Asphalt 9: Legends – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I immediately play on any track with any car class?

You can only play with the cars you own, unless we lend you one for free in a Limited-Time Event.

What are Barrel Rolls and 360s?

A Barrel Roll is an aerial maneuver in Asphalt 9 that sends the car flying in a corkscrew trajectory. It can be initiated by jumping off curved ramps at high speed. A 360 is another trick in Asphalt 9 during which the car spins in the air or on the ground. It can be triggered by quickly tapping the drift icon twice in a row. Both these tricks reward you with nitro during a race. Skilled players can perform several Barrel Rolls or 360s in a single jump, which is a solid strategy with which to quickly fill up their car’s nitro bar. Try to perform a 360 while racing next to your opponents to knock them down and refill your nitro bar.

How do I progress in Career Mode?

By racing, you earn Flags which allows you to unlock new Career Races.

How do I unlock Career Races?

You can unlock a Race by obtaining the required number of Flags, by purchasing a specific car, or by purchasing a car from a specific class or from a certain manufacturer (for example, any Porsche car).

How do I earn Flags?

Flags measure your progress throughout Career Mode. A Career Race can have up to 3 Flags. Those Flags are earned by completing conditions (finish 1st, perform 2 360s, drift 200 meters, etc.) that are specified at the pre-race screen, which is at the beginning of the Race, as well as in the pause menus. Some Races grant a Race Reward, which is earned by obtaining all the Flags in that Race.

What are the rules of Classic mode?

In Classic mode, the goal is to win the race (come in 1st, 2nd or 3rd depending on the race’s Goals).

What are the rules of Time Attack mode?

The race has a time limit. To win the race, the player has to cross the finish line before the the timer runs out. A bit of time is added to the timer each time the player crosses a checkpoint.

What are the rules of Hunted mode?

This mode is also time-based. If you finish the race before the timer expires, you’ve managed to escape and win. However, security cars will try to stop and slow you down severely to prevent you from completing this goal. If you crash, you will get busted and lose instantly.

Can I check my goals and objectives while in a race?

While racing, just tap the pause icon in the upper-left corner of the screen to pause the race. Here, you can see your race objectives. You will also be reminded of them in-game in Career races.

What is the Recommended Rank?

The Recommended Rank gives you an idea of the difficulty of the race. It’s an average of the other racers’ Ranks. The higher your Car Rank compared to the Recommended Rank, the easier it will be for you to win. The lower your Car Rank compared to the Recommended Rank, the harder it will be for you to win. The only way to increase your Car Rank is to upgrade your car.

What is the Required Rank?

The Required Rank is the minimum Car Rank your car needs to have in order for you to be able to participate in the race. Without this minimum Car Rank, your opponents would beat you by a long shot. Upgrade your car to increase its Car Rank.

What are Events?

Events are races that are available for a limited time. They can be accessed from the main menu by tapping on the Daily Events section.

What are Solo Events?

In Solo Events, you get rewards by meeting race conditions (finish first, perform 2 360s, etc.). Some conditions can be met several times in order to grind the rewards.

What are Leaderboard Events?

In a Leaderboard Event, you get rewards at the end of the event based on your position. Some of them can also have race-condition rewards, such as in Solo Events.

What are Event Tickets?

Event Tickets are used for participating in Event races. Each race costs a certain number of Tickets, which can vary depending on the Event. Your Ticket bar gets refilled over time, but you can pay Tokens to instantly refill it.

What can I win in an Event?

Each Event comes with its own rewards but you can win a bit of everything there, from Credits and Tokens to Blueprints and Import Parts — not to mention Card Packs. Stay tuned for car-launch events where you can unlock the newest cars!

How do I receive the rewards from a Solo Event?

You claim your rewards right after the race when meeting a race condition.

How do I receive the rewards from a Leaderboard Event?

You can claim your rewards once the Event has ended. A CLAIM REWARD label will appear on the completed Events you participated in.

How long after an Event ends can I claim my reward?

The “Claim Reward” banner after the end of an Event is available for 2 weeks.

Which cars have electric engines?

For now, only the DS Automobile E-Tense is fully electric. We also have several hybrid cars such as the Trion Nemesis. We will add more electric cars in future updates.

How do I upgrade a car?

To upgrade a car, go to the Garage and tap the Upgrades icon. Here, you can upgrade each stat (Top Speed, Acceleration, Handling and Nitro) by paying using Credits you earn in the game. After upgrading the same stat several times, you can also plug some Import Parts into it to improve the stat a bit more. You also need to gather more Blueprints to Star Up your car and unlock more Upgrade Stages for your stats.

What is a car rank and what is its purpose?

A car’s rank takes into account Top Speed, Acceleration, Handling and Nitro. It is an indicator of the power of your selected car and is used in the game to indicate the probable rank needed to win an Event. You can increase a car’s rank by upgrading the car in the Garage menu.

