Is there a trading system in the game? Yes, there is a merchant and a shaman you can trade resources with to get rarer items. Where do I find the shaman, and how can I start carrying out his orders? The shaman lives in the right-hand part of Home Island.Continue Reading

Why is the island not available? Islands open up when you reach certain levels, and become unavailable when you complete all tasks there. Usually several days are given after you complete all of the tasks, before an island closes, and you see the countdown. Progress in the game, reach newContinue Reading

How can I make paint? Blue paint becomes available at level 28, you can make it in the mixer, from lapis ore and resin. Ochre becomes available at level 23. You make it in the mill, with copper ore and clay bowls. How can I make a needle? Needles areContinue Reading

How to get the energy? How do I cook food? How do I feed the family? Why do I get the message “Everyone’s full” when I try to feed the family? Why can’t I fell large trees or crack rocks? How to get the energy? Energy is restored with timeContinue Reading

What does clay look like, and where can I find it? Where do I find salt in the game? Where can I get seashells? How do I get gold keys? How do I get premium items (shovels, saws, pickaxes)? I don’t have enough torches, what can I do? Where canContinue Reading