Dragon Mania Legends: The Beginner’s Guide – How to play?

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How do I visit other players’ islands?

You can visit other player islands via the Friends tab on the right of the screen, or using the Lighthouse.

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How do I send a gift to a friend?

You can send gifts to your friends via the Friends tab on the right of the screen, or through the Lighthouse.

How do I check my current quests?

You can access your quests by tapping on the Quest icon located on the bottom-left of your screen.

How can I get new dragons?

In order to get new dragons, you need to breed them. You can also buy them from the Shop.

How do I level up?

You need to gain XP during gameplay to level up.

How do I gain XP?

You can gain XP by completing quests, winning battles, improving your island and harvesting food.

How do I level up my dragon?

You must feed your dragon to upgrade your dragon’s HP and Attack.

How do I get an achievement?

You need to fulfill an achievement’s specific requirements to unlock it.

How do I use Dragon Fury?

First, you need to perform perfect hits to fill your Dragon Fury bar. After it’s filled, you need to tap on the Dragon Fury icon and perform swipes on the screen. You can also fill up your Dragon Fury by using Gems.

How do I gain new spells for my dragons?

You need to rebuild the Dragon Academy to teach your dragons new spells.

How do I rebuild the Dragon Academy?

You need to rescue Hogwin from the evil vikings! He will help you rebuild the Dragon Academy. You can free him if you win the 5th battle on the Campaign Map.

How do I use the in-game Shop?

Tap on the dragon coin icon to buy dragons and buildings.

What happens with my daily Login Bonus progress if I miss a day?

You can continue your daily Login Bonus progress even if you missed a day.

How do I unlock a new island?

You can unlock new islands by spending Coins at the location of those islands.

How can I unlock Campaign areas that are covered with clouds?

You need to advance further into the Campaign Map. Win battles on the Campaign Map and the clouds will disappear.

How can I send my dragons to hunt for treasure?

You need to unlock the Ruins on your island and explore them with the help of your dragons.

How can I conquer the Mines on the Campaign Map?

You need to defeat the holder of those mines to conquer it. As long as you hold a mine, you will earn Gold.

How do I move buildings?

In order to move a building, just tap on it once, then tap again and hold for a few seconds. When the arrows around the building turn green, you can move it to another location by dragging it with your finger.

I cannot see the energy that I receive from my friends. Why is that?

Please note that the energy you receive from friends is actually credited to you, but you can only see it after you have used up all the portal energy in battles. After that, when you try to attack you will see two options: to purchase an energy refill, or to use the energy that had been gifted to you previously.

I can’t breed the Dragon of the Month/Week.

Please note that Dragons of the Month or Week are usually very rare dragons, which is why they are not easy to get. It is quite possible that you won’t manage to breed them on your first try. You may have to try many times to finally succeed and obtain the desired dragon.

The timer in the Mystic Cave is always at 15 minutes. Why?

The timer in the Mystic Cave will start the countdown only after you have assigned 3 appropriate dragons to explore the cave. When the 15 minutes expire, your dragons will return from the hunt with some treasures. If you don’t have a dragon that fits the cave’s requirements, you can breed one or pay 5 gems to refresh the requirements.

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I didn’t get the dragon as a prize for my seventh-day login. Why?

The dragon can be found in your inventory. Please make sure to check it.

How can I access Heroic Mode?

To access Heroic Mode, you’ll need to finish the 3rd campaign island by defeating the Tesla Boss at battle 68.

How do I get the grand prize in Heroic Mode?

To get the ultimate reward in Heroic Mode, the Steampunk Dragon, you’ll need to win the last battle on the 5th island. There is no other way to obtain the Steampunk Dragon in the game.

There is a huge dragon statue on top of the mountain! Who is that?

That’s Chronos. Chronos is a very powerful entity, but he’s been turned to stone. In order to access its powers, you’ll need to break the spell that binds him.

How do I awaken Chronos?

To awaken Chronos, you’ll need to collect all the Chronosian Seals. These Seals were shattered and their Shards are hidden in the ruins (Mystic Cave, Ghost Ship, etc.) on the islands. Collect 3 Shards to forge a Seal; forge all 6 Seals to awaken Chronos!

How do I get specific items during an event?

When performing a required action (feeding dragons, collecting gold, breeding dragons, etc.) you have a chance to get a corresponding item.

How do I get Scrolls?

You need to complete Campaign battles with 3 stars in order to get Scrolls.

How do I get 3 stars in a battle?

