Family Island: How to produce goods?

How can I make paint?

Blue paint becomes available at level 28, you can make it in the mixer, from lapis ore and resin. Ochre becomes available at level 23. You make it in the mill, with copper ore and clay bowls.

How can I make a needle?

Needles are made in the carpentry workshop, from claws, scrappers, and strings. You can start making them from level 14.

How can I make a palette?

The palette is made in the carpentry workshop, from ochre and blue paint. It becomes available from level 31.

How do I make butter?

Butter is produced in the mixer, starting from level 21. You need milk and salt for it.

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  1. Please help. I cannot grow wheat!

  2. Me too, where do i get wheat ?
    It just shows sa plotting soil

  3. Same here. This game is getting stuck this way. Need to make wheat but how?

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