Barbarian Forts and Barbarians in Rise of Kingdoms

Barbarian Forts and Barbarians are neutral units in Rise of Kingdoms that can provide you with valuable rewards if you defeat them. To defeat these units, you need to use action points, and they will never initiate an attack on your kingdom.

The rewards you receive for defeating Barbarian Forts and Barbarians increase as you face higher-level units. So, it is worthwhile to take on more challenging foes for better rewards.


Barbarian Forts and Barbarians are neutral units in Rise of Kingdoms that can give you great rewards if you defeat them. To attack them, you will need action points, and they will never attack your kingdoms.

Barbarians 1-12 can be found near your city, but higher-level barbarians will be scattered all over the kingdoms. You can use the search function to find them, but there is a limit to its range. If you can’t find higher level barbarians with the search function, try zooming out from the map and searching for them manually.

Every barbarian you defeat will give you random rewards such as speedups, gems, resources, experience, and arrows of resistance. On the Kingdom vs Kingdoms map, higher-level barbarians will give you even better rewards.

To attack barbarians, you will need action points. If you have trouble with action points, check out our guide on how to optimize and get more action points. Every attack on a barbarian without returning the commander to the city will reduce your action points by 2, and the maximum cost is 10 action points. However, you can reduce the cost of attacking barbarians further by using peacekeeping commanders. You can also get additional action points for destroying barbarians by using ROK Gift Codes.

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Now let’s talk about the best commanders for destroying barbarians. If you’re a new player, use the strongest commander you have. We have a ROK tier list with the best commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. However, if you’re an advanced player, you should use peacekeeping commanders to reduce your action point costs drastically. This will allow you to defeat more barbarians and receive more rewards.

There are many peacekeeping commanders that you can use, such as Aethelflaed, Minamoto, Belisarius, Keira, Markswoman, Cao Cao, Boudica, and Lohar. Our advice is to use Belisarius, Keira, Markswomen, Cao Cao, or Boudica because most players don’t have Minamoto, and you don’t want to use peacekeeping talent on him. The same goes for Aethelflaed. You can build Cao Cao as a peacekeeping commander because you will use him as a secondary commander in most PVP situations.

Chain Farm Barbarians

Did you know that you can chain farm barbarians in Rise of Kingdoms? By using a commander with AOE (area of effect) damage and a group of barbarians, you can destroy more than 5 of them at the same time for the cost of only one barbarian.

The best commander for chain farming barbarians is Yi Seong Gye because he has circular nuke damage, so you do not need to worry too much about commander positioning. However, commanders like Sun Tzu, Keira, and Baibars can also be used, although it may be harder to do so since they do not have circular damage.

This strategy is especially effective during KVK, as there will be a lot of barbarians that are close to each other, and the rewards are better. Give it a try and see how many barbarians you can defeat at once!

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Barbarian Forts in Rise Of Kingdoms

Barbarian forts can be challenging to tackle, especially for new players or inactive alliances. If you’re new to the game and lack advanced technology and powerful commanders, you may struggle to defeat forts of levels 4 and 5. In this case, it’s best to coordinate with other players in your alliance and ask them to start a rally on the barbarian fort during active times. More experienced players will have better technology and stronger commanders, making it easier to defeat higher-level forts.

Several commanders are excellent choices for attacking barbarian forts, including Boudica, Aethelflaed, Cao Cao, Minamoto, and Belisarius. They all possess nuke damage, peacekeeping talents, and damage boosts against barbarians. We’ve compiled a list of the best Rise of Kingdoms commander pairs for barbarian forts, which can help you significantly.

Barbarians vs Barbarian Forts

The topic of who will give you the most value for the action point spent is subjective and depends on your requirements. For example, if you need books of covenant to upgrade your castle, then you should focus on doing forts. On the other hand, if you are looking for arrows of resistance, then barbarians are a better option.

When I was working towards getting tier 5 units, I found that focusing on barbarian forts worked best for me. This was because I needed books of covenant to upgrade my castle and a lot of experience to upgrade my commanders.

During the Lohar trial event, I would focus on destroying barbarians because you can get an insane amount of arrows of resistance and gems. When the event ended, I would go back to farming barbarians.

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In KVK, I would solely farm barbarians because they provide a large amount of gems that can be used to purchase books of covenant.

After I reached level 25 on my castle, I switched to farming only barbarians because I no longer needed books of covenant and barbarians gave me more speedups and gems.

My recommendation is that you focus on forts until you have reached the maximum level for your castle.

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