Cutest Critters: Frequently Asked Questions

Cutest Critters is a multiplayer game where the aim is to build Habitats and collect Critters. Spin the Slot Machine to earn Gold and use this to upgrade your Habitats so you can collect even more Critters. Along the way, you’ll also have the chance to scuffle other Critters and earn big payouts!

How do I spin the Slot Machine?

You will need Energy before you can spin the Slot Machine. Energy replenishes over time but is also earned by collecting Critters, won from Slot play, or by purchasing it in the Shop.

How do I scuffle other Critters?

Once you hit the 3 boxing glove symbols in a row, you will have the chance to scuffle.

A Critter from your Team will be chosen as an attacker.

Time your tap to start the fight!

You will be rewarded with Gold and Food when you win the fight.

Keep an eye on your Critters’ Stamina as they’ll eventually get tired after multiple Scuffles.


How do I prank another Habitat?

When you spin and receive three Bomb symbols, a Prank will be initiated!

You will be transported to a rival Habitat to choose a location to prank!

Or, if you wish to prank a different village, tap the Switch button and direct your aggression towards either a friend or another Player that previously sought you harm!

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How will I know who attacked my Habitat?

Tap on the Social panel and you’ll see a list of the last players who most recently attacked your Habitat under the News tab.


How do I develop my Habitat?

To develop your Habitat, you need Coins that can be earned from spinning the slot machine, pranking other players’ Habitat, and scuffling other players’ Critters. You can also purchase Coins from the Shop Panel.

Tap on the Build button and you’ll see the amount of Coins it costs to develop a specific part of your Habitat.

You can upgrade your Habitat up to a 5-star rating. The cost to upgrade increases as you level up your Habitat, so you’ll need additional coins from Slot play or by Scuffling or Pranking other players!

Your Habitat helps signify your level and stature in the Critter Isle. Keep building and improving Habitats to earn a new critter and other rewards!

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