Pirate Tales: Battle for Treasure – Global map and Region map

There’s a one large global map which contains seven different regions. Which region gives a chain of main episodes to a player and several additional episodes. Explore the map and complete them all!

What are Main Encounters?

Main Encounters are series of battles you need to win in order to progress along the storyline. You can take breaks between these battles, but you cannot repeat battles that you’ve already won. You will get Experience, Silver and a Faction Chest as a reward after you complete each given battle series.

What are Side Encounters?

Side Encounters are the battles you are not required to win in order to progress further in the game. They become available as the storyline unfolds.

You can tackle Side Encounters multiple times, and they become harder each time you return to the one completed earlier; just hold on for a bit until the Encounter resets. Side Encounters are available only alongside Main Encounters, and you can have more than one available to try at the same time.

You will get Experience, Silver and Items as a reward.

Auto Battle mode is available for Side Encounters from level 4, and you will need Auto Battle Tickets to use it. You need to turn this feature on before the battle kicks off.

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How do I use the map of Regions?

Use the map to check what PvE and PvP activities are available to you in each specific Region.

There are several types of PvE activities:

  • Main Encounters;
  • Side Encounters;
  • Boss battles;
  • Daily Quests;
  • Confrontations.

PvP activities (i.e. when you play against other players) are represented by Tournaments, Domination Site seizures and Pirate Ship battles.

Floating Chests

When you enter the Region, you will see Chests floating randomly in the sea. They appear in different quantities during the day, so don’t forget to come and check the waters for some loot. Click on them to get small rewards of up to 15 Silver coins!

What is the Hardcore?

Hardcore is a special mode of the game episodes. The hardcore mode can be used by players that already achieved the level 15. This mode activates after completion of an episode in the standard mode. The hardcore gives a player much better rewards than standard mode. However, there’s one condition: you can’t let your characters die!

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