Meet the Mysterious Trader – Boom Beach

The Trader appears at your base once a week. She has left a buoy outside your base to let you know the next time she is coming.

Her Trader Crate is the only source of Hero Tokens in the game, but contains other randomly selected resources as well. You will also see three offers that are valid only for the period she is in your port. The next time you see her the offers will be different – be sure not to miss out!

The Trader Crate

The Trader Crate is the only source of Hero Tokens in the game. To buy a crate, you need Trader Tickets, which you get from the Supply Chest, the Daily Reward as well as deals with the Trader. Your first Trader Crate is free, though!

  • A Trader Crate will always contain one or several Hero Tokens
  • The crate can contain a maximum of 5 different types of resources, and the amount you receive of each type is scaled to your Headquarters level.
  • The rewards from the crate are random, and so different to each player opening a crate at the same time
  • Should you receive more resources from the Trader Crate than your storages can hold, they will simply overfill and you will not lose any resources.

The three weekly offers

Each week the Trader will have three Extra offers for you, which are the same for all players during that visit of the Trader.

  • If an offer is grayed out, it means that you are already capped in the resource available from that offer
  • If you are about to purchase more resources than what you can hold, you will receive a warning about it.
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