Iron Blade: How to get free rubies?

Commanders at level 5 or higher will produce Rubies every hour. The higher their level, the faster they will produce them. If you log into the game daily and collect the Daily Reward, you will obtain 155 Rubies over 24 days. Completing the Daily Quests to open the Chest will reward you with 30 Rubies every day. The Free Chest that is available every 6 hours will grant you one Ruby. Join an Alliance and encourage other members to request/donate Materials (you will receive 25 Rubies when reaching a Donation Milestone, based on the items you donated).

Many Achievements offer Rubies as rewards. Check them out! If you didn’t finish the Campaign, keep progressing as you will get Rubies as rewards. (And complete Achievements, too.) The weekly League leaderboard is also a good source of Rubies. At the end of each week (Sunday night), you will receive the following number of Rubies (as well as Gold, League Chest Keys and Boosters) according to your rank:

  • Initiate: 10 Rubies.
  • Apprentice: 20 Rubies.
  • Squire: 30 Rubies.
  • Knight I: 40 Rubies.
  • Knight II: 50 Rubies.
  • Knight III: 60 Rubies.
  • Commander I: 70 Rubies.
  • Commander II: 80 Rubies.
  • Commander III: 90 Rubies.
  • Marshall I: 100 Rubies.
  • Marshall II: 110 Rubies.
  • Marshall III: 120 Rubies.
  • Master I: 130 Rubies.
  • Master II: 140 Rubies.
  • Master III: 150 Rubies.
  • Grandmaster: 200 Rubies.
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