Age of Colossus: How do I build faster?

1. Join an alliance

Your alliance members’ help will reduce your building time. Upgrade Alliance Parliament, so more members can help accelerate your construction, and each help will reduce more time!

For specific numbers, please hit [Alliance Parliament] – [Details] – [More Info].

Alliance tech [Drone Aid] can also boost construction speed. So remember to donate your resource for it – the higher its level, the higher the speed boost.

For specific numbers, please press [Alliance] – [Tech] – [Drone Aid], and then the [!] sign in the top right corner.

2. Feed your beast – Age of Colossus

Go to [Beast Base], feed [Active Ore Frags] to your beast to increase its EXP and Friendliness. When its Friendliness reaches 100%, you can activate Beast Totem, which allows you to reduce the waiting time of building upgrades for free. The higher level your beast is, the more time it can help reduce.

[Active Ore Frags] can be obtained by hunting spiders inside your base. Beast EXP can also be obtained by using the Explore function of the beast base.

Beast Talents provide building speed bonuses, too. Check how to unlock them and their specific numbers on the Beast Talent interface.

3. Build the Construction Booster

To build this, you need to activate the [Luxury Privilege] in [Benefits]. With an activated [Luxury Privilege], the [Construction Booster] building will bring you a building speed bonus. The higher the building level, the better the bonus number (up to 22%).

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Recruit the hero [Master Builder: Daniel] and upgrade his building-related skills, commission him to the [Construction Booster] to enjoy significant building speed bonuses.

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