Each of these requirements contributes to getting more stars; try to complete as many as possible: 1. Have Dragons remaining after a win. 2. Defeat opponents with one hit. 3. Land Perfect Hits. 4. Strike with a Strong Attack. 5. Unleash Dragon Fury. 6. Win as fast as you can!

What is the new structure on the Campaign Map that looks like a fish?

Otto’s Clockwork Dungeon just surfaced in Dragolandia to provide new daily challenges and special prizes to trainers brave enough to battle their way through its mysterious rooms! Collect Tokens that can be spent at the Dungeon Shop on exclusive dragons and items. Trainers who reach the end of the dungeon will get a chance to win the Dragon of the Day! Earn all the prizes you can before the dungeon resets each day!

Why do my dragons lose Stamina in the dungeon?

Within the Clockwork Dungeon, dragons have a set amount of Stamina, and each battle they engage in costs them 1 Stamina. When a dragon uses up all of its Stamina, it will no longer be able to participate in dungeon battles that day.

How do I win the Clockwork Dungeon’s Dragon of the Day?

When you successfully battle your way through to the end of the Clockwork Dungeon, you’ll get to pick one of three treasure chests as your prize. The treasure chest you choose could contain the Dragon of the Day! Don’t get discouraged if you don’t win it on your first try, though; you’ll have the opportunity to try for it again each day when the dungeon resets.

How do I buy things in the Dungeon Shop?

Earn Dungeon Tokens for each fight you win in the Clockwork Dungeon. The farther you make it in the dungeon, the more Tokens you’ll earn for each win! You can spend these Tokens in the Dungeon Shop on exclusive dragons and items you can’t find anywhere else.

What are the Leagues in the Arena?

Leagues allow dragon trainers to compete in the Arena for the chance to win prizes. After each League event, the top trainers will be promoted on to a higher League and earn special rewards. Trainers who didn’t perform as well may be sent to a lower league where they’ll have the opportunity to compete against opponents with a similar level of strength.

How do I turn adult dragons back into babies?

Send your adult dragons for a swim in the magical waters at the Fountain of Youth to turn them back into adorable babies!

Can my babified dragons still be used in battle and to search Ruins?

Absolutely! Babified dragons retain their level and all their abilities; only their appearance changes.

How long will a babified dragon remain a baby?

Your babified dragon will remain a baby until you send it back to the Fountain of Youth to turn it into an adult.

What are Friendship Points?

Friendship Points are part of a reward system that gives you special rewards for different types of social interactions. Earn Friendship Points by sending gifts to friends, using Helper Dragons, helping friends open Rusty Gates, and upgrading the Totem of Friendship. Visit the Totem of Friendship to see how many points you’ve earned!

How can I access the Book of Dragons?

Tap on the Dragon Codex icon when you are on your island. The first entry is the Book of Dragons, which is the list of all the dragons you have.

How can I compare my dragons to those of my friends?

Select your friend from your friend list, visit them and tap on the compare icon.

How do Dungeon Token Multipliers work?

It doubles Dungeon Token income for 2 days. VIP players who buy the Token Multiplier will receive that benefit for 3 days instead.

What is Legendary Awakening?

From now on, Legendary Dragons receive 2 additional hidden elements. To awaken hidden elements, select the dragon in the Legendary Habitat.

What requirements are there for my Legendary Dragon to awaken its hidden elements?

Legendary Dragons must have reached Level 20 to unlock the first one, and have reached Level 30 to unlock the second hidden element.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Shadow element?

The Shadow element is strong against Fire, Water and Plant. It is weak against the Legendary element.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Light element?

The Light element is strong against Earth, Wind and Energy. It is weak against the Legendary element.

How do I switch my dragon’s sixth skill?

Once you’ve unlocked your first skill mastery, just go to the Academy to switch between masteries.

Gift amounts vary between my friends. Why?

Starting in this update, we will adjust the amount of gifts based on the receiver’s Player Level.

How can I put buildings in the Inventory?

You can put decorations, habitats and farms in your inventory. To be able to stock them, habitats must be empty and farms shouldn’t produce food.

Can I rename my baby dragon?

Dragons can be renamed in the Dragon Care screen by accessing the info screen and tapping the RENAME icon! The character limit for Dragon names is 6 characters. They are not able to memorize longer nicknames.

What happens after I reach the maximum Player Level?

Your journey does not end there! Get precious random rewards as Max Level Gifts for collecting XP!

What is that clam next to my island?

The Clam has emerged from the sea to bring you Gems daily! You can subscribe to get Daily Treasure.

