Pirate Ships and Tournaments in Pirate Tales: Battle for Treasure

If you want to challenge other players in direct combat in Pirate Tales: Battle for Treasure, you can take part in Tournaments. There are only five players in one Tournament. The top four players get Hero Cards + Silver as rewards. You need to beat your opponents one by one to win overall.

There is no participation fee! And you can win the following Hero Cards: Legendary, Rare, Uncommon, and Common for the winner; Rare, Uncommon and Common for the runner-up; Uncommon and Common for the third place; and Common for the fourth place.

Tournaments are divided by Tiers: they depend on players’ Collection power. The higher Tier — the higher reward. Starting tier 11 winners also will get as a reward.

Diapasons of Tiers
1: 0-3000
2: 3000-5500
3: 5500-9000
4: 9000-15000
5: 15000-25000
6: 25000-35000
7: 35000-50000
8: 50000-65000
9: 65000-90000
10: 90000-135000
11: 135000 -200000
12: 200000-315000
13: 315000-475000
14: 475000-700000
15: 700000+

The tournament lasts 4 hours. If you do not finish the fight within the tournament before the tournament time expires, the results of this fight will not be taken into account.

Pirate Ships in Pirate Tales: Battle for Treasure

Pirate Ships appear in the sea every now and then, and you can get into battles aboard those Ships.

There are special Defenders Crews—yes, defending the Pirate Ships. These Crews have been put together by other players. You can attack Pirate Ships any time one is available and at your own discretion.

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You will receive Gold and Silver if you win the battle; after that the seized Ship will disappear.

Domination Sites

There are several Domination Sites on the map that can be seized and contested by players. You can contest the Site by engaging in battle with the Crew representing the player who had seized the Domination Site before.

You can challenge your luck and try seizing any Site at any moment in time.

What is a Shuffle?

The Shuffle involves changing the Domination Site defending player and their Crew. The player who currently owns the Site does not lose because of the Shuffle, while the change has you surrounded by players more or less equal to you in their power and chances of winning the battle. That is how we ensure that no single power-player holds one given Domination Site forever.

The Shuffle takes place once in every 12 hours (at 9 AM and 9 PM UTC).


The Shuffle is the process when defending players and their crews at Domination Sites are changed. The player who owns the site will not lose it – this change will occur in such a way that you will be surrounded by players which powers are approximately equal to yours.Thus, there will not be situations where one high-level powerful player holds the building forever.

The Reshuffling takes place every 12 hours (at 9 AM and 9 PM UTC).

Defenders Crew

You can hire Heroes for your Defenders’ Crew at your own discretion. To save the new Crew makeup, you will have to pay a certain Silver fee; the total fee depends on the power of your chosen Heroes. By the way: the cost of the Heroes that are already part of your current Defenders’ Crew does not matter.

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