’t be held responsible for the actions of players. Further, picking up mounts that were caught by other players is not against our Terms of Use.

What is the Battlefield?

How is it going to work?

The Battlefield is a new PvP mode. Both sides earn points by bringing the flag home.

How many people will be able to play on the battlefield at the same time?




Only 8 players can play on the Battlefield right now. 2 teams of 4 players will battle each other in this new mode.

What rewards are offered in the Battlefield mode?

You will earn Honor Points and improve your Honor Level by playing on the Battlefield. You can buy PvP gear with Honor Points, and reach a higher rank by increasing your Honor Level.

Will there be any Exhaustion in the Battlefield or Arena, like there is in dungeons?

No. These modes will work the same way as the old Arena; you can always play in the Arena or on the Battlefield.

What are Leagues?

Leagues are a new PVP ranking system that will combine your rankings in both the Arena and the Battlefield.

How will the Leagues be categorized?

There will be 5 different ranks: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

Will there be an unrated Arena and Battlefield?

No, but we think you’ll find that the Leagues are lots of fun!

What rewards will be given in Guild events and Guild weekly tournaments?

Members of the Top-10 Guilds will receive a gift box containing frequently-used items. Some members of the Top-2 Guilds will get special pieces of equipment. Champions have the chance to earn a special mount!

Will everyone in the Guild receive the reward, or will newcomers be excluded?

If your Guild ranks high on the leaderboard, you will get a few good rewards. However, the Guild Master will decide who gets the best rewards!

Will there only be one kind of Guild reward, like in the weekly tournaments, or will there be different types of rewards to motivate guilds to win the tournaments multiple times?

So far, there is only one kind of Guild reward. If your Guild cannot maintain a high ranking, then you cannot get the rewards, either.

What is new in the new Guild system?

The new Guild is more powerful than before – as the guild members will benefit from it. For now, guild members can use the guild mailbox when it’s level 2.

What is Guild Vitality and what can it do?

Guild Vitality is an important currency for guilds to use. It will increase when guild members play any content in-game, such as dungeons or the League. Guilds will use it a lot for all functions, such as leveling up.

What can we donate to a Guild?

Why should we do this?

You can donate your Hero Emblems to your guild, and your guild will use them to level up and do other things that you can benefit from.

How many levels can a Guild reach?

What will high-level Guilds bring to players?

Guilds can reach level 2 for now. Only level-2 Guilds can use the mailbox.

What is the difference between the Guild mailbox and the normal mailbox?

The Guild mailbox can be checked anytime you want. You don’t need to find a mailbox on the map. The Guild mailbox can only receive Guild mails, which are written by the Guild Master and Guild Administrator.

Where are the principal Halloween activities being held?

There will be a mysterious island in the Under Realm. The Halloween celebration will be held there.

What is Replica equipment?

Replica equipment is a new kind of equipment. They are similar to some Epic items, but are less powerful than Epic originals. There are 2 types of Replica equipment: Crude (low quality) and Primary (high quality).

Where can I buy these Replicas?

Any weapon you desire can be found at the Aryurumoka’s campsite. You can trade with a man named Epeius and his brethren for these Replicas. If you want a Crude Replica, bring them enough Soul Signets. If you want something as good as a Primary Replica, bring them your Crude Replica and enough Essence of Epoch. If you want something real, maybe they will need even more.

What is transformation?

Transformation is a new technology from outer space. This technology can help you to change your suit appearance but doesn’t change the suit’s attributes.

How can I use transformation?

Go to the transformation shop and talk with the mysterious people to ask them for help. Drag your suit to the slot that you want to transform. It will show the cost for this phase. Tap the price icon… Transformation successful!

What currency does transformation use?

It uses Hero Emblems.

Can I transform the suit of another class?

No, you can only transform a suit which you can equip.

Where can I get gowns?

You can find the shop for them in Greenmont. It is near the gem shop.

What can we do in the gown shop?

You can buy some splendid gowns and wear them. They are really beautiful, and you can use them for transformation.

What is Alteration Cocoon?

Where can I get it?

Alteration Cocoon is a type of coin that you can use to buy gowns. You can find it in the dungeon chests.

