Cutest Critters: How do I upgrade my Critters?

You can upgrade your Critters by feeding them food which you can earn from building your Habitat, spinning the slots, or by purchasing it from the Shop.

Visit the Critters panel and then tap the Critter that you would like to feed.

Here you’ll see the amount of Food that you need to upgrade your Critter.

Feeding your Critter increases its Level, Shield, Attack, and Defense powers. The higher these values, the better your Critter will be at Scuffles, Pranks, and Defense of your loot!

You can only see the four defender critters from the Critters’ panel. If you wish to see all your other Critters, you can visit your collection by tapping on the Album button in the upper right of the game screen.

Tap the All Critters tab to view your collection.

The first three slots in your Critter Team are for Scuffling while the fourth is for Defense. The higher their levels, the better they will perform in these roles!

Select your best Critters and form a Team by tapping the Edit Team tab.

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