Dragon Mania Legends: Me and Other Players

How can I participate in the Events?

You can participate in the Events by tapping on the Events icon on the left side of your screen, selecting a live Event and tapping on “Participate!”.

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How do I battle against other players?

You need to use the Arena to battle against another players.

How can I delete friends from my Friends list?

As of this update, you can delete friends from your Friends list by tapping on the red dustbin icon next to their names. Make sure that you also delete them from your Facebook or Game Center/Google+ account.

What is the Friend Code and how do I use it?

Every player has a recruitment code that can be used to invite non-playing friends. You may send the invite code through Facebook or email to the desired recipient through the game. Once an invitation is accepted, both you and the invitee will receive gifts for using this code. You can use your code to invite several players; however a new player can only be invited by one existing player. Note that this feature works starting from game version 1.3 and only within one server and platform.
How can I join or create a clan

After you reach level 25, you can enter the Clan Fortress and join or create a new clan!

What can I do in a clan?

You can chat and do quests together with your clan mates. Your clan can also compete against other clans in Clan Events!

How can I chat with my clan mates?

You can access the Clan Chat by tapping on the text bubble icon on the left of your screen. Keep in mind that there is no option to chat with friends or any other players outside of the Clan Chat.

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What is an MVP?

How can I become one

Contribute to Clan Quests and Events and raise your Loyalty Score to become the monthly MVP – Most Valuable Player – to win additional Clan Coins and have the MVP Badge next to your name for a month.

How is the Clan Score determined?

The Clan Score is determined by the number of Loyalty Points the Clan gathers each month from Clan Quests.

When can I enter a Recruitment Code?

To add a Recruitment Code, both you and your friend should be between level 4 and level 15 in the game.

What is the condition for sharing my Recruitment Code with others?

After you pass Level 4, you can share your code with everyone.

How many Friends can I recruit?

As many as you like. However, you will only get rewards for your first 15 friends’ progress.

My friend reached the level milestone and I didn’t get anything. What happened?

The server needs some time to process your reward. Please restart the game to get your prize!

How can I join the Clan event?

If your Clan has a hatched Clan Dragon, just log in and you and your Clan will automatically join the event.

Can I get any help from my Clan to finish a Clan Quest?

No, you have to work alone on the Clan Quests.

The clan leader is absent and I became the MVP (most valuable player) after the last event. Am I the new clan leader now?

No. The MVP does not have the right to disband the clan or manage clan members — only to change the clan dragon.

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How can I change my clan name?

Unfortunately, there is no way to change the name of a clan that has already been created. Once a clan leader creates a new clan, they set its name, which will be active forever. So, please make sure to choose the clan name carefully when creating a new clan.

What will I lose if I change my clan?

When you join a new clan, you will automatically lose the score you’d reached in the previous clan and you will have to earn back your points from scratch. Your Clan Coins, however, will be saved.

I just defeated the Clan Dragon but it came back stronger. Why?

Don’t worry, you are awesome! Each time you defeat the Clan Dragon, you and your clanmates get a reward. Defeat the opponent 5 times to get all rewards.

I’ve donated ingredients to my clanmate but they were not registered. Why is that?

Kindly note that the player to whom you make a donation sometimes cannot receive it. This may happen when other clan members also donate to that player at the same time, leading them to receive all the required materials. In this case, all the donated ingredients will return to your Inventory, so please do not worry and check your Inventory again!

Why can’t I find my friend’s clan in the Search?

Currently this game does not support cross-platform playing, which means that you can play only with friends from your Facebook list who play using the same platform, server and game version as you.

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  1. I have a clan invitation but when I try to accept by pressing JOIN I am taken back to the JOIN CLAN page and click on the clan and it says I’ve already asked to join… I’m going round in circles and have limited time to accept the invitation. Please let me know how I can accept it – Thank You!

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