Family Island: Shaman and Trader

Is there a trading system in the game?

Yes, there is a merchant and a shaman you can trade resources with to get rarer items.

Where do I find the shaman, and how can I start carrying out his orders?

The shaman lives in the right-hand part of Home Island. Tap the altar to see his orders. Bear in mind that the shaman isn’t available in the game right away. You need to get to build the bridge to the right-hand part of the home island first. You give goods to shaman, and when the set of 5 goods is given to him, he gives you valuable rewards for it. You can also refresh shaman’s orders to see a different set of goods that he can need.

What does the merchant require and provide in return?

The merchant comes in a boat, and asks for a set of goods. The more goods you give to the merchant, the higher is the reward. TIP: you can skip one kind of goods, and still get the maximum rewards.

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  1. Why i can’t get merchant valuable items after i fill all the orders ?

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