FarmVille 3: How do Farmhand actions and supplies work?

Farmhands need supplies to be able to complete tasks. Ask help from your diligent Farmhands by tapping on the item you want them to work on. Once you do, the Farmhands available to help will appear.

Tap on a Farmhand to see the supplies needed. You can get supplies from rewards, from the Merchant, or buy them with Gems.

You’ll also be able to see the amount of time needed for the task and the rewards you can get once the task is complete.

A green pie meter will indicate that your Farmhand is at work. Tap it for additional information or to speed it up.

When the task is done, you can claim the rewards. Tap the icon and the items will go straight to your inventory.

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  1. What are the hand sifters and rakes used for?

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