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Why are some buildings or upgrades locked? How do I unlock them?

The Keep is the core building of your Kingdom and controls your progression! By upgrading it, you will unlock new buildings. Buildings that unlock Troops, Heroes, Traps or Upgrades can be found in the Build menu, under “Special”. You will also need to reach a certain player level to upgrade the Keep. That player level is indicated in the information menu.

What is the purpose of Medals in the game?

Your Medal count reflects your skills as a Ruler and your ranking position in the Leaderboard. Winning Player vs. Player matches or successfully defending an attack on your Kingdom will increase your Medal count. Losing in Player vs. Player matches or failing to defend an attack on your Kingdom will decrease your Medal count.

I have upgraded a building or Troop, but my statistics have not changed. Why is that?

New statistics will only be applied at the end of the timer. Be careful; the functionality of some buildings will be unavailable during the upgrade time. If you are in a hurry, you can use Gems to skip the timers. The “Instant” icon will also allow you to instantaneously complete builds and upgrades.

What is the purpose of the ”Instant” button in the upgrade pop-up?

This button allows you to build or upgrade two elements at the same time by spending a certain amount of Gems. This action will not use any of the resources in your storage buildings.

My building is upgrading and now I can no longer use the functions this building offers. Why?

Some buildings will be unavailable during an upgrade. Its full functionality will return at the end of the upgrade timer. You cannot recruit new Troops on an upgrading Battle Camp, but the Troops that are already trained can be brought to battle. Resource production buildings will stop producing resources during an upgrade. It is also impossible to upgrade the Workshop and a Troop at the same time.

What is Magic Dust and where can I find it in the game?

Magic Dust is a rare resource used to craft Ultimate Cards. You will find some in Loot Chests and daily rewards! You cannot purchase this item. However, it is often given as a reward in Events. So if you want more, be sure to participate in Events!

How can I acquire more food to respawn Troops during battle?

Every building, trap, or crate that you destroy will provide you with food. Troops will cost you more food every time you respawn them. Use strategy, move your Hero and destroy every building, even those that are not blocking the path to your battle objective.

How can I unlock new Heroes?

Heroes are unlocked by completing story chapters. Once you defeat them and prove your worth, they will join your army. Keep an eye out on Events and new story chapters to unlock powerful new Heroes.

I can command my Hero multiple times, but not my Troops; why is that?

Troops are not as mighty as Heroes. They will obey your first command but after that, they will take over and dictate their own battle strategy. When their target is destroyed, they will find a new target and move towards it. You can use Command Cards to redirect them at a pivotal moment in the battle.

I can’t beat this Mission/Opponent/Event! A little help?

You can try upgrading your Troops, Heroes and Cards. Try using alternate strategies, mix up your Troop configurations, change Heroes or use different Cards. Also, don’t forget that the Keep controls the levels of the Workshop and Heroes’ Altar. You might have to upgrade these buildings to harness the strength needed to defeat certain enemies!

I get raided all the time. What should I do?

First, be sure to upgrade your defenses, such as Walls, Towers, and Traps. Verify that you have placed all unlocked structures available in your Build menu. Use Traps strategically and learn the best way to place your Towers. You can also recruit temporary Wall Tower Archers with Gems. These Archers will be added to Walls and defend your Kingdom against enemies. To add the Archers, tap on the Archer Icon in the Gate menu.

How can I attack other players? There doesn’t seem to be anyone on my world map!

Multiplayer will unlock when you reach Level 2. Continue upgrading your Kingdom and completing story chapter missions in order to gain Experience Points. Also, tell your friends to join Siegefall and wage war against them!

The game crashed during a battle. What will be the outcome of the battle?

The game will reload in your Kingdom and all your used resources, Troops and Cards will be given back to you, as if the battle never occurred. That’s the power of magic; we can go back in time!

I’ve tried to attack another player, but I get a pop-up saying that I can’t. Why does this happen?

You can’t attack someone that is currently online or being attacked by another player. Wait for a moment and retry.

How do I remove a player that I am unable to beat from my world map?

24 hours after another player’s Kingdom appears on your map, a little exclamation icon will appear over it. When tapping on that Kingdom, there will be a ”Find new opponent” icon in the bubble. Using it will replace that opponent on the map with a new one!

I get a Connection Failed error that says, “There was an error logging into your account.” Why is that?

