27 Ways to Acquire Golden Heads in Rise of Kingdoms

Today I want to show you all the ways you can acquire Golden Heads in the game. I have found 27 ways to acquire Golden Heads and to be honest, I was pretty speechless when I was writing them all down one by one. I could have made many more lists as well because, for example, one is Osiris League, there is the shops, then there is Osiris Invitational, and then there is Osiris Grand Final. If I really wanted to split all those and various other points, there are just too many ways to be honest, and they are still introducing more and more ways into the future.

Honestly, I really like it. I like that they are constantly introducing new ways to acquire Golden Heads. I want to put all of them here for all the ways that you can acquire Golden Heads. I am pretty sure that I will probably miss one or two of them, and if I do, make sure you check the video description or comments as I will make sure to pin a comment if I do miss one or two.

FYI, this is about Golden Heads, so this is about the universal Golden Heads that you can use on commanders that you desire. Also, I have to mention that all these 27 points that I am going to talk about and say in this video are repeating events that you can repeat, whether it’s KVK achievements, shops that will give you Golden Heads, or other events that will reward you with Golden Heads.

VIP Daily Login

One way to acquire goal heads is through the VIP daily login. Once you reach VIP 14, you can obtain three sculptures per day. Believe it or not, this is the best source of acquiring goal heads in the game. I always advise players to push for as high of a VIP level as possible. However, some players don’t agree with my recommendation, as some believe that pushing to VIP 15 is enough. There are different opinions regarding this matter, and I have made a video about it, which I will link in the description.

Each VIP level offers permanent bonuses, such as training speed ups, increased damage, production resource bonuses, increased action points recovery and limit, and faster healing speed. These bonuses are amazing, and I believe you should always push for the VIP. Moving on to the second point…

Silk Road

This event typically appears on the calendar once a month, and by escorting the caravan and accumulating 50,000 points, players can earn two sculptures each time, for a total of six sculptures. Additionally, the event offers 600 gems and a number of speed-ups, making it a valuable source of rewards. If I come across a picture of the Silk Road, I’ll make sure to display it on the screen. I personally enjoy this event and hope it will return more frequently in the future as it provides another means of acquiring gold heads.

Karuak Ceremony

Moving on to number three, we have the Carrack event, which is an old event in the game. Most players are familiar with it. If you complete the event on Hell mode, you can get 12 sculptures, and once the event is over, you can get one sculpture for completing level 50 on Hell mode. There are also chances to get a maximum of nine sculptures by defeating the bosses in the Carrack event, but it’s rare to get that many. On average, players can acquire about three more sculptures from the Carrack event.

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20 Sculptures Events

Moving on to the fourth source of sculptures, which is the 20 Sculptures Event. You might already be familiar with this event where you can earn sculptures by gaining power, training troops, doing research, or building. This event occurs pretty often, and some kingdoms have more active players participating than others. If you know how to save up speed ups or time your activities during the event, you can have a chance to earn some sculptures. Some players don’t go for it, while others go crazy for it, depending on the competition in your kingdom. This is also a great way to earn sculptures if you have a stock of speed ups and can get some sculptures. Another event that can get you sculptures is the Modern Gem Event.

More Than Gems

The Modern Gem Event is very popular and takes place every two months. All you have to do to earn 26 sculptures plus speed-ups and other rewards is spend 50,000 gems in the two-day period. The way you spend those gems is up to you. Some people prefer to boost their VIP level, while others prefer to buy items from the VIP shop.

VIP shop

The VIP shop is the next item on the list. This shop is useful for people who don’t want to push their VIP level as hard as others. You can buy items that you need, including gold heads, which can earn you an extra 20 sculptures.

Zenith of Power event

Number 7 on the list is the Zenith of Power event. This event occurs every four months, and all you have to do is train one million power, or you can do it with research or building increases. If you manage to train a million power in each iteration of the event, you get five sculptures guaranteed. The more competitive you are, the more sculptures you can earn by ranking higher.

