Asphalt 8 Racing Game: Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I progress in Career Mode?

You just need to race and earn Stars and Asphalt Credits. Some of the Events are locked by Stars, while others require that you own a specific car.

How do I unlock Career Mode Events?

You can unlock an Event by obtaining the required number of Stars, by purchasing a specific car, by purchasing a car from a specific class or from a certain manufacturer (for example, any Audi car), or one that has the required engine type (for example, electric).

Which cars have electric engines?

The Audi R8 e-tron, Tesla Model S, Citroën Survolt, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive, and Mercedes-Benz Silver Lightning all have electric engines.

How can I unlock the cars?

The cars in Asphalt 8 are not locked. You just need the correct amount of Asphalt Credits to buy them.

How do I upgrade a car?

In the Garage Menu or in the car selection screen, tap on the UPGRADE icon in the lower part of the screen. The game will display the car stats and the available upgrades. There are 4 categories of upgrades: Acceleration, Top Speed, Handling and Nitro. Just tap on the icon to buy the upgrade of the desired category. There are 5 steps of upgrade per category.

Can I play on any track with any car tier immediately?

In a QUICK SOLO RACE, you can race in all locations with the cars that you currently own.

In LOCAL Wi-Fi RACE, you can race with the first car of every Class for free.

What is car rank and what is the purpose of it?

A car’s rank takes into account Acceleration, Top Speed, Handling and Nitro. It is an indicator of the power of your selected car and is used in the game to indicate the probable rank you need to win an Event. You can increase a car’s rank by upgrading the car in the Garage Menu, or you can buy cars with higher ranks.

What are the rules of Classic Mode?

In Classic Mode, the goal is to finish in first, second or third place to win 3, 2 or 1 Stars, respectively. There are no other special conditions.

What are the rules of Unplugged Mode?

A Classic race with an extra rule: No nitro power-ups on the track!

What are the rules of Flawless Mode?

A Classic race with a twist: No wrecks allowed!

What are the rules of Versus Mode?

In Versus Mode, you are pitted against only one opponent and the goal is to finish the race first. No other special conditions.

What are the rules of Knockdown Mode?

In Knockdown Mode, you race against one rival and many other cars. Your goal is to knock down more cars than your rival, either in a set amount of time, or from a set amount of cars.

What are the rules of Elimination Mode?

In Elimination Mode, whoever is last during the race gets a timer. When the timer reaches zero, the last-place racer is eliminated. The timer resets each time a racer is eliminated. Your goal is to be the last one standing, in which case you will be awarded 3 Stars. If you finish 2nd or 3rd you will receive 2 or 1 Stars respectively.

What are the rules of Infected Mode?

In Infected Mode, the racer in last place gets infected at regular intervals. Infected racers have a timer and are visually rendered green. When the timer runs out, the infected racer explodes, loses some time and then gets cured. All infected racers have infinite Nitro. Hit other racers to infect them and to gain extra time on the infected timer. Your goal is to cross the finish line in the first, second or third position to get 3, 2 or 1 Stars respectively.

What are the rules of Gate Drift Mode?

In Gate Drift Mode, there are multiple gates around the track. You have to be drifting when you pass through the gate to score points. If you drift outside the gate or pass through the gate without drifting, you won’t score any points. There are no opponents, only a time limit. Your goal is to reach the target score to get at least 1 Star, or score higher than the target to get more Stars.

Can I check my goals and objectives while in a race?

In Career Mode, the objectives are explained in the pre-race screen. Tap on any Event poster to get extra info about the race: the type of challenge and the 4th- and 5th-Star objectives. Once an Event has been chosen and the car is selected, you will see the objectives again in the loading screen. If you are already racing, you can tap the Pause icon and you will see the 4th- and 5th-Star objectives displayed on the screen.

How do I see my medals list?

In the Main Menu, tap your emblem (upper-left corner of the screen) to access your Profile. In the Profile screen, you’ll see several tabs. Tap the MEDALS tab.

What are Barrel Rolls and Flat Spins?

A Barrel Roll is an aerial maneuver in Asphalt 8 that sends the car flying in a corkscrew trajectory. It can be initiated by jumping off curved ramps at high speed. A Flat Spin is another aerial trick in Asphalt 8 during which the car spins in the air. It can be triggered by jumping off a normal ramp while drifting. Both these tricks reward nitro during a race. Skilled players can perform several rolls or spins in a single jump, which is a solid strategy to quickly fill their car’s nitro bar.

How do I level up in the game?