Can I retrieve the Epic items used for the “Pet the Pet” quest?

Unfortunately the items used in a quest cannot be retrieved. This quest is indeed a difficult one; however, the prize is worth the effort. We can assure you that once you complete the quest, you’ll get your upgraded weapon back with even better stats. This quest provides you with the best weapon among all existing in-game items, so we’ve made it very hard. If players could complete the quest easily, there would be no point in rewarding them with the best weapons. We recommend that you fight the boss with a big group of other players in order to increase your chances of winning.

What can the Guild Spell system do?

Guild members can learn Guild Spells when the spells are activated, and guild members can benefit from the spells’ effects.

How do you use the Guild Spells?

First, the guild must have reached level 3 to unlock the Guild Spells; then, to use a Guild Spell, the guild must unlock it, upgrade it, and then activate it. After a spell is activated, guild members can learn the spell and be able to use it or benefit from it.

Do the Guild Spells have any limitations?

Yes, an activated Guild Spell will expire in 3 hours. When a spell expires, guild members will not be able to use it. A guild can only activate 2 different spells at the same time. Also, an activated spell cannot be cancelled before its time is over. So guilds should consider carefully before activating a spell.

Where can I find the Guild Spell I have learned?

You can find the Guild Spell you have learned in Spell — Mastery.

What is the Buyback feature?

This is a new feature in which you can buy back items that you sold to merchants.

Where I can use the Buyback feature?

You can find the Buyback Merchants in Greenmont and other cities and towns. They are easy to find.

Where can I find more details about the Buyback feature?

You can find all the information about the Buyback feature by tapping on the “i” icon on the Buyback page.

What’s the Wheel of Fortune?

The rewards pool for the Wheel of Fortune has more uncertainty; you and your friends will see different rewards pools (you can refresh the rewards pool). There are rare mounts, rare pets, and lots of vanity gear offered there!

How many business points do I get for crafting items?

Each time you craft items, you get 1 or 2 business points.

I have bought an item for diplomas, but its stats are much lower than the ones shown by the vendor.

The stats of an item depend on your character’s level. The stats will increase as your character levels up. Once you reach level 40/60/70, the stats of the equipped item will fully correspond to the stats mentioned in the vendor’s shop.

Why does the Amulet of Darkness buff remain after the character is killed?

This buff will disappear only after you have killed the boss.

I’ve healed a player and suddenly got his debuff, but I wasn’t even in a PvP zone!

If you heal someone who has a debuff, you will get this debuff as well. It doesn’t matter if you are both in the PvP zone or not.

My PvP Kills counter is stuck. I have many kills, but the Kills counter stays the same.

Please be advised that only kills in the PvP zone will count. Kills in the Arena, in Duels and on the Battlefield do not count.

Why can’t I queue with my team in the Arena?

It’s a new feature in the game: 2 teams can’t queue with each other more than twice.

Why has the War-free Brand buff disappeared?

Please note that this buff will disappear before its end time (1 hour or 1 month, depending on its price) if you heal or attack someone using this buff.

Why can’t I buy the skill books for my Ranger character?

From now on, skill books are no longer needed. The skills will level up automatically as your character does.

I have completed a dungeon in Legendary mode, but didn’t get my Soul Signet.

Please be advised that only those characters who complete the dungeons for the first time in Legendary mode will get the reward. Players who have already completed the dungeons before the latest update cannot receive it.

How can we create a Flame Knight?

You will need to have a character at level 70 and an empty character slot available before you can create a Flame Knight. In this update, there will be a new 6th character slot available (costs 40 Runes).

What is the Daily Activity?

There will be a list of many repeatable activities every day. Completing these activities will give you Daily Activity points. You will receive a reward if you get 10, 50, or 100 points.

What is the 30-day Daily Bonus?

It is a daily login bonus that now lasts 30 days, with different rewards offered each day. If you log in for 7 days, you will get a Big Lottery Chest; if you log in for 30 days, you will get a Fashion Pack. The prizes for 7 days and 30 days will not change.

You no longer have to log in on consecutive days in order to receive the daily rewards. The rewards will only reset after you have logged in for 30 days.