If you use more than one device, you need to wait around 15 minutes before you can move to the other in order for your progress to be saved.

What is the purpose of the Guild Warship?

The Guild Warship gives you the opportunity to team up with other players, gather Rings and compete to be the top Guild of the realm. Upgrading the Guild Warship also gives you special perks and privileges, such as participating in limited-time Guild events!

I’ve upgraded my Guild Warship; now what?

Each and every perk will grant you an advantage in the Guild or in the game, such as Troop Donations, better rewards, or an exclusive hero. More levels are going to come in the future. Brace yourself; more Guild Warship perks are coming!

How do I unlock and use the Dragon Hunter Hero?

In order to unlock the Dragon Hunter, you must reach VIP Level 3. She used to be summoned with Magic Dust; now she can be summoned at the Heroes’ Altar with Gold, like the other Heroes.

Why are the last five levels of the Guild Warship locked?

There is no way to unlock them right now, nor to pre-unlock them. We are planning to integrate them in future updates. Stay on the lookout!

How are Guilds ranked on the Guild Leaderboard?

Guilds are ranked based on the collective amount of Rings owned by each player. Medals do not influence the Guild’s ranking.

What are Rings?

Rings are victory points that players can acquire by battling other players on the world map. You can also accumulate some in the limited-time Guild events. They get reset every time a new Season starts.

What happens if my Troop request timer ends and I didn’t get any Troops?

If you requested a Troop, and the Troop request timer expires, your Guild Members can still see your request until it is fulfilled. You can also change your request by tapping on another Troop type.

What is Donation Level?

Donation Level is a way to measure how much Guild members are donating Troops. Increasing your Donation Level reduces the Troop request timer. Donate often to quickly increase your Donation Level!

How can I hold more Troops in my Guild Camp?

Upgrading the Guild Warship will increase the Food capacity of your Guild Camp.

What is the VIP system?

The VIP system rewards players who are committed to the game by allowing them to get special and exclusive features.

How do I progress in the VIP system?

Players have to gather VIP Stars to level up and unlock the new content. VIP Stars act as VIP experience points. You can collect VIP Stars every day from the Daily Rewards by visiting the Marketplace, and you can acquire some every time you make a purchase in the game.

Where can I see my VIP level?

When you enter the first level of the VIP system, a distinctive frame will appear around your Player Level. This frame is representative of your VIP Level and will change as you progress. To know more about your progression, you can access the VIP menu from the crown button on the left side of your screen. The info button next to the progress bar will inform you of everything that is still left to unlock.

Why are the VIP Levels locked past Level 8?

There is no way to unlock them right now. We are planning to integrate the VIP system with the very secret upcoming features that are going to be implemented in future updates. We will keep track of the VIP Stars you accumulate even if the cap is reached. Be patient; more awesome privileges will come!

I’ve received the VIP Skin for Knight Teren and the Dragon Hunter. Where can I equip them?

In the Summon Hero menu, you can choose to summon the classic Hero or the one with the VIP skin (Black and Gold). Switching from one to the other is free and occurs instantly.

In the Jackpot Tavern, can I refresh the prizes without opening all the chests?

Yes, it actually may be a good decision to do so if you already won the Grand Prize or the Second Prize.

In the Jackpot Tavern, are the prizes automatically refreshed?

Yes, every day the prizes will change, so don’t forget to open your free chest.

When do I have a free chest in the Jackpot Tavern?

You have a free chest every time the prizes are refreshed, automatically or manually.

What is the purpose of the Tribal Monkeys appearing on the map?

You can send a Tribal Monkey on a mission for a certain amount of time. They will bring you back basic resources and other rare items in exchange for Gold. But be aware: Some of them will stay available to hire for a very short period of time. Be sure to grab them when they appear!

How can I access the new chapter, Realm of the Dead?

Your Keep must be at least Level 4, and then you can access the chapter via the World Map. It’s not dependent on completing any other chapters.

How can I unlock Kuhl’ahn, the Undying as a Hero?

Beat him in Level 15 of Realm of the Dead. He will join your side and be available to summon.

What are Kuhl’ahn, the Undying’s abilities?

His Special Ability is to curse the target, amplifying damage done while slowing its attack speed. Curse powerful Towers to reduce their damage output while allowing you to destroy them faster. His Alternate Attack summons undead minions that fight for him. Reinforce your army with his minions to strengthen your assault and keep single-target Towers busy, such as the Ancient Monolith.