You can level up by taking part in World Series (Online Multiplayer) races. Each World Series race awards experience, depending on player performance: Finishing in 1st place awards more experience than just participating.

Can I sell a car?


Why don’t I receive a cash reward after playing a race?

Local Wi-Fi races do not award credits. Only Career mode and Ranked Online Multiplayer races award credits.

What are free upgrades?

Free upgrades are rewards the player can earn. Each free upgrade is linked to a class of cars (D, C, B, A or S). When a player owns a free upgrade, the next purchase of an upgrade for a car in that class is free. The player cannot choose when they spend the free upgrade. It is always the first purchase they make after receiving it.

What are time-limited events (TLE)?

Time-limited events are sets of races that are available for a limited time. A TLE is composed of 1 or more races that are playable consecutively. They can be accessed in the main menu by tapping on their banner (e.g. “RENAULT CLIO R.S. CUP”).

What can I win in a TLE?

For each race during a TLE, the player can earn up to 3 cups. Each cup can be for the following: position in the race, time trial target, or position in a global leaderboard. At the end of the TLE, rewards are sent to the player depending on how many cups they earned.

What rewards can I earn in a TLE?

The rewards for each TLE are different. You can browse the rewards by tapping on the time-limited event in the Events menu, and then tapping on the icon with an exclamation mark on the left side of the screen. Rewards can be of different types: CARS, CREDITS, BOOSTS, FREE UPGRADES, TOKENS, PRO-BOXES, AND DECALS.

How do I receive the rewards from a TLE?

Once a TLE is finished, the rewards will appear as a “CLAIM YOUR REWARDS” banner in the Events menu. Tap it to receive the rewards for all the TLEs in which you have taken part in the past.

How long after a TLE ends can I claim the reward that I won for it?

The “Claim Reward” banner is available for 2 weeks after the end of the event.

Can I claim my reward if I reinstall the game?

If you played online and have your progress stored, you will be able to claim your reward for up to 2 weeks.

What are win streaks?

Win streaks grant you rewards when you compete in multiplayer and finish several races in one of the top three positions.

What’s Fuel and how does it work?

Rental costs prevented new players from participating in the races concerned, so we replaced those costs with a FUEL system that refills over time. Now, every Time-Limited Event requires fuel in order to race. Make every attempt count and don’t worry about using up your fuel; it automatically refills over time!

What changes have been made to the Car Packs?

Since the game’s launch, we’ve released many awesome new cars with every update. We’ve created new car packs to include some of these. Check out the new car bundles available on the CAR PACKS screen!

What are the Car Collections?

A Car Collection is a set of cars with a common theme (type of engine, brand, country, etc.). By completing a Car Collection, you get a reward. It’s a cool way to track your cars and get new bonuses as you progress through the game!

What do I need in order to play Season 9?

The new Season 9 has 74 events, one for each car in the game so far. First you’ll need to reach 600 stars in order to unlock the Season. Once unlocked, upgrade your cars to the MAX (level 5) to enter the corresponding events.

What is a MAXED car collection?

Update 5 adds new car collections, but it also includes MAXED OUT versions of the already existing ones. If you reach upgrade level 5 for all car stats, you’ll MAX the car out. You’ll get a new reward if you MAX OUT all the cars in a MAXED car collection.

What are Time-Limited Events Divisions?

Time-Limited Events Divisions use multiple closed leaderboards per Event. With these small bracketed leaderboards, the sizes of which can be configured per Event, we can give more players the chance to win the best rewards.

What are the advantages of Pro Kit Boxes? Where can I find them in the menu?

With the PRO KITS, you can upgrade your cars to new levels of performance. Collect cards and use them to upgrade your cars by entering the TUNING section of the garage, then the PRO KITS page.

What are the new Multiplayer Time-Limited Events?

The new type of Event lets you race against players in real time and earn awesome rewards. Players earn points by defeating other players, and will be listed on a leaderboard according to their number of points.

How can I obtain Decals?

You can win them in exclusive Time-Limited Events, and you can also buy them with Credits or Tokens.

What happens if I win a cup and unlock a car that I already own? Will I receive some credits instead?

Cups are played to unlock specific cars. If you have already unlocked that car, you will not receive any other reward.

How many tracks does the new location, Tenerife, have?

Tenerife has 4 different tracks. You can play them in Career Mode (Season 9) in the new Update 9 Time-Limited Events. We also plan to unlock them in the World Series in the future.

What is Car Mastery?

Car Mastery is a new feature that allows you to master your cars in a special series of challenges. Each challenge grants you various rewards, and fully completed series reward you with Mastery Licenses. Trophies unlock special exclusive prizes.

