Smash Rivals: Heroes guide

How do I unlock new heroes?

You will find new heroes as you progress to higher arenas. To see the list of heroes you can unlock from specific arenas, go to the arena list by tapping the arena image just above the ‘Battle’ button on the main screen.

What are the hero stats?

Each hero has Hit Damage and Health. You can increase these stats by collecting enough cards and coins and levelling up your heroes.

Heroes also have Weight and Size that remain constant throughout all levels. These affect the way heroes move and react with others physically.

When do I unlock new ability for my hero?

Each hero has Move Attack and set of unique abilities.

First ability is always unlocked.

Second ability unlocks at level 4.

Passive ability unlocks at level 7.

What’s a passive ability and how do I activate it?

Each hero has a passive ability that unlocks at level 7.

Each passive ability has a certain trigger and once the trigger condition is fulfilled(for example with Wizard, you have to play two Lightning Bolts), the next cast of one of your abilities is enhanced(with Wiazrd, Lightning Bolt turns into Lightning Blast).

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Once your passive ability is unlocked you can read the trigger condition in battle by tapping on it’s icon or by reading it in the card detail in your collection.

Will you add new heroes?

Yes! We’ll be adding new heroes continuously.

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