New territories in mobile version of the game Fairy Kingdom

There are story objects on the map, that become available as you progress through the game and open new territories. All these buildings, except the Tree of Spirits, cannot be moved.

  • Castle (level 1)
  • Market (level 8, must be completed before the territory is available)
  • Grapeyards (level 10)
  • Looney’s Hovel (level 12)
  • Wizard’s Tower (level 15)
  • Tree of Spirits (level 21, the Archmage’s Outfits quest must be completed)
  • Мermaid’s Dwelling (level 22)
  • Haunted House (level 22)
  • Sacrificial Altar (level 22)
  • Abandoned Amphitheater (level 23)
  • Dragon’s cave (level 25)
  • Witch’s Hut (level 28)
  • Elven ruins of Alvior (level 28)

New territories without the story objects are available at the further levels. They can be purchased with coins and crystals.

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