Guide to Troop Capacity and March Queue in Rise of Kingdoms

Increasing troop capacity and march queue are two crucial aspects to master in Rise of Kingdoms, regardless of whether you are a novice or a seasoned player. By doing so, you can amass more resources, become more powerful in combat, and vanquish barbarians more quickly. Essentially, enhancing your troop capacity and march queue will expedite all of your daily activities in Rise of Kingdoms.

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March Queue

In Rise of Kingdoms, the march queue or troop dispatch is the maximum number of troops that you can simultaneously deploy. It is a crucial feature that enables you to gather resources efficiently, participate in more battles, defend objectives, and perform other essential tasks. Initially, you will only have access to one march queue, but as you progress through the game, you can unlock up to five march queues.

To unlock the march queues, you need to upgrade your City Hall. Therefore, it is vital to prioritize upgrading your City Hall as it significantly impacts your growth rate. The levels of City Hall that correspond to each unlocked march queue slot are:

  • City Hall Level 5: 2nd march queue slot unlocked
  • City Hall Level 11: 3rd march queue slot unlocked
  • City Hall Level 17: 4th march queue slot unlocked
  • City Hall Level 22: 5th march queue slot unlocked

Troop Capacity

Troop Capacity in Rise of Kingdoms refers to the maximum number of soldiers that a commander can lead. While it may not be significant for beginners, it plays a vital role in the endgame, where battles become more intense and require a larger army. Thus, knowing how to increase your troop capacity is crucial for successful fighting, rallying, and defending objectives.

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There are several ways to increase your troop capacity in Rise of Kingdoms, such as upgrading your City Hall, using capacity-boosting items, leveling up commanders, and utilizing their skills.

Upgrading your City Hall is one of the most effective ways to increase your troop capacity. As you upgrade your City Hall, your troop capacity will increase, enabling you to lead more soldiers into battle.

Commander levels also play a crucial role in increasing troop capacity. Each time you level up your commander, their troop capacity will increase, allowing you to command a larger army.

Furthermore, some commanders have unique abilities that increase march capacity. Mehmed, Caesar, Frederick, Ragnar, Scipio, Queen Tamar, Barca, and Osman are among the commanders who possess these skills. Remember that the skills of your secondary commander also impact your troop capacity, so choose your commanders carefully.

Another way to increase your Troop Capacity in Rise of Kingdoms is by using capacity-boosting items. There are two types of items available – one increases troop capacity by 25%, while the other boosts it by 50%. You can obtain the 25% Troop Capacity items during the MGE events that occur every other week. Meanwhile, the 50% Troop Capacity items are rare event rewards, but you can purchase them at a discounted price in the Courier Station.

Your VIP level also affects your Troop Capacity buff. However, reaching the VIP level that grants you Troop Capacity can be challenging. Your priority should be to reach VIP level 14 as soon as possible to receive a 5% bonus capacity and three legendary commander sculptures per day.

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Additionally, you can increase your march capacity further during the KVK event in Rise of Kingdoms through Crystal technology. However, this requires spending money, so be mindful of your budget.

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