What do I need to play Car Mastery?

You’ll need to reach 135 stars in order to unlock Car Mastery.

Why don’t I receive the cards I actually need, like engine cards?

This process is completely automated and works like a lottery. However, we have re-balanced the system so that you can get more legendary engines in the Pro Kit boxes.

Reward from an event has disappeared

Please note that you should claim your reward within 2 weeks of the event ending, otherwise it will be lost.

Can’t continue race due to advertisement

Please note that Multiplayer mode is online racing which means that if you tap on pause, you immediately stop racing and automatically end your race. Therefore, the problem does not come from ads; please make sure that you don’t tap on pause in Multiplayer.

Why can some upgrades only be purchased with tokens?

Some car upgrades can be purchased using either tokens or credits. However, certain others ones require rarer, more expensive parts which can only be bought using tokens.

Why can’t I apply the cards I have in my inventory? When I go to the Upgrade section, the game shows that I don’t own these cards.

Please make sure that you actually have the correct cards in your inventory. There are different types of cards: Legendary, Common, and Rare. They are also colored differently: Legendary — orange, Common — gray, Rare — violet. Some upgrades, while named similarly, are actually cards with different rarities and names. For example “Suspension B” is Common, but “Suspension A” is Rare and they are different cards, which can’t be applied to the same upgrade.

What is Enduro Double Down?

ENDURO DOUBLE DOWN is a special type of Time-Limited Event where you can get your hands on unreleased cars and other cool prizes. In ENDURO DOUBLE DOWN, you will encounter randomly picked TIERS of challenges on different tracks and while driving different cars. Each attempt will be different from the next.

How do I score points in Enduro Double Down?

Complete one of the challenges to score Enduro Points. More wins equal a bigger score and better rewards. To progress in the event, you also need to beat the ACE RACER at the end of each TIER. If you succeed, you will have the option to save the ENDURO POINTS you scored, or you can take a chance and apply a boost to get even more points in the next challenges. There is also an option for both, for the cost of some tokens.

What are the rewards in the Enduro Double Down event?

On top of getting the biggest reward if you earn the top score in events, you will also unlock several additional rewards as you reach different tiers of ENDURO POINTS. Check the rewards list for additional details.

What happens if I lose?

If you lose, your run will be completed. Saved ENDURO POINTS will be counted and you can start again from challenge 1. Each start requires you to spend an INVITATION, which is restored over time.

When will Enduro Double Down be available?

Enduro Double Down is a Time-Limited Event, so it is not always active. Please keep an eye on our announcements in-game and on our social network accounts.

What are Daily Tasks?

Daily Tasks are a way of winning rewards in Asphalt 8! Play multiplayer races, perform barrel rolls, finish first in Career events and get rewarded! Check the list of tasks by tapping the orange Daily Tasks icon located on the top bar near your name!

What do I get for completing all three tasks?

Complete all three daily tasks and get even better streak rewards! All rewards require an Internet connection to be claimed.

What is Research and Development?

RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT is a special type of Time-Limited Event where you can get your hands on an unreleased car. Overcome the stream of challenges to put the car in your own garage, with all upgrades installed!

How to play in Research and Development?

R&D is a long-term Time-Limited Event. It’s divided up into Laboratories, which are progressively unlocked over several steps. To participate, you have to use Keys that are supplied over time up to a maximum amount. So put them to good use to get the final prize!

What are Quality Checks?

To proceed through an R&D event, you have to collect Quality Checks — both on the track and by completing sub-goals. However, you won’t get to keep any of them if the Validation Test Goal isn’t completed, so watch out!

When will Research and Development be available?

Research and Development is a Time-Limited Event, so it is not always active. Please keep an eye on our announcements in-game and on our social network accounts.

Why does the Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe Touring Car 2014 require V8 Engine cards for pro upgrade? It used to require V6 Engine cards before the update.

The recipe has been changed. Now you need V8 Engine cards to upgrade the Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe Touring Car 2014.

What are Seasons?

They’re the new type of competition event in multiplayer. They’re limited-time events. Also, there is now a list of rewards, which you can obtain by scoring special Season Points in each race.

How do I score points?

You score points by performing the required objective for each race. For example, “Finish 3rd”; if you finish in third place, you will score points.

I won points, but they were not added to my score. Why not?

You need to “Save” your points first. This can be done at the end of each race; just check for the “SAVE POINTS” option. Unsaved points will reset when you lose.

What is the “RISK POINTS” option?