Special events / 2months

Number 8 on the list are the special events that occur every two or four months. For example, the Halloween event is currently ongoing and players can acquire 35 sculptures by unlocking it with 7,000 gems, which can be earned back. These events repeat every four months, while the special events occur every two months. The next special event will be the winter one, which will require players to obtain gold heads with gems or by purchasing a bundle.

Recharge Rewards

Number 9 on the list is Recharge Rewards, which players can earn every time there is a special event every two months. By recharging 2,500 gems, players can earn 30 sculptures. One way to do this is by using the supply depot, and it is considered one of the best buys in the game.

Arms Master Lohar and the Race Against Time event

Number 10 is the Arms Master Lohar and the Race Against Time event, which usually offers gold heads as rewards. To complete this event, players can group up with other players to ensure they have five super fast matches. They can equip their marches with blue equipment, like the Wine Swept set, to increase their speed. Even if players don’t have many troops, they can still tag along with other players to earn a high rank. For Arms Master Lohar, players can use legendary commanders and charge their march with rage, using Joan of Arc to get high scores and earn more gold heads.

Champions of Olympia

Number 11 is the Champions of Olympia event, which is available only during the weekends. By completing 100 progress in this event, players can earn two gold heads. They can also earn more gold heads from the Champions of Olympia shop by achieving high ranks and saving up coins.

Ark of Osiris

The famous Ark of Osiris is an event that takes place over Cyrus. It’s numbered 12 and can reward you with either five or ten gold heads, whether you win or lose. To acquire 10,000 points, you can check out my video guide for beginners who are struggling. I highly recommend everyone to play it since it’s completely free and lasts for an hour. You’ll earn gems, speed-ups, and sculptures.

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Osiris League + Shops

Number 13 is related to the Ark of Osiris as well. It’s the Osiris League, which takes place once a week. I highly recommend registering for it since it can help you out, and you’ll receive special coins for a shop. In that shop, you can get gold heads as well as army expansions, which are more rewarding. There are also two betting shops where you can bet each week on which team is going to win and which team is going to be the champion. Once you get to the Osiris League Invitational and the Osiris Le Grand Final, you’ll have a chance to bet on those events as well.

Lucerne Scrolls

Number 14 is about the Lucerne Scrolls, which are the best buy in the game. The first one with five scrolls is the best since you can get all the rewards. It’s the best purchase for free-to-play players. If you’re willing to spend five bucks, this is the best value for your money. You’ll get speed-ups, resources, keys, VIP points, army expansions, blueprints, and gold heads. The Lucerne Scrolls are an amazing value, and completing them is easy. Even if you don’t complete all the challenges, you’ll still benefit from it.

Eve of the Crusader

As you all know, when the Eve of the Crusade starts, you will have the pre-KvK ranking. Depending on the rank that you achieve (K123 or Season of Conquest), you will have a chance to get gold heads. If you push harder to get a higher rank, you will get more gold heads. By training troops and performing well in Marauders and other sports, you can earn even more gold heads.

Rebuilding RCF Stage 3

Once you have access to the KvK map, you will see the Ruined Crusader Fortress. The third stage of rebuilding it involves trading your sculptures and getting another 20 gold heads. This is a great way to earn more gold heads in the game.

Legendary Tavern

Seven days after you enter the Season of Conquest map, you will gain access to the Legendary Tavern. You can use special keys (Sovereign Keys), which will be available in the VIP shop or can be acquired through events. In the tavern, you can use Legendary Marks that you earn from getting sculptures from the Legendary Heaven. For each gold head, you will receive 50 marks, and in the Legendary Tavern shop, you can spend 100 marks to buy one universal gold head, up to a maximum of 40. Instead of buying keys to try your luck in the tavern, it is recommended that you get your gold heads. These universal gold heads can be used on any commander.

