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What are Redeem codes and where do I get one?

The Redeem codes section is meant for future promotions. We will be announcing every such promotion on our Facebook page, so make sure you check it out regularly.

While running, at the bottom right of the screen there is a “cup with a clock inside” icon appearing. What does it mean?

It’s a Global Contest score cup. It counts the actions needed to perform to win the Global Contest.

What can I do to win Achievement rewards?

Every Achievement is unique and requires you to complete a different objective. To see what objectives you need to complete, tap the fruit icon on the upper-right corner of the Jelly Lab. This will bring up a full list of Achievements, complete with a requirement description and a meter showing how close you are to earning it.

What are the Costumes for?

Costumes can give you useful skills to proceed in the game faster and to win better rewards. You may check the Costumes’ skills in the Shop menu of the game. To check the Costumes’ skills for Minion Races, please go to the Races & Events menu => Choose Your Minion menu.

What are Power-Ups for?

Power-Ups are the key to getting a better score! Purchase them in the Shop, upgrade them, then pick them up while running to trigger them, and you will end up getting even more amazing scores. You can trigger Fluffy Unicorn, Gru’s Rocket and Mega Minion once you have unlocked them in the Shop; these are the best Power-Ups in the game!

What is the Despicable Score Multiplier?

Your Despicable Score Multiplier is reset each time you start a run. But the base Despicable Multiplier that is gained by completing the levels in the Jelly Lab and by upgrading Costumes will increase at a constant rate.

How can I get Prize Pods and Gadget Pods?

You can get them three different ways: 1) Buy them in the Shop. 2) As rewards for progress in the Jelly Lab. 3) As rewards for playing in events. In the Shop, tap on the arrow below the Pods to see what’s inside. When you open one, you can obtain Bananas, Tokens, Puzzle Pieces and other bonuses.

What is the Claw Saver?

The Claw Saver places you in the center lane after you are revived. The Claw Saver is not an item that is usable by the player.

Why can’t I find any bosses in Minion Beach?

This is normal, as Minion Beach is a little slice of paradise protected from intruders. Of course, the other Minions here will offer plenty of challenge!

I am dying a lot because of the obstacles; do you have any tips?

Look at the height of the obstacles. If they are twice your size, you can’t jump over them. If there is a gap between them and the ground, you can duck underneath them.

Costume Skills changed

Following feedback from the community, we decided to improve and clarify the Costume Skills.

How can I beat Vector, Meena, and the Villaintriloquist?

Tap directly on the robots with an orange glow. They will explode and hurt the boss. Remember to avoid big robots, as you can’t jump over them. If you’re playing on PC, you’ll need to right-click on the big robots you want to throw at the boss (Vector/Meena/Villaintriloquist).

The Moon Mini-game

We’ve released a new mini-game! Unlock it in the SHOP, and then run and find the Moon! Explore & collect stars to increase your score dramatically! Level up to increase the duration of the mini-game, and score more and more and even more!

Who is the Villaintriloquist?

The Villaintriloquist is an exclusive villain for Minion Rush, designed by Illumination Studios. This smiling coaster-riding puppeteer is armed with a vile dummy. He hides in Super Silly Fun Land, waiting for Minions to take part in his twisted game. Watch out or he might just make a dummy out of you!

PX41 Serum

The PX41 Serum turns you into an unstoppable Evil Minion. Activate it while running to destroy everything in your path and boost your score. Don’t forget to recharge, because the serum doesn’t last forever.

The Jelly Lab

Gru wants more Jelly! This means it’s time to get busy in the Jelly Lab! Run in each level to complete Objectives that reward you with Fruits. Getting Fruits means making more Jelly, and little by little the additional Jelly will fill a Jelly Machine. Once filled, the Jelly Machine will start working, allowing you to proceed to the next area! But that’s not all! Collecting all the Fruits will reward you with bonuses which you can unlock in the Jelly Machines!

Where do “?” levels lead?

Almost anywhere! Each time you visit a Question Mark level, the location will be randomly picked by spinning the Fortune Wheel.

