Road of Kings: FAQ

You are a lord of the Territory in Road of Kings You can make your territory increasingly powerful by continually upgrading buildings, recruiting heroes, training soldiers, developing technology, collecting resources from the map of the kingdom, and joining clan.

How does a novice relocate his/her castle?

The newly-created role will get a Novice Relocator, which can be used to relocate your castle to a new location within the Kingdom Click “Transfer” on any “Open Space” in any Kingdom and transfer your castle there. Limit: Novice Relocator is for Lord with level 30 and below only, and valid for 7 days.

How to collect resources?

Find the resource point in the map of the Kingdom, click and select Collection, send collection troop to occupy the resource point and start to collect resources. It will take a certain amount of time to complete the collection, after the completion of the collection, your collection troop will back to your territory with collected resources The greater your troop’s capacity, the more resources it will bring back

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During collection in farmland, forest, montain and iron ore, it also has chances to collect materials of lord equipment.

How to get resources?

  • Collect resources from resource points
  • Resource buildings can generate resources over time, build more resource buildings or upgrade them to increase resource production
  • You clan members can send supplies to you
  • You can use resource pack to get resources directly
  • Plunder other players resources

How to gain Lord’s EXP?

Lord EXP source: “Adventure Continent”, “Main Quest”, “Daily Quest” and “Gift Pack” (Lord does not need to attend the fight)

How to gain Hero’s EXP?

Hero EXP source: “Adventure Continent”, “EXP items” (With hero in fight)

How to get Talent points?

Upgrade Lord’s level to gain the talent points Talent points can be used in the Lord’s talents.

How to change my name?

There are two ways you can change your name.

1. Use “Name-changer” to change your name in the “Bag”, then enter your new name and click “confirm”.

If you don`t have this item, you need to buy it in “Shop” – “Special”.

2. Click on your avatar (In the upper left corner of the interface) or the “Lord” button, and click on the Feather pen button on the left of the name of your lord. If you have “Name-changer” in your bag, you can rename directly; If not, it will consume your diamonds to complete the operation.

Note: Your player name and your castle name are the same.

Why should I be a VIP player?

VIP players can enjoy a variety of Buffs (such as Free building acceleration, Resource production increase, Traveling Speedup, Army size increase, upper limit of purchase the energy bottle increase, the extra attack, defense and HP of army and so on), so that the VIP players can grow up faster and gain greater advantage in fight.

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Click the “VIP” button next to the Avatar, enter the VIP interface, you can switch the privileged Introduction section to see the VIP privileges of each level.

How to improve the VIP level?

VIP is divided into 16 levels. Increase the VIP scores to meet the requirement of next stage, then you can upgrade the VIP level

How to get the VIP scores?

VIP scores can be received by the daily login game. The more times you log in continuously, the more the VIP scores you receive

You can also click the “Get Scores” button on the VIP interface, enter the purchase interface, purchase and use the corresponding items to upgrade the VIP level. This is a relatively fast way to upgrade.

In addition, you can get VIP scores by completing quests, participating in activities, and so on.

How to improve might?

You can improve the might by training soldiers, building, upgrading buildings and developing technology. When you upgrade buildings, you can preview how much might it will improve on upgrading interface.

How to use ally reinforcements?

After you have built the Embassy, ​​if there is an enemy to attack your castle, your allies can send you soldiers to help defend. The number of reinforcements you can receive is related to your embassy level.

What is rally?

Rally is to unite clan members to attack the enemy. When initiating the Rally the initiator selected build-time, time allies can join the assembly, after the build-up time, the military buildup will start to attack the enemy. The rally is initiated on the condition that there is a “Battle Hall”, the level of which determines the rallied army size. Only the initiator can dismiss the rallied army, the participated army can not be recalled once traveling.

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How to increase the Army Limit?

When upgrading the castle to level 7, 15, 26, 30, it will increase a march queue.

How to save coordinates?

In the Kingdom of the map, click any place, and click the Save button in the pop-up window (Save button at the appearance of an inverted water drop) to save the coordinate. Click “Bookmarks” on the right side below the map of the Kingdom, you can check the collected coordinates.

How to recruit hero?

Collect 10 same soulstones to recruit a hero. Soulstone can be obtained by completing main chapter or challenges of elite barriers, and you also can get the rare hero from participating in official events organized from time to time.

How to strengthen the hero?

Upgrade the hero level; Collect the title equipment to upgrade hero’s title, in order to unlock more heroes skills; Collect soulstones to upgrade the star of hero, in order to unlock legion skill of hero; Collect transcendence stone to transcend hero to enhance all abilities of the hero.

What is the role of hero in the battle?

Hero is acting like a general in the battle, Legion skills of hero can bring a variety of attack and defense bonus, and can also increase the army size.

How to accelerate the training SPD of soldiers?

It can be achieved by learning lord talent, developing technology, upgrading the camp level or increasing the camp number.

How to accelerate the upgrading SPD of buildings?

It can be achieved by learning lord talent, developing technology, asking help from clan members or using acceleration items.

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  1. Which heroes can be higher then 160?

    1. There is a sort of arrowhead looking thing in the top right of the heroes that can go to level 240. If it doesn’t have it it will not go that high

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