What is the Forgotten Castle?

The Forgotten Castle, available in Update 11, is a new limited-time event map with 5 levels and lots of excitement. Help find Castle Dragon’s friends, the Rock Snake and Dice Dragons, and earn amazing rewards while exploring!

How can I access the Forgotten Castle?

The Forgotten Castle is available from the Limited-Time Events window and is open to all players above level 12.

How many levels and what rewards does the Forgotten Castle have?

Right now, altogether there are 5 levels, and each level has a very special end-level reward.

What are the rewards from the Forgotten Castle?

The main prizes include the Rock Snake Dragon at level 3 and the Castle Dragon, which is the final end reward at level 5. Also, on your way up the levels, you can discover other magnificent prizes, such as the Dice Dragon.

How can I get the Dice Dragon?

The Dice Dragon can only be earned by collecting Dragon Pieces in each Chest in the Forgotten Castle. All the Chests throughout the Castle give you enough Keys for the Dice Dragon.

What are Chests?

The Chests on each level can either give you a Key, which automatically means that you have completed the Room, or a piece for the Dice Dragon. All the Chests throughout the Castle give you enough parts for the Dice Dragon.

How can I level up in the Forgotten Castle — in other words, how can I enter into a new Room?

You can only access a new level once you have completely cleared a level, or when you receive a Key from a Chest, which automatically means that you have completed the level — but you can still clear out the remaining part of the level.

Where do I see how many Dice I have?

On the event screen, the available timers show how many Dice you can get with each action. When the “Refills in” timer runs out, you can re-start gathering Dice with each action.

How can I get more Enchantment Materials?

Rank high in the Enchantment League! Victories award League chests with random materials; the better your rank, the more materials you get! You can also complete Daily Quests on the Campaign Map for more materials, or open Magic Chests either by watching videos or spending gems.

How can I rank up faster in the Enchantment Leagues?

Dragons with higher levels, stronger skills and Enchantment have the advantage in the Enchanted Arena. Also check out the elemental strengths and weaknesses when you pick your attackers!

What happens with the dragons when they get enchanted?

They get a stat boost for fighting and they can also participate in the Enchantment League as attackers. The higher their Enchantment Level, the stronger they are.

How can I defend my Enchantment League rank against other players?

Put the best of your dragons into the Battle Habitats of the Enchantment Arena. You can set up your Battle Habitats by selecting the “Defenders” option on the main Enchantment screen. Don’t worry; these dragons will remain available for other purposes, such as fights or Gold production. If your defense is strong, you can even climb higher in the Enchantment League just by letting other players get beaten by your impenetrable defense!

The Breeding Den just got upgrade levels! But what is this new currency it requires to upgrade?

It’s called Enchanted Trinkets and can be found alongside Enchanted Materials within Magic Chests and League Chests.

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And what happens when I upgrade my Breeding Den?

It opens up Enchanted Breeding, a new breeding type where you need exact dragon parents at a certain Enchantment Level to have the chance to breed brand-new dragons that are otherwise inaccessible in the game.

I have lots of triangular Enchantment Materials. How can I get different shapes?

Try fusing! You can reach this action from either the Enchantment Altar or the main Enchantment screen. You need some materials and Enchantment Trinkets to fuse.

Why have I received a free card pack opening after the update?

The prizes for daily missions have been upgraded and you’re receiving free card openings for your progress thus far.

How do I perform a Perfect Hit?

In order to perform a Perfect Hit, you have to tap when the arrow points at the green area. Examples: green = Perfect Hit; red = Miss; transparent = Normal Hit.

I can’t buy Crimson Fury anymore. Why is that?

Crimson Fury is no longer available in the game as of the third update.

How do I reset a party and start anew?

In order to disband a clan, you have to tap on the “Disband Clan” icon. Afterwards, you will be able to create a new clan.

I hatched a Clan Dragon Egg and nothing happened. What should I do?

Hatching a Clan Dragon is harder than hatching a regular one. You and your Clanmates have to hatch it over and over until the hatching meter is full.

We just unlocked a new Clan Dragon, but it’s not hatched yet. Can we use its Power?

No, you need to hatch the dragon first.

We hatched the dragon but I still can’t use its Power. What’s wrong?

The Clan Dragon’s Power costs you a certain amount of Clan Coins. If you don’t have enough Coins, you cannot use the Power.

How can I change the Clan Dragon or its Power?

Only the Clan leader is able to change the Clan Dragon for a new one. If you want to use a different Power, ask the Clan leader.

We won the Clan event but we got nothing. Why?