How can I get a Legendary Weapon?

You must find some treasures in the new Dungeon by chance, complete a series of quests, then defeat the legendary boss. Completion of these tasks gets you the Legendary Weapon.

My honor points are stuck at 58,600. Why is that?

Please note that 58,600 is the maximum amount of honor points for each character and, once you have reached this limit, no more honor points will be added.

I skipped 1 day and didn’t get the Fashion Pack (Daily Bonus for Day 30). Why is that?

In order to receive the Daily Bonus for Day 30, you must log into the game for 30 successive days. The Daily Bonus calendar resets to Day 1 every 30 days. You can see how many days are left until the calendar resets on the Daily Bonus page. If you skip one day, you won’t receive the bonus for Day 30. If you skip two days, you won’t receive the bonuses for Days 29 and 30, etc.

What is the Equipment Grade feature?

The Equipment Grade is a numerical measure of all equippable items in the game. You can now quickly glance at the number to get a comparison of how powerful (or less powerful) it is compared to the one you currently have equipped.

Will there be an app for Apple Watch users?

Yes, and in the app you can access reminders for Events and Tournaments. You may also participate in a daily bonus mini-game called “Let’s Hunt!”.

Will Flame Knights get Legendary Weapons?

How do they get them?

Yes, the new update will include Legendary Weapons that the Flame Knights can use — Flame Knights can obtain the quests first in Sanctuary.

Will Flame Knights have new mounts?

Yes, there will be Skyslicer Griffons exclusively for Flame Knights. The griffon will need to be raised from a baby to a full-grown mount.

I leveled up but forgot to use the newly available Talent Point. Will I be reminded to do so?

If you have unused Talent Points, a small reminder will now appear on your avatar on the screen.

What changes are there to the 30-day Daily Login Bonus?

A Fashion pack will now be obtainable if you log in for 26 days (out of 30). After 30 days, a new random set of rewards will be displayed.

Are there new epic gear Replicas?

There will be new epic gear Replicas available for players to upgrade.

What is the Gem Lottery?

The Gem Lottery is a new lottery system. There are two types of Gem Lottery: 1 gem, and 10 gems at once.

Both lotteries will grant the opportunity to win Level-1 to Level-5 gems. At least one Level-4 or higher gem can be obtained from the 10-gem lottery.

The 1-gem lottery is free every 24 hours.

Who can play the Gem Lottery?

Players who have reached Level 70 can use the Gem Lottery.

What is the Chat channel segmentation?

When tapping the icons on the left of the chat box, players can view the chosen channel directly, and can talk and check info in only the chosen channel.

What is the Combat Statistic System?

The Combat Statistic System is a function that allows players to see and post their combat statistics in PvP.

What kind of Combat Data will it record?

Three kinds of Combat Data will be recorded: Damage Count, Healing Count and Damage Taken.

What else can I do with this feature?

Players may share their stats to different in-game chat channels.

Do the stats reset?

Yes, the stats reset after the player leaves the battle.

What is the “A Safer Place” spell?

The new NPC, Mid Cao, will appear in Haradon. He will teach you a life skill called “A Safer Place.” You can find him in numerous cities around Haradon. When you use the spell, you will teleport to the city in which you last talked to him.

How does the Mailbox/Storage Chest/Merchant summoning work?

Players who are Royal 5 or higher will be able to learn a skill that can summon the Mailbox, Storage Chest and/or Merchant anywhere in Haradon (except in PvP arenas) to quickly access them without having to travel to another city. The skill lasts 10 minutes.

What is the “Rival Guilds” feature?

This new feature allows Guild Leaders to declare war on other Guilds on the same server, and Guild members in warring guilds can fight against each other nearly everywhere in Haradon!

How does the “Rival Guilds” feature work?

Guild leaders can invite other Guilds to become allies or rivals (the invited Guild’s leader will also need to accept or decline the invitation). The world of Haradon will alter for the members of the guilds accordingly.

Allied Guild members cannot attack each other, even in PvP Zones (does not apply in PvP Arenas).

