Age of Colossus: How to get Gems?

Commander, we have listed some ways to obtain free gems, please take a look!

1. Bind your game account to your social platform account

After binding your Facebook or Google account, you will obtain 200 Gems and Super Recruitment Card x3 immediately!

2. Join an alliance for the first time

After joining the alliance for the first time, you will receive a reward of 200 gems, which will be sent out via alliance mail, please go to [Menu] – [Mail] – [Alliance] to check and claim.

There is a time limit for claiming mail rewards. Please claim the rewards in time before the mails expire.

3. Alliance Salary

Online alliance members can unlock the corresponding salary chests when the attendance requirements on a day are met, and each level of the chests contains gem rewards!

You can go to [Menu] – [Alliance] – [Alliance Salary] – [Attendance] to claim

4. Daily Supply

Go to [Benefits] – [Daily Supply], consume gems to purchase gem supply packs, and after a period of time, you can obtain more than 1000% of the gem amount you’ve paid!

5. Hunt Spiders down

Just tap the spiders inside your base to send beast to hunt them down and obtain resource or gem rewards.

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6. Open trunks

After unlocking new tiles, trunks will be found there. Open trunks to obtain gems

7. Gather gem resource spot

Go to the zone to look for a such spot manually, or you can tap on the magnifying glass in the left corner of the screen, select [Resources] (the 2nd icon) – [Gem] – Select Level – [Search] to find gem resource spot.

Tap a gem resource spot to check its basic information, and tap [Gather] to send a march queue to gather resources.

8. Rally to attack Death Sandworm

Each day after rallying and attacking the Death Sandworm for the first time successfully, you will obtain gem rewards. This chance will be reset at 00:00 in-game time every day.

9. Infinite Challenge

When the base reaches Lv.6, go to [Events] to find the access to [Infinite Challenge Event]. The event will start at 8:00 in-game time every day. The points will be calculated after each round. Rewards that are not claimed in time will be sent to your mail.

The missions of each round are different, and you can obtain corresponding points after completing the missions. When the points meet the requirements, not only can you obtain resources and items, but also you have the opportunity to obtain gem rewards! At the end of the event countdown, the top ten commanders can also obtain extra rank rewards!

10. Facebook Follower Milestones

On Facebook, we have prepared generous benefits. Participate in the event to have the opportunity to obtain super recruitment cards, gems, various resources and item rewards!

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Follow the official Facebook page of ‘Beast Order’. When the number of followers of the page meets the requirements, the corresponding milestone rewards will be unlocked. At that time, we will send rewards to the commanders via in-game mail.

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