Visit a Production Building in which you can cook or craft. In this example, you can see the Bakery which you can unlock at level 6. Tap the pastry you’d like to bake and you’ll see the following: Ingredients Baking time Inventory stock Collected Farmhand stickers Mastery level of theContinue Reading

The Barn allows you to store the items you’ve collected. Tap the Barn on your farm if you wish to upgrade it for additional storage, or tap the Barn icon on the right side of the screen to check your Inventory. The Barn Storage is organized by the following tabs:Continue Reading

Happiness can be obtained by clearing Rubble and building more Decorations on your Farm. You can unlock different Happiness Milestone Rewards with the Happiness Points that you have collected. Tap on the Daisy icon in the upper left corner to view the Happiness meter and the Happiness Milestones.Continue Reading

You need 2 animals of the same breed living in the same Animal Home to produce baby animals and unlock new breeds. When an animal is ready to breed, a Heart icon will appear on top of the animal. Tap the Heart icon and a Stork will deliver a babyContinue Reading

Unlocking Expansions gives you more farmland to build and gather resources. Each expansion needs a certain level to be unlocked. Tap on an expansion that is surrounded by a white dotted border to view the level requirement. Once you reach the required level to unlock a particular expansion, a lockContinue Reading

The Order Board shows the available orders you can fulfill to earn Coins and Paw Points. To view your orders, tap the Delivery truck or the Order Board on your Farm. Each order will reward you with a different number of Coins and Paw Points. A check mark on anContinue Reading