What do the new green Spectral Crystals do?

As long as Kuhl’ahn is alive, these crystals will spawn undead soldiers when troops are nearby.

How does the Guild Gift work?

Every time a member of your Guild purchases a pack of Gems, you will receive a gift in the Cargo Ship, next to the Guild Warship. A new gift will be announced in the Guild Chat and will be available for 24 hours. Make sure you claim it in time!

How can I acquire the new Phoenix Card?

The only way to currently obtain the Phoenix Ultimate Card is as a prize in the Jackpot Tavern.

Why has the number of Rings my Guild had earned reset?

Some players have reported that their number of Rings has been reset during the season. Our team has worked very hard to fix the problem so it should not happen anymore. However, please note that when a player leaves a Guild, the amount of Rings they earned is removed from the Guild total.

How can I collect Essence Orbs to unlock and upgrade my Spirits?

You will find Essence Orbs as rewards in the Trial of Guilds and Jackpot Tavern.

How can I control my Spirit during a battle?

During battle, your Spirit will follow your hero at all times.

How does a Spirit’s Health work?

When a Spirit is killed in battle, it will respawn after a few seconds next to your Hero. If your Hero dies, the Spirit will remain dead and will need to be manually resummoned.

Why do I have different types of Essence Orbs?

Each type of Orb is linked to a specific Spirit element. You can observe this in the Spirit Den next to your Heroes’ Podium.

Why did my chests disappear?

In order to prevent some exploits and to avoid issues, chests now disappear after a certain amount of time. Don’t forget to collect them all before they are lost forever.

What is the Vanguard?

The Vanguard Base is a second kingdom where you can build up your defense and armies that will be used only for Vanguard Battles. The rules in Vanguard mode are different; you can place buildings using a limited amount of Bricks, and all your Troops, Cards and Heroes will not be consumed, even if used/lost in battle.

What are Vanguard Battles?

Vanguard Battles are live battles between two players. The attacker commands their army to destroy the opponent’s Base. The defender must protect it by rebuilding their destroyed Towers and commanding Outpost Troops. The set of Vanguard Cards available for Attack are different from those for Defense.

How do I start a Vanguard Battle?

You can use the Zeppelin in your main Kingdom to access the Vanguard or start a battle, or via a node on the World Map. Starting a battle will cost you Gold, and you will be matched with an opponent. The game will randomly assign players to the roles of attacker or defender, so be sure to have your defense and army prepared at all times by visiting your Vanguard first.

How can I acquire more Vanguard Cards?

You can craft a pack in your Vanguard Card Keeper by using Vanguard Dust. Card packs will give you a mix of Defense and Attack cards. You will also find them if you open chests in the Jackpot Tavern back in the main Kingdom. There is also a special tab in the Shop for Vanguard Card boosters.

Where can I learn more about Vanguard mode?

When accessing the Vanguard, you will find a ”Help” icon on the left side of the screen. All useful info regarding how to build your Base, rules for attackers and defenders, and betting can be found there.

How does the betting system work?

After the pre-battle phase, the game will ask if you want to bet on your winning the battle. You can bet Gems in order to get the proposed reward if you win. If you and your opponent both bet, the reward will be multiplied for the winner. If you leave the battle, you lose the Gems you bet and the proposed rewards.

What is a Win Streak?

Every time you win a Vanguard Battle, the counter beside your player name will increase. You’ll receive a fixed special reward every time your Win Streak increases. If you lose, the counter will reset to 0. The win streak counter persists between play sessions.

How can I upgrade my Vanguard Base?

Go to your Vanguard Workshop next to the Spirit Den and browse the tabs to select what you want to upgrade.

Where do I get the resources to upgrade my Vanguard Base?

Upgrade Tokens are found in Token Chests you can collect by winning Vanguard Battles. You can also purchase Chests directly from the Chests shop, seen to the right of the empty Chest slots.

How do I participate in PvP Seasons?

You need to have 5,000 Medals to participate in a PvP Season.

Is it normal that my Medals have been reset to 5,000 at the end of the PvP Season?

Yes. At the end of the Season, all players with over 5,000 Medals will have their Medals total reset to this amount.

My VIP level changed! What happened?

We have improved the VIP level system to include more levels and, in doing so, more rewards. All the rewards you previously unlocked are still yours; any Runes you were supposed to get according to your VIP level have been added to your Rune Levels.

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