You have to accumulate a certain amount of Clan event score before the Clan event is over. If your Clan is below that score, you may have won the event, but still lost the Clan Dragon Pieces reward.

I’m in a Clan but I don’t see any Clan events. What’s going on?

Freshly made Clans have to hatch a Clan Dragon to participate in a Clan event.

I hatched many Clan Dragons. What happens when I leave my Clan?

Clan Dragons are owned by the Clan. If you leave, you will lose your progress in your old Clan.

I don’t get any Clan Coins from the Clan Quests. What happened?

You have reached the daily limit of Clan Coins.

I have collected enough ingredients and finished crafting the recipe. Now what?

Drag the food to give it to your Clan Dragon.

I don’t have any recipes left. What’s going on?

The number of recipes is limited in an event. You can still donate ingredients after you have reached the limit.

How can I request ingredients from my Clanmates?

Tap on the icon of the ingredients in the recipe.

How can I donate ingredients to my Clanmates?

Check the chat for request notifications and tap on the donate icon.

I cannot donate anymore. What happened?

You have reached the daily donation limit. Wait a couple of hours.

What’s the difference between the “normal” and Clan Dragon card packs?

The Clan Dragon packs contain only Clan Dragon Pieces.

How many Clan Dragons can be unlocked?

8. The first one is free for all Clans and the other 7 can be collected as a Clan Event reward. You have to reach League 4 and 5 to get the last 2 Clan Dragons.

Is the effect of the Clan Dragon’s Power permanent?

No. Some Clan Dragon Powers last for hours; some others give an immediate one-time reward.

Do I need an earth-based Dragon to use the Clan Dragon’s Mega Shield Power?

No, the Power is unique to the Clan Dragon and different from the earth-based Dragons’ Stone Shield skill.

What does the Titan’s Touch Power do?

It gives extra damage for your dragons’ first attack.

How does the matchmaking work?

The game randomly chooses opponents from your current League level.

How is the MVP determined?

The MVP is based entirely on the Clan event score earned by the player.

Is it possible to change an inactive Clan Leader?

Please note that changing the Clan Leader is technically impossible. Alternatively, you can create your own clan and you will then be the Clan Leader. You can always set a new Clan Leader if you ever wish to.

Why am I unable to buy habitats anymore?

If you receive a notification message saying that the maximum habitat cap was reached, it means that you have already built all the habitats available for your current level. So to continue building new habitats, you have to increase your current in-game level. Please note that the quantity of habitats available to you usually corresponds to your current level in the game -1 (i.e. at level 30, you can have up to 29 habitats). Exceptionally, starting from Level 62 onward, the number of habitats available will directly correspond to your in-game level.

I’ve played a lot, but my Cauldron still makes only a few weak Potions. What should I do?

Always put the strongest dragons in the defender position. Stronger defender dragons make more potions with greater quality.

I won a magic potion after a fight. What happened?

You can find a special chest every so often. Keep playing and you can get extra rewards from the fight.

Some potions have the word “INSTANTLY” in their description and their corners are rounded instead of clipped. What does this mean?

These are instant potions. You can use multiple instant potions and their effects trigger immediately. The other potions only activate when the fight starts and affect only that fort.

I did not get any shards after an exploration. Why?

Not all explorations are successful. Sometimes, your dragons miss the shard in the ruin, but they always come back with some goodies.

Can I use more than one of a instant potion on a fort?

Yes, you can use multiple instant potions on one fort.

I used a non-instant potion on a fort and I want to change it. Can I use more than one assigned potion on a fort?

No. If you used a non-instant potion on a fort, you cannot change it or use another assigned potion. You can still use multiple instant potions on the fort, though.

Can I fight in the Enchantment League without keys?

Yes. However, you cannot open the chests without keys.

Can I open a chest later?

No. All unopened chests are lost.

What are the benefits of the new Gifting system?

The new Gifting system will allow you to send your friends some surprise gifts: Gold, Portal Gems, Food, and pieces for the Enchantress Dragon. Please note that the system for claiming daily gifts is now limited to 100 gifts (from now on you can only claim 100 gifts in a 24-hour period), and you can obtain a maximum of 200 Portal Gems as gifts from friends. Gift storage is still unlimited.

How can I increase the chance of a successful exploration?

Send recommended dragons with a higher level into the ruins. Each level over the level requirement, in addition to using the recommended dragon types, dramatically increases the chance of a successful exploration.

What’s the point of collecting multiple shards?

