Sky Race is a competitive Co-op vs Co-op feature where you earn Race Points by completing Tasks. Earning Points advance Co-op’s Balloon in the Race rewarding members with Chests and allows Co-op to climb in the Race Leaderboard and Leagues.Continue Reading

The Market Stand, which unlocks at level 5, is where you can sell your goods to earn Coins. Tap on the stand to start selling goods. Tap on any empty slot to create a sale. Select the item you want to sell, then tap the ‘Put for Sale’ button. YouContinue Reading

When your baby animal has grown up, its parents turn into elder animals which you can choose to sell or keep as a Pet. Where can I place my Pets on the farm? You may opt to build a dedicated home to your Pet depending on their animal category. PetContinue Reading

A neighbor can send you gifts and help you with your farm. A neighbor can also visit and view your farm. The option to add neighbors is available from level 5. The Friend icon will appear on the left side of the game screen. You have the option to connectContinue Reading