Pirate Tales: Battle for Treasure – Clans, Clan War and Clan Leagues

Clans are groups of players that join together in order to strengthen their position in the Pirate Tales lands. You can join or create a Clan at level 10. Clan members can use Clan chat to communicate with other clanmates. Also, there are two kinds of Clan activities: Challenges and Bosses, and each Clan has Clan Store where Hero cards and Items packs can be purchased.

There are 3 ranks in clans – Leader, Officer, Commander, Сommon Clanmate.

Clan Challenges

Clan Challenges are the limited time activities. They are updated every 24 hours. There are a few kinds of these activities:

  • Gain a certain number of Encounter victories
  • Gain a certain number of Ship victories
  • Earn a certain amount of silver
  • Earn a certain amount of gold
  • Gain a certain number of Battle points in any battles

Reward is the clan currency depends on the degree of the completed task and distributed equally among all members of the clan. There is also an additional reward which depends on the player’s personal contribution to the victory over the boss.

Clan Bosses

Bosses are strong opponents accompanied by two groups of allies. To fight the boss, 1 stamina is required.

Only the leader of a clan can activated the boss fight (and the leader must unlock the corresponding map region first). There is a limited amount of time to defeat the boss. Each boss can be defeated every five days. Different boss fights can be active at the same time.

You will be credited with the points of progress for the victory over each group of boss allies. To defeat the boss, you need to accumulate a certain number of such points, so that the contribution of each member of the clan is important.

Reward is the clan currency and it is given after the victory over the boss and distributed equally among all members of the clan. There is also an additional reward which depends on the player’s personal contribution to the victory over the boss.

Clan Rating

The Clan Rating reflects the power of the Clan and depends on the success in Challenges and fights with Bosses. Rating is dropped to 1000 at the start of every season and gained by the activity of players during the season.

Clans that gained more rating than others get first places, receive special rewards and go to higher leagues.

Clan Creation

You can create your clan at level 10 and it will cost 10,000 silver and 1,000 gold coins. The future Clan leader can choose a name and a coat of arms — the shape and color of the background and of the emblem.

The general settings of the clan include the choice of the country, the type of Clan (open when anyone can enter, or private when entry is only by invitation or after the application is approved) and limitations (player’s rating and player’s collection power).

After the Clan creation, the Clan leader can change all general settings, the coat of arms and the Clan name.

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Cards Exchange

One of the clear advantages of joining a Clan is the option of requesting Hero Cards you need from other Clanmates.

Requesting Cards follows a few certain rules:

  1. You can request Cards for one of the previously unlocked Heroes as long as you’re short of a number of Cards for leveling that Hero up. You can request Cards once in every 12 hours. Say, you’ve for 16 Cards of a certain Hero, and you can level them up at 20 Cards; here, you can request 4 more Cards from your Clanmates. However, if you have 25 Cards of a Hero that can be leveled up at 20 Cards, you must first level them up and then request more Cards to level up even further.
  2. You cannot send several different requests for different Hero Cards: only one request can be active at any given time, and it will be valid for 12 hours. If you put through a new request for another Hero’s Cards, the current one will be closed automatically.
  3. Your Card request will also be closed if you manage to get enough Cards to level up the associated Hero in some other way before it expires, or if you happen to leave the Clan altogether.

Sending Cards in response to other players’ requests also has a few specifics:

  1. If you send a Card to a player that needs one, you’ll get a reward of Silver and Experience that depends on the rarity of this Card: 15 Silver coins and 15 XP for a Common; 30 Silver coins and 30 XP for an Uncommon; 50 Silver coins and 50 XP for a Rare; 75 Silver coins and 75 XP for a Legendary; and 150 Silver coins and 150 XP for an Epic Card.
  2. There are also a couple of limitations to sending Cards to other players. Here, everything depends on Card rarity, too: you can send up to 10 Common Cards, up to 5 Uncommon Cards, up to 3 Rares, up to 2 Legendaries, and only one Epic Card at a time.

Another limitation concerns the overall sending of Cards in response to a player’s request: you cannot send more than 100 Cards during a 24-hour period of time.

Clan War

Any Clan can attack any other Clan that is displayed in the Clan List at any time. The Clan Leader is the one to initiate war. You can attack a Clan whose position in the clan ratings is not too far off yours: neither much higher, nor much lower. A Clan War consists of two stages: the Preparation and the actual War. Once the second stage is over, all the players get to see the Results window.

The Preparation

In order to launch an attack, the Clan needs to pay up the fee denominated in Honor Points: it is a specific percentage share of the current value of the Treasury that belongs to the Clan under attack. The Clan Leader can use the slider to select the duration of the Preparation stage that leads up to the War stage. The attack fee depends on this duration, too: the longer you intend to spend on preparing for the War, the higher the cost of the attack.