It allows you to score additional points (up to +100%) in the next race. Points for your previous race, however, will not be saved. So it’s risky.

Can I save points and score bonus points?

Yes, that’s what the third option, “SAVE + RISK,” is for. You can activate it to do both: save your points and add bonus points for the next race.

What else can add bonus points?

By reaching higher leagues, you will score more points (see the “leagues” sections). Certain cars may increase point output; check the “FEATURED CARS” section. There are also bonuses on certain days of the week.

What are leagues?

Leagues show how good you are against the other players. The more you win, the higher you rank in a league.

How many leagues are there?

There are 5 leagues:

  • Amateur
  • Challenger
  • Professional
  • Champion
  • Elite

Each league is divided into 3 Tiers.

What will I get for being in a league?

1) There is a set of rewards that every player in the corresponding league obtains at the end of the season.

2) You receive promotional rewards each time you reach the next tier.

3) For being in higher leagues, you will also get a higher number of season points per race.

4) Your achievements in the league (your league standing, position on the leaderboard, and rating) will be reflected in a new section of your profile: the HALL OF FAME!

I haven’t played for quite some time and my rating decreased. Why did that happen?

If you don’t play in Multiplayer Seasons for 7 days straight, you might start to automatically lose your rating and you can even be demoted to a lower league. Play multiplayer regularly.

What are Pro Kit cards? How can I use these engine cards?

Pro Kit cards are a feature in Asphalt 8 that has been added in the Pro Kit update. You need several pro cards to install Pro Kit Upgrades on your car. Each car needs its own pack of cards. For example, you can fully upgrade the Dodge Dart GT with only 4 cards, but to do the same for the HTT Pléthore LC 750, you need to have more than 170 (!) cards.

Here are the different types of cards: Tire Cards, Suspension Cards, Drivetrain Cards, Exhaust Cards, Engine Cards (i4, i6, v6, V8, Forced-Induction V8, V10, V12, V16, W16, F12, F6, Electric, Hybrid, Rotary), and Tech cards (Initial Tech, Early Tech, Mid-Tech, Advanced Tech).

Where I can buy a Shelby Cobra 427? It does not appear among the selection of cars.

The Shelby Cobra 427 is a Car Mastery Reward and players need to complete the Car Mastery in order to get it.

Will my rating be reset as soon as the new MP season starts?

After the current season ends, a new season will soon be started. Your initial rating, which influences your league, will not be reset to 1,000. It will be defined after the first race, and will include your previous seasons’ achievements.

Why didn’t I receive my rewards when I was promoted to the next league?

You will receive these rewards at the end of the season.

Can I reset Max and Pro upgrades for Multiplayer?

Please note that these upgrades can’t be reset because it’s technically not possible.

Why do I lose rating points in free Multiplayer races?

Rating points are not lost or added if you lose the race. However, if you quit the race, rating points are deducted.

What is a Perfect Run? How can I get this?

A Perfect Run is a bonus that rewards you for smooth driving. You can perform a Perfect Run by not touching walls, wrecking or getting knocked down for 20 seconds. Knocking down other racers, traffic, or obliterating obstacles will not affect your Perfect Run. After 20 seconds, you will be rewarded with a small nitro bonus (25% of your nitro bar). Touching the sides of ramps and falling out of the map also will not affect your Perfect Run.

I didn’t get 5 tires restored after watching a video during the McLaren Championship. Why?

Please note that watching a video will restore only one tire, not five. If there is 1 hour left until the restoration of tires and you watch the video, a tire will be restored. But after you use this tire, the timer will be reset to 8 hours.

I have a McLaren car but Season 10 in Career mode is still locked.

Please note that to unlock Season 10, you need to own a McLaren M14A or McLaren Mercedes MP4-25. At the moment, these cars can only be won in events.

Why can’t I find the McLaren racing car to purchase and get to the next level?

Please note that you need to own at least one McLaren race car. You can win these race cars in the McLaren Championship and sometimes they can also be available in the Shop. So far there are 4 McLaren race cars in the game: McLaren M14A, McLaren Mercedes MP4-25, McLaren MP4/8, and McLaren MP4-31.

Can we design our own emblem or avatar?

No, you can only use the avatars generated by the game, and unfortunately the emblems cannot be customized.

What are Season Tickets?

When a Season is active, each race will require you to spend Season Tickets in order to score season points. Please remember that Season Tickets cannot be sold; they can only be used in the Multiplayer mode.

What happens when I’m out of tickets?

When you are out of tickets, you can still race in multiplayer races, but you will not score points. You can get more tickets using Tokens.

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