Rival Guild members can attack each other anywhere in Haradon for 7 days, except in Greenmont and Flare Island, subject to the following restrictions:

1. Rival Guild members with a level difference of greater than 10 cannot attack each other in non-PvP zones.

2. In PvP zones, restrictions which prevent players attacking others who are level 69 or lower remain in effect.

What are the new Quest icons?

A new icon will display for side and limited-time quests to better distinguish them from regular and Daily quests.

I tried to pass trials, but the trial door is blocked for re-entering. I tried to drop the quest and start again, but it doesn’t work. How can I pass the trial quest?

In order to open the Trial door, you must use the corresponding Amulet, but if you die and come back later the same day, you won’t be able to enter again. There is an NPC named Yun Tianxin (Trial Master) who sells Amulets for Eastern Golden Ingots, so you can purchase the necessary Amulet from this NPC and try to complete the trial again.

What is the Prophecy Circle dungeon?

It’s a new story dungeon that speaks of a prophecy about a new world (to be released in future updates). The dungeon contains 2 bosses.

How will the Prophecy Circle dungeon be different from other story dungeons?

The difficulty in both Normal and Legend mode has been increased; players need better gear to slay the bosses and reap great rewards.

What is the Golden Collection?

It’s a special event where players can obtain special-edition mechanical pets and mounts in addition to rare mysterious items.

How do we get the new Legacy weapons?

Collect the Turquoise Key and exchange it with Pivot Prince Amir, located near the Prophecy Circle dungeon entrance.

What is the Level-60 Boost Reward?

Players who have at least 1 character at Level 60 or higher will receive a reward (one per account) that allows any other character of the player’s to instantly level up to Level 60.

How do I receive this Level-60 Boost Reward?

Select a character at Level 59 or lower that you would like to receive this reward — you may also create a new character (Flame Knight excepted) and choose that character.

What if I change my mind about which character to boost to Level 60?

The reward is account-bound, so you can send it to another character of the same account. This does not apply if you already consumed the Level-60 Boost Reward.

Why haven’t I gotten a Level-60 Boost Reward?

1) You do not have a Level-60 character yet; 2) ALL of your characters are at Level 60 or higher (you may collect it if you delete a character and re-create a new one, Flame Knight excepted); or 3) You already accepted the reward.

The boss Lu Yunfei is almost invincible. How can I kill him?

Lu Yun Fei’s skill will occasionally cause 1 million damage. There’s a 10-second countdown before he unleashes his skill — during this time, the Zithers will be summoned.

When you defeat the correct Zither, you will receive a 4-second buff, which protects you from the skill that Lu Yun Fei unleashes after the countdown. If you defeat the Zither too early, the buff will expire before the skill is released and your team will be wiped out.

What is the quest correlation system?

It’s a new feature that allows low-level players to know in which location to begin their next set of quests in their travels. It can also be used to send them to the main capital (Greenmont or Sanctuary).

It can be used free of charge with no cooldown time limit.

What is Nick’s Arcade?

It’s a new gambling system in which you have a chance to win Gold, Hero Emblems or Runes.

How does one play Nick’s Arcade?

While the Arcade is open, players can make bets. The 1st, 20th, 50th (and so on) player to place a bet will win the associated prize. The prize will depend on how many Gold/Hero Emblems/Runes have been pooled.

How does one access Nick’s Arcade?

An access icon will be included on the screen, or talk to Nick at the Observer’s Market in Greenmont.

What is the Celestial Stone (sold in Nick’s Shop)?

The Celestial Stone is a quest item. Use it to complete the quest “Good News Comes in Twos,” given by the NPC Qiu Yuelan in the Arcadian Forest, to get the second Legendary Lava Gem. This quest is preceded by the quest “Free Monkey,” given by the NPC Wukong. Please note these quests are not available for Flame Knights.

How do I create armor?

It depends on your class. You have to choose the crafting skill for your class: Garments for Monks and Mages, Leather for Rangers, Foundry for Warriors.

What are Diplomas and how do I get one?

Diplomas are currency items that can be used to buy trinkets, rings, weapons, necklaces, etc. You can get them in the daily quest “Heroes by Trade” or buy them in Nick’s Shop.

What do I do after reaching level 70?