How do I change the color of my car?

In the Garage menu or at the car selection screen, tap on the Car Customization icon (spray paint gun icon) and choose a new color for your car. The more you upgrade your car, the more options you have (Custom Colors, Rims Colors, etc.). Please note that different cars have different colors available, depending on the car’s licensor agreement.

What is the Garage Level?

The Garage Level represents the value of your garage. You increase your Garage Level by unlocking new cars, and upgrading and starring up your cars. Increasing your Garage Level allows you to get better Blueprints and Import Parts from the Legend Store and from Card Packs.

What are Blueprints?

You need to gather Blueprints to unlock new cars and to star them up. You can earn Blueprints by winning races in Career Mode, but can also get some through Card Packs or buy them from the Legend Store. Extra Blueprints can also be earned in Multiplayer and Events.

What are Import Parts?

Import Parts can be applied to the various stages of the car’s upgrades to further improve its stats. Like Blueprints, they can be earned by winning races in Career Mode, bought from the Legend Store, or found in Card Packs. They can also be earned in Multiplayer and Events.

Can I sell a car?


What’s Gas and how does it work?

Each car comes with a Gas Tank. The capacity of the Tank changes from one car to another and each race (in Career Mode, Events and Multiplayer) consumes one bar from the Gas Tank. The Tank gets refilled over time, but you can pay to instantly refill it.

How do I perform a Perfect Nitro?

Tap the Nitro to activate it and then tap again while the Nitro Bar is within the blue area.

How do I perform a Nitro Shockwave?

When the Nitro Bar is full, double-tap the Nitro to activate a Nitro Shockwave. Nitro Shockwave gives you a huge boost of speed.

Do I have a rear-view mirror?

No — you don’t have time to look back during races.

How do I change the camera view?

You can change the camera view in the pause menu while racing, or from the main menu by tapping the Options icon (in the upper-right corner of the screen) and then going to Game Settings > Sound & Display. There you can choose from among the 4 different camera views that are available.

What are Card Packs?

Card Packs grant you either Blueprints, Import Parts or Credits/Tokens. The system works like a lottery, so you can never know for sure what you will get. Some limited-time Card Packs appear from time to time to grant you specific Items.

What is the Legend Store?

The Legend Store is a shop that refreshes several times a day, in which you can buy specific Blueprints and Import Parts. You can only buy the items that are available there at that time, and you need to wait for the Legend Store to refresh in order to see a new batch of items. You can also pay a few Tokens to refresh the Legend Store immediately (max. 3 times a day).

Why don’t I receive the Blueprints I actually need?

Some Blueprints can be earned via Career Mode while others can be found in Card Packs. Card Packs work like a lottery, so you never know for sure what you will get.

What are Special Offers?

Special Offers are a good way to quickly get one car that’s ready to go. Each offer is different but it always comes with a few Credits, Tokens and Import Parts so you can already start to upgrade your car.

How do I level up in the game?

For each race you participate in, you get Reputation Points (RP) that are added to your player level. Each level requires you to reach a defined amount of RP in order for you to be able to reach the next level. When leveling up, you get extra rewards and all your cars’ Gas Tanks are automatically refilled.

What is a “Restricted” Club?

A “Restricted” Club is a Club in which players have to send a request to be able to join, and only the Club Manager can accept or decline their requests.

What are the Trade Coins for?

The Trading feature is unlocked when you reach Garage Level 3. Both Blueprints (BP) and Import Parts can be traded for Trade Coins in the Inventory (BP only if the car is unlocked already). Blueprints are auto-traded when the car is maxed out. Import Parts are auto-traded when they exceed their inventory limit.
There are special slots in the black market where you can get Blueprints or Import Parts by paying Trade Coins.

How can I unlock cars?

You need to gather enough Blueprints — the number varies depending on the car — in order to build a car and then unlock it. Please note that there are unique cars offered during special events, which can only be unlocked with a special car key. These cars can’t be unlocked with Blueprints; you need to win a key in order to unlock it. You will see a ”Get Key!” tab in the garage for this car.

How do I connect to a social network?

In the main menu, tap the OPTIONS icon (upper-right corner near the Gameloft icon). Go to the Game Settings > Connect and choose a social network you want to connect.

* you will have this option inactive if you are under age withing your country COPPA regulations.
* You can’t link SNS account to more than one game account.
* Windows version won’t have an option to connect with Facebook or Google Play.

How do I see my Achievements list?

Tap on the “Daily Goals” (next to the head icon) in the top bar, then go to the Achievements tab.

Changes in my emotions profile doesn’t get saved.

Pressing the Home button would reset all the changes. In order to save changes you should press back button on the top left.

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