Cutest Critters: How do I play?

Your Critter will defend your resources and Habitat from attack. Each Critter draws its power from one of the elements: Water, Fire, and Nature and enjoys benefits and disadvantages based on the element of your Critter opponent.

From the Critter Coral panel, create your best Critter Team by assigning up to three Critters for Scuffling (at least one of each elemental type) and one Critter for Defense. Make sure to feed your Critters so you can upgrade them.

Tap the Play button and take a spin! Use the bet multiplier to multiply the rewards you can earn from Slots Machine spins.

Spin the Slot machine and win the following:

  • Coins / Stack of Coins – are used to purchase upgrades within your Habitat.

  • Scuffle (Boxing Glove Symbol) – When earned, allows you to battle a rival Critter and earn loot from their owner’s treasury.

  • Shield – When earned, helps stave off assaults from the Rival seeking to Prank your Habitat! The better the Defense Stat for your Critter, the better they will protect your Treasury from your rival’s Critters!

  • Food – Food is collected and fed to your Critters to help them level up and become more powerful in Scuffles, Pranks, and when defending your treasury.

  • Bonus Gems (Diamond Symbol) – When you get three matching Gems on the Slot, you’ll receive the number of Gems equal to your Bet Multiplier. This also helps you earn the reward depicted upon your Slot Machine in the Bonus Meter! Once you have collected enough Bonus Gems, you’ll automatically receive the depicted reward on the Bonus Meter.

  • Prank (Bomb Symbol) – When earned, it is your chance to visit a rival’s Habitat and choose a location for your Critter to release a Prank! Following the Prank, your Critter will remain to celebrate the mischief and earn loot alongside a picture of you (when Facebook-connected) that alerts your Rival as to who pulled the Prank!

  • Spins (Energy Symbol) – When earned, you’ll receive 10 additional Spins (or twice or THREE TIMES that amount if you have adjusted the Bet Multiplier)!


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