You can use the power of Chronos multiple times and the minions look super-cool. 🙂

What is the Golden Portal for?

Please note that the Golden Portal was only created for an in-game visual effect.

The game tells me to do a side quest in the campaign map. Where can I find it?

On the Campaign Map, side quests are the repeatable quests that branch off of the main path. Please keep in mind that they can only be reached after passing the main quest.

I spent 600 Gems on breeding the Mystic dragon but didn’t get it. Why?

When you get to a certain VIP level, you have the possibility to get a new VIP dragon. But please keep in mind that it’s a lottery feature and sometimes you have to try several times to finally succeed and obtain the desired dragon.

How do I move a dragon to another habitat?

Choose the dragon you want to move, tap on it in the screen that appears, tap the “i” icon, tap “Move” and then choose the habitat you want your dragon to move to.

What’s the Dragon Codex?

The Dragon Codex is an in-game feature that gives up-to-date information on Dragons. After being unlocked, the Codex can be found and accessed by tapping the Dragon Codex in the upper-right corner of the screen when viewing the Archipelago.

Can I sell my habitats?

You cannot sell habitats; they can only be moved to the Inventory.

I purchased several VIP Dragons. How much gold and bonuses will I get?

In DML there are 2 different types of bonuses: Boss Bonuses and VIP Bonuses. Within the game, the Boss Bonus can be seen directly in the Dragon overview screen; the VIP Bonus can be seen when you collect Gold from a habitat (the purple-colored value).

If I refresh a recipe to get a different one, will I lose the ingredients I already collected for that recipe?

If you refresh, you won’t lose any of the ingredients; they are only used up if you start cooking the recipe.

What are the special abilities of Divine Dragons?

Divine Dragons are similar to Legendary Dragons: They have no weaknesses and they are strong against Fire, Earth, Light and Shadow. These dragons are able to increase the health and attack abilities of their allied dragons in battle.

Why does the game says “Miss” when I land a hit on the Viking dolls?

Please note that while attacking the Viking dolls, you need to avoid hitting randomly lobbed maidens, because any maiden that is hit will be counted as a “Miss.”

How do I sell a dragon I don’t need?

To sell a dragon, just tap on the dragon you want to sell –> tap the “I” icon –> choose the “Sell” option.

What makes the Divine Chest special?

Unlike the Card Packs or other Chests, the Divine Chest is finite. Each time when you open one, the cards you pull out disappear from the pool. You can empty the Chest if you want.

How can I participate in the Community Event?

You automatically participate in the event. Just start hatching hybrid dragons and your contributions go toward the global counter. Help the community to reach all the milestones and reveal the secret.

How can I get an extra Divine Dragon from the same Divine Chest?

You can reset the chest after you successfully get all the parts of the Divine Dragon. If you reset the Divine Chest, all items return to the pool, not just the Divine Dragon. If you empty the chest completely, the chest resets itself automatically.

What is the difference between the Boss challenge and the Divine Event?

In the Boss challenge, there are only fights and no trinkets. Beat all the dragons for the final reward.

What is the difference between the Legendary and Divine habitats?

Divine Habitats are able hold all kinds of dragons, including the new Divine Dragons.

What is the difference between the Divine Chest and the Super Divine Chest?

The Super Divine Chest contains all dragons from the previous Divine Chests.

I can’t find a Divine Temple in the Shop. How can I level up my Divine Dragons?

The Divine element does not require a Temple. However, other dragon elements still require a temple, as usual.

Does doubling the speed make the fights harder?

No, only the speed of the animation is changed.

How can I turn Double-Speed off?

Just tap on the Double-Speed icon again and the speed goes back to normal.

I purchased an egg but nothing happened and the Gems are gone. Where did the Egg go?

You probably ran out of free slots in the Hatchery. In that case, the egg is transferred to your Inventory.

How do I obtain Card Packs, Enchantment Chests and Cauldrons?

You can buy these with tickets. Tickets in turn can be purchased with Gems: 1 ticket = 25 Gems, and 10 tickets = 225 Gems. To buy tickets, you can go to the Card Packs section as well as the Enchantment Chests and Cauldrons menu.

How can I open Divine Chests?

Divine Chests can be opened with Divine Tickets. You can purchase Divine Tickets or get some from various events or the Boss Challenge.

What is the Boss Challenge?

The Boss Challenge is an endless series of fights with Boss Dragons. Besting these Bosses rewards you with Divine Tickets. When you finish the circle enough times, you’ll be rewarded with a free dragon!

I cannot use my favorite dragon in the Boss Challenge. Why?