Any new locations you unlock will immediately be added to the Fortune Wheel as well.

NOTE: The first spin is free, but you can spin again to try your luck at running through a different location using in-game currency.

Power-Up Bonuses

Dr. Nefario went on a scientific rampage and decided it’s time to improve the Power-Ups. So he’s added extra bonus levels to each of the Power-Ups. Keep upgrading a Power-Up to reach the bonus levels and receive a flat bonus (meters, bananas, score multiplier) after each and every use of the Power-Up.

What is The Quest for Holidays and how do I take part in it?

Dr. Nefario needs your help! The Minions were setting up the Jelly Lab for the upcoming Holidays, but accidentally managed to teleport the decorations and gifts into the frigid wastes of the Arctic. Dr. Nefario asks for you help in recovering them, before the Holidays are over. To take part in the Event, answer Dr. Nefario’s ALERT! Once you’ve answered Dr. Nefario’s call, run and collect decorations and gifts while advancing through The Quest for Holidays levels. Keep advancing through each of the quest’s stages to reach the Holiday Tree to get your big reward!

What is the Wedding Party and how do I take part in it?

This is a new event added to Update 14. You can access it after unlocking level 8 and answering Dr. Nefario’s alert. Keep advancing through each of the quest’s stages inside the Wedding Party to get your big reward.

What are Special Missions?

Every new update has a limited-time Special Mission for you to play. The Special Mission takes place in a new location, just waiting for you to discover all its secrets. And there are a ton of rewards too!

Where can I play Special Missions?

Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the Jelly Lab screen to find any new Special Missions added in the latest update. It will tell you if the mission has started, or if you need to wait some time first. Each Special Mission comes with unique rewards, but be careful; these missions are for a limited time! Once completed, you will have to wait for the next one to appear. Typically, you will have to collect special items to complete these missions.

How can I unlock Carl and Jerry?

You can buy Carl and Jerry in the Shop under the “Choose Your Minion” section. You will find them next to Dave. When Dave (your standard Minion) falls during a run, you can tap on the Revive icon to activate Carl or Jerry and continue the run (without spending Tokens!).

How can I use the Snowboard/Skateboard/BMX Bike/Minion Glider/Scooter/Minion Submarine outside of their Special Missions?

After a limited-time Special Mission ends, you can still play in locations such as the Arctic Base, Minion Park, Eduardo’s House, the Residential Area, the Mall, and the Anti-Villain League. When you do, you can continue to use the matching vehicles for each location.

What will the final STAGE 3 of a Special Mission award me with?

Power-Ups, a themed Minion costume and some Tokens. If you already have the featured costume when claiming the prize, you’ll be given some additional Tokens instead.

What are Events and Minion Races? How can I play against other Minions?

Events are special limited-time missions that you can take on to win rewards. A new event is added every week, along with an event leaderboard to show who has scored the highest and earned the biggest prizes. The Minion Races mode lets you go head-to-head against other players’ Minions while using various Power-Ups to boost yourself, or hinder your rivals. To participate, you must first reach level 6, then tap “Races & Events” on the main menu of the game. Find out more about Minion Races here:

What are the Costumes in the Minion Races used for?

Some of the Costumes have skills that affect the performance of the Gadgets during Minion Races. You can check the Costumes and their Minion Races skills before you enter a Minion Race, in the Choose Your Minion tab. Equip the Costume to activate its skill. This will improve the strength of some Gadgets or increase your protection against other Gadgets. You can upgrade the skill to make it better and stronger.

Where can I find a Gadget pod that I received for Win Streak progress?

There are two inventories for the Gadget pods. Standard ones can be found in the Minion Races area. Just tap on “GET MORE GADGETS,” then on the Open icon, and the Expert Gadget pod will be saved in the Jelly Lab area. In order to find it, please tap on the fruit sign in the upper-right corner of the Jelly Lab, select the Inventory menu, find “EXPERT GADGETS” in the list and tap Open.

What is the Time-Attack mode and how do I improve my score?

