Age of Colossus: Guide about resources spot and gathering

How to find Resource Spot

Players can manually search on the map, or tap the magnifying glass on the left side in the zone interface, set criteria to search.


After you find the Resource Spot in the zone, tap Gather to start gather resources. It takes a certain time for the march queue to complete the resource gathering. After the completion of the gathering, your march queue will return to your base with resources.

How to improve the efficiency of gathering resources

1. Go to [Benefits] – [Luxury Privilege] to purchase and activate Luxury Privilege. During the period of Luxury Privilege, you can spend gems to increase resource gathering speed.

2. The more total load of your march queue, the more resources you will bring back until you reach the maximum capacity of the gathering resource spot.

3. Select the [Quartermaster] class to increase the efficiency of resource gathering through class bonus.

4. Research related technologies to improve gathering efficiency and march speed.

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