Bounty of the Ancients

When the Season of Conquest starts, there will be a purchase event known as Bounty of the Ancients. This is a new event that rewards you for buying gems or bundles worth 25,000 gems or more. Completing this event will give you speed ups, resources, gold heads, legendary materials, and crystals.

Living Legends Bundle

Once you are in KvK and your Legendary Tower has started, a daily bundle will become available, known as the Living Legends Bundle. It contains one gold chest, and the Living Legend daily bundle has three gold chests. You can earn gold heads from the silver and gold chests; the silver chest gives you one gold head, and the gold chest gives you two gold heads. If you purchase these two bundles daily, you can get 10 gold heads per day.

KvK Crusader Achievements

During your KvK, you will have plenty of achievements to complete, which will reward you with gold heads. There are also the Honor Roll and the End Rewards if you win. The higher you go in the Honor Roll and the more Mobile Barons you kill, the more gold heads you can earn. It all depends on how much time you want to spend completing achievements and rising in the Honor Roll.

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Season of Conquest Shop

If you’re interested in getting more gold heads, you can also visit the Season of Conquest Shop. The highest value you can get from the shop is through blueprints or special time blueprints. It’s better to aim for blueprints first, and if you have everything you need, you can still get gold heads. Skins have a higher value than a few gold heads, but if you don’t need anything else, you can still get gold heads.

Wheel of Fortune

Number 22 on the list is the Wheel of Fortune. During KVK 1, 2, and 3, you still get the Universal Will, and in the Season of Conquest, you have a plethora of commanders to choose from. I usually do 11 spins during the Wheel of Fortune, which is the maximum amount. To achieve this, I use the three free spins, followed by the three half-price spins, and finally the full five spins. In total, this adds up to 11 spins. Whether it’s Universal Will or a full wheel with specific sculptures, you should definitely participate. You can still get Universal Gold Heads, so it’s another way to acquire them. You can also get five heads for the commander that you’re working on.

Reader of History

Number 23 is the Reader of History. Every time you summon a new legendary commander that you don’t have, you get a pop-up bundle called the Reader of History. This bundle gives you 10 Universal Heads, which is an amazing deal. There are also one-time bundles for gold heads, but I’m not sure how to obtain them. I believe one gives you 10, and the other gives you 15. Those were introduced a while back, and it’s been a long time since we had them. The Reader of History pops up every time you summon a new legendary commander that you don’t have.

Card King event

Number 24 is the Card King event. Although it’s designed for specific sculptures, you can still get Universal Gold Heads. My recommendation is that the Card King event isn’t really worth it, unless you’re a high spender or have plenty of gems. However, it’s still a way to get more Gold Heads.

Daily Special Offe

Number 25 is the Daily Special Offer. You can actually get legendary commander sculptures with a very small chance in the Daily Special Offer. It’s a way to get more Gold Heads, but it’s important to note that it’s a very tiny chance.

Treasure of the Warrior Quee

Number 26 is the Treasure of the Warrior Queen. You can get 12 chests daily from the Expedition Shop, which have a chance of giving you a legendary commander sculpture. However, it’s very rare to get one, and there isn’t really a trick to opening them. I just open them all every single time, and usually, I get one or two legendary commander sculptures.

Kahar the Hidden

Finally, number 27 is Kahar the Hidden. When you summon it in the Season of Conquest during KVK, it’s similar to Lohar, but with a bone necklace. When you click on it, it shows you that it has a chance of giving you a Gold Head. Personally, I’ve been with so many accounts in the Season of Conquest, and I’ve never seen one, but it does show that there’s a chance.

I hope you found this video helpful. If I missed anything, please check the pin comment or the description of the video. Let me know if there’s at least one of these 27 ways to get Gold Heads that you didn’t know about, and I want to hear about it in the comment section below. Until next time, this is your Bullet Journal signing off. Peace out, yo, and take care. See you on the next one and stay safe out there, my friends.

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