Time-Attack is a Minion Race mode in which you run through various locations for as long as possible before time runs out. You can increase your score and lengthen your run time by being sure to run through as many Checkpoint Gates as possible. You can also use Gadgets on other Minions to score more points. Even if the timer runs out, you can use Revives to extend the run and your score. To access a Time-Attack Race, simply tap on “Races & Events” on the main menu of the game and scroll through the various events.

Why am I being taken back to the beginning of the Win Streak path?

The Win Streak path counts how many Minion Race victories you’ve earned in a row. Once you lose a race, however, your streak is broken and must start over at the beginning of the path.

How does upgrading a Costume help me?

Different Costumes have different skills that can help you in a variety of ways. Some Costume upgrades give you useful scoring perks to speed up your progress in the Jelly Lab, others help you out in Events or give you an edge in the Minion Races. Find out more about Costumes here:

Where are my Power-Ups?

You can see all of the Power-Ups that you own by checking your inventory. Just tap on the fruit icon on the top-right corner of the Jelly Lab screen, and then go to “Inventory.” Note that some Gadget Pods will only appear in the Minion Races menu, not the Inventory.

Where are the Gadget Pods that I have won?

Your Gadget Pods can be found in one of two different locations: 1) Standard Gadget Pods can be found in the Minion Races section after you tap “Get More Gadgets.” 2) Expert Gadget Pods can be found in the Jelly Lab. Just enter the Inventory screen from there by tapping the fruit icon on the upper-right corner of the screen.

What I can use Blueprints for when I’ve already unlocked the Disco Minion?

Once the Disco Minion is unlocked, it can be upgraded similarly to all other Costumes. These upgrades are priced in Blueprints.

Why do I receive only the first Prize Pod that I won? I opened the first Prize Pod and the other ones just disappear.

Kindly note that as of one of the latest updates, there is a new Open All icon near the pods. Now, if you tap on the Open All icon, all the Pods you currently have in your collection will be opened at once and all the items from those Pods will be automatically stored in your Inventory of the Jelly Lab. There is no way to open Pods one by one anymore.

I don’t receive additional Special Mission Items after I win them in the One-Time Challenge in the Special Mission.

The Special Mission Items won in the One-Time Challenge are automatically added to your items total the moment you win them. If their total exceeds the number needed to complete the current level, the extra items will be added to your counter in the next level. You may check the total amount of your items in the Special Mission progress menu.

Why can’t I find the gift codes section in the game?

Please be advised that this feature has been removed from the game since Update 16.

What are the Jelly Jobs?

Jelly Jobs are a new feature, unlocked once you reach Level 50. Dr. Nefario will ask you to collect items from different levels throughout the Jelly Lab. The more items you get, the higher in the Jelly Jobs hierarchy you’ll go, collecting a lot of rewards along the way!

How can I see what Dr. Nefario wants and where to get them?

While in the Jelly Lab, tap the Jelly Jobs widget in the bottom left of the screen. This will open an information panel that you can use to find the closest Jelly Jobs item Dr. Nefario needs your help with, and teleport to their location.

How do I unlock the Jelly Jobs feature?

Now you can get a new job promotion in the Jelly Lab. You should unlock Area 5 of the Jelly Lab (level 50) to activate the Jelly Jobs feature. Please note that this is a limited-time quest, just like holiday Special Missions, and it will be activated for all players after the last official day of the current Special Mission. As soon as the mission is over, you’ll see a menu to enter the Jelly Jobs quest in your Jelly Lab. You’ll be shown a tutorial to learn about how this quest works.

Why was the task description for the Jelly Lab level changed?

Please note that our designers keep the game in constant evolution and sometimes level objectives are rebalanced.

What are those items I get from holiday Prize Pods? I’ve bought a holiday Prize Pod (currently the Vacation Prize Pod) and it gave me some items, but I can’t find them. What are they for?

The special holiday Prize Pod can give you special items for the 3rd stage of the Special Mission (currently Souvenirs).

On the 1st stage of the mission, you collect Cameras; on the 2nd stage, you collect Water Canteens; and on the 3rd stage, you collect Souvenirs (these items are valid only for the current Special Mission in Update 25). The items for the 1st and 2nd stages can be collected ONLY during the run in the Special Mission area, while the items for the 3rd stage can ALSO be obtained from the holiday Prize Pod.

