Road of Kings: What is the Empire city Battle?

At the center of the map of the kingdom stands the Kingdom’s core building, the Empire city, which is surrounded by 6 forts, namely Blade Fortress, Fire Fortress, Rock fortress, Storm Fortress, Sky Fortress and Aurora Fortress.

At first, the Empire city and all forts are in peace phase, not belong to anyone and the player could not occupy them. 5 days after the new server, 6 forts will be in battle phase (empire city will not be activated in the first battle), all players in clans can try to occupy the fortresses, occupying the fortresses will grant boosts immediately.

The boosts effect will enhance the army ability of all the embers of the occupying clan, the boosts effect of each fortress is different, the player can plan to occupy the corresponding fortress according to the demand. When a clan seizes the empire city or fortress, it must hold on for a period of time, after the time is over, the empire city or fortress enters into peace phase, and the clan can officially obtain the empire city or fortress. If the empire city or fortress is breached by another clan, the new clan will be timed again.

When attacking the empire city or fortress, player can rally attack. Because the individual army strength is limited, but the united army of clan members is a reliable guarantee to fight. When one tries to occupy the empire city or fortress, he will be the commander, he can ask for the reinforcement from allies, the reinforcement size is determined by the Battle Hall level of commander. The higher level the Battle hall, the greater the reinforcement size If the current commander’s Battle Hall level is not high, other allies with a relatively high-level Battle hall can request a replacement commander by clicking “Changing Commander”.

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When the new commander’s army is about to reach the empire city or fortress, the original commander only need to dismiss the garrison and exit, the new commander will be able to successfully enter, and the replacement is done. When the empire city is successfully occupied and entered the peace phase, it means the end of the Battle of the empire city.

The peace phase will last 5 days, and 5 days later it will open a new round of Battle. phe leader of occupying clan will be the king, who has a lot of privileges.

1. The king can title others Titles are divided into good ones and bad ones. King can give the good ones to their allies or friends, and naturally the bad ones to their enemies.

2. The king can give rewards to their people, the rewards are free and rich!

3. The king can also issue the Kingdom proclamation, so that the people will know his will and rules.

4. The king can open the kingdom boosts, the boosts effects include Building SPD increase and Research SPD increase, only one effect at a time. All players in this kingdom will enjoy the effect.

5. The king can pardon all prisoners and release them. One king can only pardon once during his term of service.

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