Age of Colossus: How do I get more resources?

1. Always check the events in [Benefits] and [Events] out, and take part in them! You can win an abundance of Gems, Recruitment Cards, and Resources there!

2. Upgrade resource buildings and resource-related techs: Both will increase the output of different resources. Don’t forget to keep a sufficient electricity supply to make sure the resource buildings function with maximum power.

3. Rapid Production: Rapid Production has a Success Rate. Each time you use Rapid Production, the Success Rate declines. Researching the corresponding technologies can enhance the effect of Rapid Production.

How to do Rapid Production?

Tap a resource building, tap [Rapid] – [Start].

4. Caravan Helipad: Build the Caravan Helipad after upgrading your Base to Lv.5. At the Caravan Helipad, you can sell your resources for Gold. When your base reaches Lv.10, you’ll be able to trade for the resources you need with your existing resources.

5. Class buildings: If you’ve chosen the Class [Quartermaster], you can upgrade the building [Quartermaster Office] to enjoy resource output buffs. Tap [Quartermaster Office] to select the [Harvest] function, you’ll obtain resources of at least 2 hours’ production instantly.

6. Defeat the Shadow Corps or Sandworms in the field for a good deal of rewards. Different types of resources can be obtained by defeating different Shadow Corps units. A pop-up window will appear if you tap a Shadow Corps before launching an attack, and you can see what resource you may get as loot.

7. Plundering: If you attacked other commanders’ bases and nailed the victory, you can plunder resources from them.

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8. Allies’ Help: The exclusive class building [Trader Office] allows players of class [Trader] to deliver resources to their allies. The amount of resources that can be delivered each time depends on the transporters’ own resource storage and unit load. When the resources are delivered, a tax will be deducted, which declines as the Trade Shop upgrades. The lowest tax rate is 15%.

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