So, when you get Souvenirs from the pod, they are added to the total amount of items for the 3rd stage. You can check this in your Special Mission Progress menu, scrolling up to the 3rd stage progress.

Thus, when you start the 3rd stage, you are going to continue your collection of items already got from pods. This feature helps you to finish the Special Mission faster and to collect more items during the Special Mission Contest with other players.

Why has the Jelly Jobs quest disappeared when I still need more tasks to get a reward?

Jelly Jobs is a limited-time mission, which is usually activated after the special holiday mission is over. If you’ve completed all available tasks but haven’t collected enough Gru Stamps to get the next job promotion, please just wait for the next flow of the mission for new tasks.

Where is the description for the current and the next upgrade level for boosters? Which level does the price refer to?

Please note that Gru’s Rocket should last 9 seconds at the 5th upgrade level. This is the normal behavior.
Please note that the price near a power-up is for the next upgrade. Its description will be displayed after the item has been upgraded.

What is an Evil Minion? How can I use it?

You need to activate the PX41 Serum in order to turn into an invincible Evil Minion for a short period of time. As the Evil Minion, you can run through all obstacles, and your score is multiplied.

When will the Prize Pods for Bananas be available in the game?

Prize Pods for Bananas are limited-time and they can appear randomly in the game. Just stay alert for a special Prize Pod offer in your game.

What’s a Near Miss? How do I get a Near Miss?

Sometimes you may receive a task to get a Near Miss. In order to get a Near Miss, you have to approach an obstacle as close as possible and then avoid it at the very last moment.

How does the Golden Shield work?

When you have the Golden Shield, you become invincible until the timer runs out. This shield will protect you from all obstacles. It differs from the silver Minion Shield, which protects you only from 1 hit. When you hit an obstacle, you don’t die, but you lose the Minion Shield for the run.

Is there a way to skip a level in the game?

There is no way to do this.

How do I get free Revives?

Free Revives can only be won in different events/missions/prize pods.

Can I sell costumes or characters that I have won or bought but don’t use?

There is no way to sell something in the game.

Where can I use Golden Skills?

Golden Skills are active in all game modes — the Jelly Lab, Jelly Jobs and Special Missions. Also, keep an eye out for Minion Races — in some events, Golden Skills will make a difference.

How do I use the Minion Launcher?

Please be advised that you will get a particular Power-Up at the beginning of the run only if you have a mission that corresponds to the Power-Up skill. For example, you will get the Minion Launcher if you need to complete a mission by running the best distance.

What are the pink squares under the character in the Shop?

The pink squares under the Minion Costumes in the Minion Races menu are the upgrade levels of the Costumes, which only give you bonuses in the Minion Races. You can click on the arrow under the Minion’s name to see the description of the bonus you can get from a particular Costume.

Where can I find my Prize Pods?

In order to find the Prize Pods you won, you should check the Inventory in the Jelly Lab. Tap on the fruit sign in the upper-right corner of the Jelly Lab, then select the Inventory menu.

What is the Market?

The Market is available seasonally, when the Special Mission is active. You can access the Market to buy various items using Market Tickets.

What are Market Tickets?

Market Tickets are the currency needed to purchase items in the Market. Obtain Market Tickets by running in the Special Mission and gathering collectibles. Each collectible you get gives you one Market Ticket for free! To get more Market Tickets, run in the Special Mission and get more collectibles.

Why is the Market not available?

It is unavailable because the Special Mission is over. The Market will reopen when the next Special Mission starts.

How can I increase my Despicable Multiplier level?

The base Despicable Multiplier level can be increased only by completing the Jelly Lab areas (locations). After completing each location, your base Despicable Multiplier level will increase. Your level is displayed in your profile in the Friends menu.

There is also a way to increase your Despicable Score Multiplier during a particular run. By buying and upgrading some Costumes, you can increase the Despicable Score Multiplier only during a particular run. However, this won’t increase the base Despicable Multiplier level.

