Smash Rivals: Chest, coins and gems

What are the Chest types?

There are 3 types of Chests you can win in ranked battles. All of them
contain Coins and hero cards and some even Gems. The bigger the Chest, the more time it requires to unlock.

Silver Chest unlocks in 3 hours.
Gold Chest unlocks in 8 hours.
Magic Chest unlocks in 12 hours.

Chests from higher arenas contain more Coins and cards.

Chests can also be purchased in the shop. Purchased chests open immediately and they contain more content than regular Chests.

Can I delete a Chest?

No, it is not possible to remove Chest once you have won it in a ranked battle.

Smart Chest management can help you maximize your unlock efficiency. For example, unlock bigger Chests during the night or speed up unlocking by using Gems.

How do quests work?

You get a new quest every 8 hours. You have to finish a quest in order to get a new one.

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Currently we have only one type of a quest in our game but we’ll be adding more within the next couple updates.

What Chest am I going to get from battle?

All Chests are coming in frequent cycles.

Are all of your slots full? Don’t worry, in that case, the Chest cycle is put on hold until one of them is empty again.

How do I get more Coins and what are they used for?

You can obtain Coins in Chests or buy them in the shop. You’ll also obtain Coins by winning matches.

You can use Coins to upgrade your cards.

How do I get more Gems and what are they used for?

Gems are the most valuable resource in the game. You can buy Gems in shop or obtain them from some Chests.

You can use Gems to buy Chests and Coins in shop and also to speed up chest unlocks.

What are Trophies and how do I get them?

Only your selected hero is gaining/losing(depending on the outcome of a match) Trophies.

Your total Trophies are sum of all your heroes‘ individual Trophies.

Trophies represent your progress in the game. The amount of Trophies you win or lose in a battle depends on the amount of average Trophies your opponents have.

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