Reaching level 70 reveals new possibilities for enjoying the game. Whether in PvP or PvE, you can upgrade your gear to S2.5 and S3, and in PvP to T3 and T4. For T3 and T4, you should complete level-70 dungeons in legendary mode.

Is there a way to transfer items between characters?

You can use the Mailbox system, where you can attach money and items (up to 5) to your letter. Your characters must be on the same server.

What can players do in the “mini-dungeon”?

There will be 3 random mini-games and 2 hidden Bosses. Players need to help each other.

Who are the new Bosses in this Dungeon?

They are Man-Eating Chest and Golden Goliath.

What’s the new loot for defeating the Boss?

New equipment from Polynia Island and new mounts and pets.

What is the World Boss?

How can I find it?

It’s an ancient creature with a huge body and a bizarre appearance. It hides in the Prism Plateau on Polynia Island.

What is “reroll”?

If you are not satisfied with the boss drop, you can choose to reroll for the chance to get better loot.

What is the story behind the Reptilia’s Trove dungeon?

Reptilia is a treasure-hoarding Daisauros with an obsession for pretty spheres. For years, he’s collected them in his secret treasure trove. But without warning, soldiers from multiple armies marched out towards the Chamber.

Is there anything special to pay attention to in this dungeon?

Remember to pick a faction when you enter this dungeon; you will be surprised.

What will drop in Reptilia’s Trove?

New T6 and Epic equipment, new Gems, and new raw materials can be obtained from Reptilia’s Trove!

How can I collect Flame Crystals?

You can obtain 1 piece of crystal from a Flame Crystal core, 3 pieces of crystal from killing a shadow alchemist, and 10 pieces of crystal from killing a Demonized Discord Hulk.

How can I collect Shadow Crystals?

You can obtain 1 piece of crystal from a Shadow Crystal core, 3 pieces of crystal from killing a flame alchemist, and 10 pieces of crystal from killing a Demonized Discord Hulk.

What’s the Sacrificial Altar?

It’s the fourth region of Polynia Island, full of darkness, with alpine trees and spires. Castles and fortifications of the Discord Daisauros are all in here.

What we can do here?

You can help the Harmonious Daisauros here, and promote the development of the Daisauros’s history.

What’s the story behind the new dungeon, the Distorted Demesne?

The initiator of all this evil has been discovered! Luclir, the high priest of the Discord Daisauros, is the one who first infected his brethren, turning them into Disturbed Daisauros. Now desperate to save his hide, this villain has summoned the Tuzhindkriist… You’ll be surprised when you find out what that is!

Is the Tuzhindkriist the only boss we’ll find in this dungeon?

No, the Discord Daisauros Chief, Yilhdaan, is also controlled by Luclir.

How many bosses are in this dungeon?

There are 3 bosses in this dungeon.

What can the Manaprism Protectors do for players?

1. Protectors can cast an attack or healing spell once their Master (the player) enters combat.

2. When the Protector reaches level 2, it will give its Master a powerful passive spell. (This passive spell’s effect is only active when the Protector has been summoned.)

3. When the Protector reaches level 3, it will offer its Master a “command” spell (called a “Vibration Spell” in-game). You can use this spell to command the Protector to cast a super-powerful spell.

Where can the Protectors be used in the game?

Protectors can be used everywhere in the game, except the Battlefield and the Arena.

Can we use the Protectors when we’re Level 1?

No, the Protectors can only be used once you reach Level 10.

What’s new in the Winter Solstice Festival?

The Winter Solstice Festival has a new castle dungeon. There, you will meet an ice queen and find new weapons and mounts.

What kinds of Winter Solstice pets and mounts can we get?

Some cute penguins and a magnificent frost dragon are available for you during Winter Solstice.

Сan I send an item I don’t need to my other character?

Yes, you can send in-game mail to any character on your server and attach items and gold to it. Please note, however, that if the item is “bound” to your character, you won’t be able to send it.

Where can I buy T5 armor?

T5 armor can’t be bought; you can pick it up in dungeons or craft it. T5 crafting handbooks can be purchased at Obsidian Shore near the Mysterious Area.

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