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The attack fee is debited from the attacking Clan’s Treasury immediately after the Preparation kicks off. You cannot attack a Clan that is currently at War with another Clan, whatever stage they are at.

Similarly, you cannot attack a Clan that has just been recently created. Let them settle down first! However, this limitation is lifted as soon as this Clan first attacks another.

Once the attack is launched, and all the way through to the end of the War, the following limitations are imposed on both parties involved in battle:

  • The Clans cannot accept new Clanmates, and their current Clanmates cannot leave. Also requests and invitations to join cannot be sent.
    before they can be reviewed).
  • You cannot change the rankings of any of your current Clanmates: neither promote, nor demote anyone.

The War

Once the War begins, the players of participating Clans move on to a special region where the Clan ships are located and the stats of the current War are available. This is where you select your opponent by tapping the designated button. Once the opponent is confirmed, the Heroes that will take part in the battle are selected, too.

The player that loses the battle (either on the attacking or the defending side) is out of the Clan War and can no longer attack or be attacked.

War duration is 30 minutes.

The End of War

The Clan War ends in either of the following scenarios:

  1. Time is up. In this case, victory is awarded to the defending Clan.
  2. All the Clanmates of the defending Clan are defeated. In this case, victory is awarded to the attacking Clan.
  3. All the Clanmates of the attacking Clan are defeated. In this case, victory is awarded to the defending Clan.

After the War is over, the attacking Clan loses its ability to attack yet another for a brief period of time; however, it can still be attacked by other Clans. Similarly, no other Clan can attack the defending Clan for a brief period of time, but the latter can launch an attack on others at its own discretion.

The Reward

Regardless of whether it was on the attacking or defending side, the winning Clan grabs a share of the losing Clan’s rating, thus increasing its own rating. If the winner is the attacking Clan, it is also awarded a share of the losing Clan’s Honor Points from its Treasury, upping the size of its own Treasury nicely.

All the rewards are calculated at the end of the Clan’s attack.

Clan Treasury

The share of Clan Rewards awarded for Boss battles and Challenges does not get distributed among the Clanmates right away, but is stashed away to the common Treasury. Then, Honor Points get distributed among current Clanmates every so often.

The Clan Leader decides what exact share of the Treasury’s contents is to be given to both Officers and regular Clanmates.

Salary from Clan Treasury available to collect every Wednesday and Sunday.

All the changes associated with Treasury functions (such as clan activity revenues, payouts and others) are recorded in a specially designated log journal; any player can view this log at any time if they wish to.

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You don’t lose Honor Points when you leave your clan. You can use all the earned points right after you enter another clan.

Clan Ranks

There are 4 ranks in clans – Leader, Commander, Officer, Сommon Clanmate.

Leader can dissolve the clan, invite and approve requests from other players, delete clan members, promote to officers, change clan leader, start boss battles, start clan war and control clan treasury.

Commander can invite and approve requests from other players, delete clan members, promote to officers, start boss battles and start clan war.

Officers are people helping the Leader with Clan. They can invite and approve requests from other players.

Сommon Clanmate just a clan member.

Also there is mechanism that automatically change Clan Leader if he don’t play game over 21 day and give Leadership to suitable Clanmate. In this case all involved players are received notification.

Clan Leagues

The League system helps order Clans by their levels of game activity.

There are 5 Leagues available at the moment:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • Master

In turn, Leagues are made up of Divisions, and each of those can include up to 10 Clans. The higher the League, the greater the reward its Clanmates get for Clan Challenges, but the requirements for completing these Challenges also go up respectively. Also, a higher League implies a wider range of items available for purchase in the Clan Shop.

All the regular activities are available to the Clans inside any League. You can attack all the Clans that belong to the same Division as you.

Moving up or down a League occurs when a Season is over. Season defines the period of time during which Clans within Divisions challenge one another.

Seasonal results determine the ratings of all the Clans, and that, in turn, indicates whether any given Clan moves up a League, stays in its current League, or moves down a League.

All the Clans are sorted by their rating (in descending order) within each Division:

  • If two Clans have the same rating, the Clan with a greater total Collection Power between all of its Clanmates will take up a higher position;
  • If two Clans have the same rating AND the same total Collection Power, the Clan with the greater Honor Points count in their Treasury will take up a higher position;
  • If even the Honor Points count is the same, too, the Clan that was created earlier will prevail in the rating chart.

All the Clans created throughout the Season get attributed to a separate pre-season League; its Divisions can also include up to 10 Clans each.

When a new Season starts, all the Clans from this pre-season League move on to the Bronze League regardless of their results.

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