Road of Kings: Learn how to protect yourself

1. Join the Clan – Allies are your strongest backing, join the clan to get more people’s assistance

2. Territory shields – Absolute protection. It gives the opportunity to grow up and can effectively prevent people from attacking your territory Boosts

3. Relocate your Castle – Escaping from the war and moving to a safe place is a good choice

4. Change your name – Change your name and let the enemy cannot track you down Name-Changer

5. Hospital – Expand and upgrade your Hospital to accommodate more wounded soldiers. Heal the wounded to quickly recover their fighting ability

6. Territory Defense – Upgrade the Wall, strengthen the defense of your territory, so that the enemy can not breach (research related technology to increase the strength of the wall)

7. Warehouse – Upgrade the Warehouse to protect more resources, prevent the enemy from robbing your resources

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