How can I get more crystals? – Fairy Kingdom

You can get free crystals these ways:

  • complete quest chains;
  • take part in weekly tournaments (icon with crown on the right side of your game screen, available after the 20th level);
  • visit game every day (you will get crystals as a weekly bonus);
  • buy the Crystal Palace in Shop and you’ll get 1-3 crystals every day if you help citizens with 100 000 coins;
  • use the links (for the Facebook version of the game) or Magic words (for the mobile version) that we post in our Facebook community.

You can also buy crystals:

  • tap the “+” icon on the crystal bar in your Storage and choose one of the special offers;
  • tap the seasonal offer icon in the right part of your game screen – sometimes we offer the crystals with discount.

Important!: “Buy one, get two free!” special offer doesn’t apply to all offers at the bank, but only to those that are marked with the “X3” icon.

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