Pirate Tales: Battle for Treasure – Personal Ship

A Personal Ship in game Pirate Tales: Battle for Treasure is integral to the gaming process, since it allows getting bonuses to certain parameters on a regular basis. As you buy a new Ship or upgrade cabins of your existing one, you can significantly increase your chances of winning, as well as get various extra bonuses, too.

At the moment, your Ship’s cabins can award bonuses that affect the following game parameters:

  • Damage dealt in battles;
  • Number of Health Points for all Heroes;
  • Chance of dealing a Critical Hit;
  • Increasing the number of Battle Points earned in battle;
  • Silver income (in the cashback format, which involves reimbursing a share of the Silver you’ve spent in the game so far).

To increase the value of your bonuses, you should upgrade your Ship’s cabins; and in order to do that, you’ll have to use special Tools.

Can I change my Ship for another one?

Yes, you can change your Personal Ship for another one at any moment in time. You can buy a Ship from the Shipyard tab of the game shop. By the way: your old Ship won’t just disappear for good! You’ll be compensated with some of the Tools you’ve contributed to its upgrades before.

What are Tools?

Tools are a points system, with points being used for your Ship’s upgrades.

You can get Tools in a number of ways at the moment:

  • In Main Encounters (starting from the third Encounter in the No Man’s Land region);
  • From Pirate Ships sailing the waters of the region (the number of points depends on the type of ship);
  • In Daily Quests dedicated to Pirate Ships;
  • From certain Adventures;
  • From the game shop… for a bit of gold!
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Do all the players have their own Ships?

Yes, all players have a Personal Ship at their disposal; it becomes available as soon as the player reaches level 4.

Global Bonuses

Having a Personal Ship entitles you to Global Bonuses.

There are currently 5 types of such bonuses available in the game:

  • Damage dealt in battle: the base Damage of all Heroes making up the player’s crew increases by the percentage indicated in the Cabin window.
  • Number of Health Points of all Heroes: the base Health of all Heroes making up the player’s crew increases by the percentage indicated in the Cabin window.
  • Chance of a Critical Hit: the base Crit Chance of all Heroes making up the player’s crew is increased by the value indicated in the Cabin window.
  • Increasing the number of Battle Points: the player earns additional Battle Points. The reward window displays both the total battle points and the share that is represented by the bonus; the latter is highlighted in a different color for your convenience.
  • Silver Cashback (partial reimbursement of funds spent);

When a player spends Silver in the game, a certain percentage of the sum gets saved and deposited as potential cashback (the exact value of such percentage is determined by the bonus indicated in the Cabin window).

Every once in a while the Silver reserve that is built up in this manner can be collected. You can do it from the Shop window, where you can also check the timer indicating when you can next collect some Silver for your pleasure. Therefore, you’ll have to wait for a given time period before you can collect more Silver next time (provided you spend any in the game during that period).

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