Fairy Kingdom: Alpaca

All the animal talismans drop randomly from the Talisman Bag. You can buy it for the pieces of talisman in the Shop (section with a treasure chest). You’ll need to dig in the Camp of Explorers in order to find the pieces of talisman. The Camp of Explorers is in the same section of the Shop.

In order to get a random Alpaca in Fairy Kingdom you need to buy the Basket of Wool in the Shop (section with a treasure chest) for 3 Alpaca Talismans or 99 crystals. Seasonal Alpaca drop from the Baskets only during their season. If you need a certain Alpaca for your collection you can get it during special offer.

Common Alpaca:

  • Avocado Alpaca – gives Avocado wool every 2 hours
  • Orange Alpaca – gives Orange wool every 2 hours
  • Plum Alpaca – gives Plum wool every 2 hours

Seasonal Alpaca:

  • Strawberry Alpaca – summer, gives Strawberry wool every 2 hours
  • Blueberry Alpaca – winter, gives Blueberry wool every 2 hours
  • Peach Alpaca – spring, gives Peach wool every 2 hours

Available only during special offer:

  • Crystal Alpaca – gives 1 crystal every 24 hour

Alpaca Park

  • you can get it in the Shop for the tournament stars (section with a star) or during special offer;
  • provides with 6 Vegetable Salads every 3 hours.

You can also craft Vegetable Salads in the Summer Kitchen or get them for free in the Snack Cart, Garden Gnome House and Estate.

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