Dragon Mania Legends: In-Game Credits

How do I unlock new dragons and buildings in the Shop

You need to gain XP during gameplay to unlock dragons.

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How do I remove rocks and trees from my island

You can remove obstacles by using Gold.

How do I skip the waiting times for building, breeding or hatching

You can spend Gems to skip waiting time. You can also reduce waiting time by getting one of the VIP statuses.

How do I get a VIP status

You can get one of the VIP statuses by purchasing a VIP ticket via the VIP icon located on the top-left. You can also become a VIP member by purchasing Gems.

How do I get more Gems

You can purchase Gems by tapping the Gem icon in the top menu bar. You can also get Gems by completing missions, participating in Events or through Otto’s Lotto.

How do I get more Gold and Food

You can purchase more Gold and Food by using Gems. You can also obtain them through missions, quests, and Events.

How can I access the VIP features

To access VIP features, you need to have an active VIP ticket. You can buy VIP tickets for different durations.

What is a VIP level

How do I increase it

VIP is a special in-game status that gives players extra exclusive benefits. Each time you buy Gems, it adds to your VIP score. Increasing your VIP score will increase your current VIP level.

How does the Gold Vault work

If you reach the required VIP level you can build the Gold Vault, which can collect all the gold that your habitats store with a single tap. After it has collected all the gold, it goes into a cooldown period. Raise your VIP level to decrease the cooldown!

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How can I get dragons that require a specific VIP level

If you reach the required VIP level, you can buy them from the shop or acquire them through regular breeding.

My VIP ticket expired. Does my VIP level progress reset

No. The progress you made by purchasing Gems is permanent, no matter if you have an active VIP ticket or not. However, you need an active VIP ticket to enjoy the benefits that you unlocked.

What’s going on with the Balloon

Try your luck by playing Otto’s Lotto for improved rewards! You get one spin for watching a video.

The Portal Gems I just got as a gift were converted to Gold! What happened

You already have at least 500 Portal Gems in your inventory. When you get Portal Gems above 500 they are automatically converted to Gold.

I managed to collect more than 500 Portal Gems in my inventory. Can I keep them

You can keep them for a while, but please note that all of your Portal Gems that are above the limit will be converted to Gold with the next Update. Be sure to spend them in time!

I have obtained Clan Coins. What are they used for

You can use your Clan Coins to open new Card Packs.

What happens when I open a Card Pack

By opening Card Packs you can win Dragon Pieces. You can find the requirements, how many pieces you need to complete a dragon, in the Dragon Pieces tab of the Card Packs.

Can I open Card Packs only by using Clan Coins, or is there any other way

You can win Card Packs in Clan Events, if you lead your clan to the top of the leaderboard! You can also open Card Packs by using Gems.

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How can I get more keys

VIP players get one additional key.

How can I refill my key counter

You get free keys regularly. You can also buy keys or watch a video for a free key.

How does Auto-Battle work

If you reach the proper VIP level to unlock Auto-Battle, you can instantly win fights on the campaign map levels where you achieved a 3-star rating earlier.

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