Where I can find the new Ghost Costume?

The Ghost Costume can only be obtained through a limited-time special Trick-or-Treat Prize Pod. Inside the Trick-or-Treat Prize Pods, there’s a chance of not only finding the Ghost Minion Costume, but also Ghost Golden Tickets to unlock its Golden Skill, Revives, as well as some other prizes.

When my Minion falls, a “Play” icon appears. What is it for?

If you see a ”Play” icon displayed after your Minion falls, you can tap on it to watch a video and get a free Revive.

What are the red crosses on the tracks that my Minion must not step on? How do I pass them?

The red crosses are just new high-difficulty obstacles. You are definitely very skilled if you got far enough to see them! Note that while running through these tracks, you’ll need to jump over the red crosses. Sometimes you’ll see green springboards among them that will let you jump higher and pass the area.

Where and how can I shred Golden Tickets?

If you have a surplus of Golden Tickets, you can shred them and fill the Free Golden Ticket Bar with Golden Dust. To shred the Tickets, you can use the Ticket Shredder. The Ticket Shredder appears automatically once you have a surplus of Golden Tickets.

What is the Market? How can I use market tickets?

You have the possibility to buy more items in the new seasonal Market for market tickets. Note that there is a limited amount of the items in this Market. Once the item is out of stock, it’s gone; the stock will not be refilled.

Where is the Special Mission Contest? How do I collect the stars?

From now on, there is no contest after the Special Mission “The Quest for Holidays”. You can only play the standard 3 stages of the Special Mission to collect special stars and get a special Trophy (Silver or Gold). That’s why the only way to collect stars is to collect them during Special Missions themselves.

Why does the objective bar freeze even though I am carrying out the objective in a dual objective level?

It is temporarily paused, because just one of the objectives reached a fruit. Fulfill the second objective up to the same fruit level to unfreeze the bar.

What do the laps mean when trying to buy something from the Market in the Special Mission?

Laps are a specific feature in the game; unlocking them allows you to get some of the items from the Market. For example, if you complete all the milestones (3 stages) in the Special Mission, you complete the first lap. Then, you can play all the milestones again (this is the second lap). In order to properly complete the whole Special Mission, a player needs to complete it 3 times (that is the third lap).

Is there a way to shred the Golden Tickets that I have received for a minion I don’t have and don’t want to purchase?

No, there is no way to shred the tickets for a costume you don’t have. You have to obtain the relevant costume in order to use these tickets.

Where can I find the Secret Areas?

Secret Areas are the special levels on the Jelly Lab map. If you see a level with a question mark on the Jelly Lab map, this is a Secret Area level. They are randomly spread out on the map.

Why isn’t the time increased in Fever Mode when I use a power-up costume?

Please note that the only way to increase the time in Fever Mode is to purchase upgrades in the Market. Costumes that increase power-up time (like Lucy) can’t be applied in Fever Mode.

Why can’t I see the next levels/areas? It says they are under construction.

Please note that from now on, you won’t see the next areas available in the game. You can only see your current area and you will need to complete it and unlock the next area in order to go further. The areas will be unlocked one by one.

What skill does the Bratt’s Workout costume have?

Bratt’s Workout costume works as follows: In objectives that require you to run for 4 minutes, you will only have to run 2, as this costume will add 2 minutes towards the minute count. When fully upgraded, it can double all seconds for timed objectives.

What skill does the Island Hopper have? Will Island Hopper stay in my Inventory if I switch my costume?

The Island Hopper costume gives you 100% more Bananas collected while running in the Special Mission levels. If you already have this costume, you won’t lose it if you change costumes. For now it can’t be upgraded, but the upgrades will be available with further game updates.

How can I see the probability of receiving certain rewards from Prize Pods?

To check the drop probability of an item in each Prize Pod, you will need to enter the detailed description screen of that Prize Pod, and tap the “i” icon. It will open a website in your browser with the “Minion Rush Prize Pod Drop Chances” info. There, you can find the drop percentage tables of different Prize Pods.

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