When you beat a Boss, the game randomly excludes two elements from the fight until only 3 elements can be used: two randomly selected elements and the Divine element.

Can I re-roll the element restrictions in the Boss Challenge?

You can re-roll the restricted elements any time if there is no timer on the fight. When you do that, you get a new timer on the next fight.

The restricted elements changed but I did nothing. What happened?

When you can use only three elements, each time you defeat a Boss, your element restrictions are randomized again.

What happens when I finish a lap?

You get one step closer to the free dragon. Once you’ve already won that, you get extra Divine Tickets when you finish a lap.

How do I obtain the daily Calendar reward?

Daily Calendar rewards are available once every day at 15:00 GMT. The pop-up with the reward will be displayed the first time you log in after that time!

I’ve collected a dragon for the Limited-Time Collection event but the portrait of the dragon is still grey. What should I do?

You have to hatch and place the dragon in a habitat first. Putting a dragon in your inventory is not enough.

What are Daily Tasks?

Daily Tasks are short tasks you can complete to earn rewards. Finish all the tasks each day for exclusive puzzle pieces. Collect all the puzzle pieces to get a special dragon as your prize!

What happens when the Extra Den expires before the breeding is finished?

Nothing. When the breeding is over, you get the egg and the dragons move back to their habitats.

Is there any additional advantage to the Extra Breeding Den?

No. The two Breeding Dens are identical.

How do I become a mentor?

You can become a mentor starting from Level 70. In order to activate the mentorship, please tap on the Get a Mentor section to get a new apprentice.

I won an enchantment battle, but I received a chest from a lower league. Why?

Note that your reward is based on your opponent’s league. If you defeat an opponent from a lower league, you receive the reward from that lower league. In order to get better rewards, you need to defeat opponents from a higher league.

Where can I find the Whale-Mart?

The Whale-Mart is only visible during the weekend. You will get a welcome screen when the Whale-Mart is active. It will be unlocked at Level 5.

I cannot enter the new Elite League. Am I doing something wrong?

You must have at least three level-80 dragons to enter the new Elite League. It’s for the best players. If you reach that League, you cannot be demoted to lower leagues.

How can I win dragons in the Arena?

Some dragons can be won by simply getting promoted to the next league. Some others are only available in the special Arena Card Packs. You can win these packs by simply accumulating points from winning fights.

I see that every league has its own Card Pack dragons. What happens when I’m promoted to the next League without getting them? Do I lose them?

No. The game adds a new dragon to the Card Pack and you can win more dragons.

Why do some dragons have a sell icon in the inventory?

You can only sell duplicate dragons from the inventory.

Why can’t I use the Rent-a-Dragon on the new island?

The new island is for the toughest players. You have to face the horrors there alone.

I see a number next to the dragon each time I hatch a new one. What does that mean?

This number is the Dragon Collector Points you get after claiming the dragon. Players with the most Dragon Collector Points are the best Dragon Trainers and win all of the valuable rewards from the Dragon Collector Leaderboard.

How can I increase my Dragon Collector Points?

Get as many dragons as you can, and enchant and level them up. If you have duplicates, only the strongest one counts.

I won a dragon, but it is not in my inventory. Where is it?

You probably won a Breeding Token. With it, you can breed a specific type of dragon until the Token expires. You can find the active Breeding Tokens in the breeding tips (lower-left corner on the main screen).

Why can’t I upgrade my habitat higher than level 6?

You need Enchantment Materials and Enchantment Trinkets to upgrade several habitats to higher than level 6. Some habitats (Festive, Legendary, Divine, and Boss) cannot be upgraded over their original maximums.

How many different Enchantment Materials can I get after Ascending a dragon?

You got only one type of Enchanted Material, determined randomly based on the elements of the Ascended dragon. However, some special dragons give you all of the materials after it Ascends.

Why can’t I Ascend my dragon?

You can only Ascend duplicates.

How do I skip the current quests?

You can access the Quest menu and tap the Skip icon on the left side of each quest. It’ll require the use of Gems.

How do I enchant a dragon? What’s the difference between Enchantment Materials of different colors and shapes?

Each material has an element (Fire, Water, Earth, etc.) indicated by the material’s color, and a rarity indicated by the shape of the material. To Enchant a dragon, you need materials with the same elements of the dragon, and various qualities depending on how high the dragon’s Enchantment Level is. The higher the dragon’s Enchantment Level, the more precious materials you will need.

Why am I stuck at level 85?

For now, level 85 is the highest level you can reach in the game.

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